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Tutorial Category: Marketing

How to Run a Pricing Research Study

How to Run a Pricing Research Study

Choosing the right pricing for your products can be the difference between making profits and struggling to survive in a competitive marketplace. And while most businesses focus their growth efforts on customer retention and acquisition, an elaborate pricing change can dramatically increase your revenue with half the effort. However, to find the optimal price point Read More

Marketing for Publishers_ How to Boost Newsletter Engagement

Marketing for Publishers: How to Boost Newsletter Engagement

Digital subscribers are the most valuable currency for publishers today, and also the most difficult one to accommodate. However, while growing reader revenue is a crucial part of this economic model, so is the retention of subscribers and members. As such, publishers need to evaluate what they’re currently doing and pay attention to the newsletter Read More

Guide to DIgital Marketing

The Definitive Guide to 5Ps of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a data-driven type of marketing that goes beyond traditional marketing approaches. It is a set of techniques used via digital channels on the World Wide Web. This includes search engines, websites, email marketing, social media platforms, and applications on handheld devices among others. Digital Marketing Trends 81% of customers conduct their research Read More

5 Ways to Market a Niche Business

5 Ways to Market a Niche Business

If you’re a new niche business owner or a marketer who wants to work in a specialized marketspace, and you’re looking for ideas on how to maximize your impact, then this article has got your back. When working on a niche marketing project, you have to be able to think outside the box. Niche businesses Read More