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Marketing Strategy Guide

Guide to Implementing an Effective Marketing Strategy – Part 1

Although almost any company nowadays is actively engaged in various marketing initiatives, many marketers fail to drive up real tangible results. The most important thing to achieve something is to have a ready to go, thoroughly polished plan. Creating a reliable and effective marketing strategy is a laborious task involving multiple stages and researches. However, Read More

8 Best Paid Search and PPC Practices

Social media marketing is great! It’s one of the best ways to build brand engagement and presence. But, is the ROI of social media always guaranteed? Yes, social media is fun and with the right strategy, you can achieve outstanding growth, however, the average ROI of social media is not always stable. So you probably Read More

Increase B2B Sales Email Marketing

How to Increase B2B Sales with Email Marketing

While many businesses are focused on SEO, SMM, and other forms of conversion rate optimization, email marketing can be easily overlooked. This is due to the common misconception that email communication is outdated and won’t work anymore as it used to. As a matter of fact, email marketing, when done well, is unstoppable! The click-through-rates Read More

How to Use Customer Surveys

How to Use Customer Surveys to Improve Your Product

When your business can turn insight into action, you have a recipe for success –especially when you can apply this insight to your product. And, since 65% of customers are looking for greater experiences when they purchase products, you need to be on the lookout to continuously improve what you are offering to your customers. Read More

Information Experience

Using Information Experience to Move Consumers Down the Funnel

Today a significant part of the business world is digitalized. Brands invest in designing, developing, and testing websites, applications, and business solutions, but often underestimate the importance of how information is displayed. Although customers decide to try something based on its functionality, they continue to use it according to how smooth the user journey is. Read More

[Infographic] A Guide to Remodeling Your Sales Process for the Modern Market

The market is getting more crowded each year. If you want to stand out amidst this modern yet increasingly competitive landscape, you should begin planning and incorporating game-changing sales and marketing techniques for your business. Implementing out-of-the-box ideas will put your business ahead of the curve. The groundwork for targeting your audience remains the same: Read More

Push E-Commerce Growth

8 Steps to Push E-Commerce Growth for Your WordPress Website

You have an eCommerce business. So does everyone else, considering the rapid growth rate and popularity of online shopping places. In 2018, the global retail e-commerce sales surpassed a staggering 2.8 billion dollars, with a projected growth of almost 5 billion by 2021! It is safe to say that in this era, more than ever, Read More