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How to Add Rich Snippets to Your Site

How to Add Rich Snippets to Your Site

Have you ever noticed a Google search result that looks more stylish than the rest? You know, the ones that include a star rating, and a little bit more info about a product or service. That extra information, media, and star ratings are called a rich snippet. The code that tells the search engine to Read More

Happy Holidays From DevriX!

The holiday season is already here and our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It’s been quite a year for team DevriX! Ranked among the top 20 WordPress developers worldwide, we’ve been working hard with enterprise accounts and digital publishers, scaling, deploying, migrating and managing their high-traffic web pages. We Read More

How to Optimize Meta Descriptionsfor SEO@2x

How to Optimize Meta Descriptions for SEO

You’re working hard for your SEO! Your articles are on point, the images and videos are optimized, and every additional element is aligned with your strategy. However, there’s one key aspect that gives you headaches – the meta descriptions. A good meta description will provide you with an advantage in SERPs, more click-throughs, and higher Read More

Omnichannel Marketing The Definitive Guide@2x

Omnichannel Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Marketing approaches are changing, and consumers are becoming more and more connected. Above all, consumers expect convenience and a seamless experience across each channel, and smart brands know how to build experiences that match the customer’s needs. This is where omnichannel marketing steps in. It’s an all-round customer experience executed through various communication channels and Read More

How to Do Email Outreach Like a Pro

How to Do Email Outreach Like a Pro

We shouldn’t diminish the importance of communication in our life. It is a part of our daily routine that follows us wherever we go. Communication helps us solve different issues, build new relationships, and move a business forward. The era of digitalization brought various innovations that made the process of communication much easier. We can Read More

WordCamp Sofia 2019 Speakers Round-Up

The Most Challenging WordPress Project I’ve Worked on in 2019

WordCamp Sofia 2019 Speakers Round-up The month of November was memorable for DevriX because of WordCamp Sofia 2019 which happened the weekend of November 10th and 11th. As a WordPress development company, WordCamps, are possibly one of the most important events that we attend, where we can learn, contribute and connect with local community. If Read More