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Tutorial Category: Marketing

How Lead Tracking Software Might Boost Your Business

How Lead Tracking Software Might Boost Your Business

Generating solid leads is essential for driving sales and revenue in a digital marketplace. However, managing them without a lead tracking system could be challenging. Software development saves the day. Bringing tech into your lead management process can boost your team’s productivity and sales. It also serves up priceless data to shape your marketing strategies. Read More

What Is Brand Architecture_ [With Examples]

What Is Brand Architecture? [With Examples]

What makes some businesses stand out from the rest? They have created a brand easily identifiable, and known by everyone. There is a reason why users associate sneakers with Nike, smartphones with Apple, hamburgers with McDonald’s, and so on. Of course, creating a brand is a long process with many important aspects. When a company Read More

9 B2C Marketing Trends to Adopt [2024]

B2C (Business-to-consumer) relationships are direct – businesses sell their products and services straight to customers. Whereas marketers in the B2C field are usually very busy trying to promote their company and attract customers. In order to do that, though, it is important to keep track of new technologies, trends, and other marketing ventures that are Read More