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Tutorial Category: Marketing

How to Write a Whitepaper for Your Business

How to Write a Whitepaper for Your Business

When building a content strategy, you should consider creating different types of content that correspond to each stage of the funnel. More often than not, businesses seem to easily become adept at the more common formats such as blog posts, eBooks, videos, case studies, and podcasts. However, there’s a general misconception about the nature and Read More

Blogging for Business_ A 2022 Guide

Blogging for Business: A 2022 Guide

It’s 2022 – blogging for a business is a must. Why? It’s the most efficient way to attract traffic to your website, build your online reputation as a trusted expert, and consolidate your digital presence. And that’s not nearly all. Blogging allows you to attract new leads the inbound way – instead of you chasing Read More