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DevriX: The Importance of Using Multimedia Content

Multimedia is the perfect way to energize a text-heavy content mix. Videos and infographics enable you to communicate your message to visual learners, enliven your brand, make your site more dynamic, increase your social media sharing, and boost your traffic. Still need more convincing? Take a look at the science behind those claims.

Studies have shown that the human brain processes visual information at lightning speeds compared to text. That means internet “grazers” who only glance at your content will absorb a great deal more of your message, and they might even get hooked into staying longer and going deeper.

Readers share content that is rich, interactive, emotional, and highly visual, so videos and infographics are perfect for enticing social media sharing. Multimedia also has a long shelf life, so it can deliver a traffic swell that can last for weeks or even months. Highly visual content also stands out in a crowded market where audiences swim in social media messages all day long.

Many brands are still struggling with how to include multimedia content, but it’s often more approachable, affordable, and flexible than content managers believe. Infographics can range from simple presentations of data or quizzes, timelines, and maps. Videos don’t need to be live-action. Instead, simple animations and text-based tutorials will often do the trick. Check out this infographic from CopyPress for some multimedia information and inspiration.


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