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Tutorial Category: Marketing

How to Maximize Conversions on Social Media

How to Maximize Conversions on Social Media

Regardless of the industry you’re in, a proactive social media presence is an obligation. It’s pretty straightforward – when they’re not working, in most cases, your customers scroll through their social media feeds. The better your strategy to reach them there and tap into the conversation, the more chances you’ll have to increase your sales Read More

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Digital Age

As the digital transformation continues its progress, technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain are more than necessary to run a successful enterprise. However, in between developments, there’s one essential component that keeps businesses alive in the marketplace since ages ago, and that is customer experience (CX). It’s tricky nowadays. Each of your Read More

Viral Facebook post

15 Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

We have broken down the most socially shared content this year and set out some examples of the most popular viral content from Facebook. These top viral posts by their inclination are anomalies and excellent. By breaking down these most shared posts, we can take in somewhat more about the qualities of viral content.


Why We Love Visme at DevriX

Data is a boring word, right? Still, we can’t ignore its importance, no matter the field we are in. Data is highly valued in the business world as it is the basis for creating strategies, setting goals and making crucial business decisions. In today’s highly competitive market, the correct and timely use of data ensures Read More