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eCommerce Automation_ Benefits and Know-How

eCommerce Automation [Business Benefits in 2022]

How many manual and repetitive tasks does your day-to-day work include? Sure, they’re small tasks that take a few minutes to complete, but when you’ve added it up, it turns out you’re spending many hours per week just doing these simple, but repetitive, tasks. Here’s where eCommerce automation comes in handy. Surely, it doesn’t take Read More

A Day in the Life Of a Backend Developer

A Day in the Life of a Backend Developer [Emo]

Greetings and salutations, dear DevriX blog readers! Last time we presented our recruiter/HR assistant, and this time around we are talking with one of our backend developers. What does a backend developer do? What describes best their role and the day-to-day work dynamic? Today, we meet one of the backend developers of DevriX – Emil Read More

the ultimate guide to google eat

The Ultimate Google E-A-T Guide for 2022

Search engines are constantly evolving and algorithms are getting more advanced and refined. Moreover, what’s changing is the way the quality of sites and pages is evaluated. The Google E-A-T guidelines have become the main principles for assessing the value of content and pages, setting the bar even higher. And that’s literally transforming the way Read More