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MemeStack Featured Image

The ultimate meme generator system for marketers

Two screenshots from the tool

MemeStack is a powerful lead machine for marketing professionals. It provides a complete mechanism for creating memes, sharing them with a customer base and creating a competition.

A new image post is created and shared to customers. They could submit memes using the same image. A winner is selected out of the submitted memes.

One-time-payment screenshot

The system was launched in August 2014 and already has more than 800 registered users. Each website is a part of a WordPress Multisite network, integrated through JVzoo and popular payment providers.

A fully functional Stats engine was created to track different call to actions. Each new meme could be linked to a redirect page, mailing list integration, or Facebook/Twitter share.

All stats overview screenshot

Welcome to MemeStack dashboard screenshot

Edit campaign dashboard screenshot

Autoresponder settings screenshot

The system includes a high range of different options and autoresponders that could be integrated.

View campaign screenshot

Create meme form screenshot


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