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Tutorial Category: Marketing

How to Approach Demand Creation for New Products

New product development is exciting for companies, especially when they are launching an innovative solution that may change people’s lives for the better. However, the market is not always as eager to embrace novelty as businesses are. To ensure the commercial success of their products, companies utilize demand creation strategies that catch the customer’s attention Read More

How to get traffic to your affiliate website

How to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Website

The affiliate marketing business model is very popular, since it’s super easy to get started, and doesn’t require any expertise or strong technical skills. What’s more, WordPress is extremely popular with affiliate marketing websites, due to its versatile and scalable nature. That said, while it might be easy to start, it could be a bit Read More

15 Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

We have broken down the most socially shared content this year and set out some examples of the most popular viral content from Facebook. These top viral posts by their inclination are anomalies and excellent. By breaking down these most shared posts, we can take in somewhat more about the qualities of viral content.