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Tutorial Category: Marketing

Key Ranking Factors You Need to Optimize in 2019

Key Ranking Factors You Need to Optimize in 2019

The evolution of SEO has prompted business owners and marketers to refine their skills and resort to more sophisticated techniques to rank in search engines. While SEO changes in a technical sense, the underlying principles, and concepts of ranking in SERPs are practically the same. In an article in MOZ, Bridget Randolph wrote about the Read More

Tips WooCommerce SEO

7 Winning Tips for WooCommerce SEO Success

SEO is heavily involved in the success of companies online, not excluding eCommerce businesses. If you want higher rankings and more sales via Google, you must know how to optimize your WooCommerce site for SEO success. If you haven’t optimized your WooCommerce store so far, you probably are missing out on loads of potential customers. Read More

Mobile SEO Audit

4 Steps for Conducting a Mobile WordPress SEO Audit

Mobile optimization matters for your WordPress website. It’s a common fact that users now access websites with their smartphones more than with their laptops or desktop computers, the sales of computers are in a decline, and Google currently processes more mobile searches than desktop. Because of the rise of mobile, Google has made some major Read More