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How to Make Money with WordPress Digital Publishing – Part Two

Part Two: Publishers and High-Traffic Media In the first part of this series, we covered monetization opportunities suitable for smaller digital publishers – sponsored content, membership fees, donations. Now we’ll take a look at the options suitable for large-scale publishers and media outlets such as monetizing eCommerce, podcasts, affiliate business and programmatic advertising. Digital Publishing Read More

Website Growth-Hacking Explained

Creating a website and growing a successful business on top of it are two drastically different things. When you’re just starting to promote your brand and establishing your business, launching a website is exciting. But, as soon as you realize you need to scale your operations, you realize that your website is the core of Read More

The WordPress 5.5 Release Is Here: What’s New?

WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine” was released today, August 11, 2020. With the first Beta version released on July 7 and Beta 2, Beta 3 and Beta 4 launched between July 14 and July 27, the new WordPress 5.5 includes major updates like a block directory, lazy-loading images, automatic updates for themes and plugins, XML sitemaps, block Read More