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Tutorial Category: Ad Operations

Trends to Implement in 2023

Advertising Trends: Tactics to Implement in 2023

Advertising has been around since ancient times. Some claim that the earliest case of advertising was back in 3000 BC on a papyrus. Naturally, as time passed, and humankind changed, the way we advertise also changed. From radio commercials to TV ads, billboards, newspaper advertisements, and in the past few decades – online advertising. Now, Read More

Retaining Talent in the Publishing Industry_ 7 Tips and Insights

Retaining Talent in the Publishing Industry: 7 Tips and Insights

Retaining talent can be challenging in any industry. Media and publishing are no exception to this. Regardless of whether we are talking about journalists, content writers, marketers, editors, data analysts, or AdOps, it’s becoming quite difficult to keep skilled professionals around. However, in digital publishing, a business’s success is defined by its talent. It depends Read More

Programmatic Advertising Explained

Programmatic Advertising Explained

Programmatic advertising has been a hot topic in marketing for a while now. That’s because it dramatically simplifies the digital advertising process for both advertisers and publishers, all the while maximizing the results. It’s a win-win. Still, as it is a developing field as well as a techy topic, a lot of marketers struggle to Read More