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Top Eleven Link Building Tools: Automation

Top Eleven Link Building Tools Automation.

Google’s sophisticated algorithms are constantly evolving. But, backlinks remain a key factor that determines how your site ranks for targeted keywords. The links are a signal to Google that your pages are valuable, and that you should rank well as a result.

Building quality links is the foundation of successful SEO campaigns. As a process, it is pretty straightforward. However, there’s a much more efficient way to make every step of that process much simpler. Link building tools can streamline everything at scale for you, saving you time and money in the process.

Without further ado, let’s summarize the top eleven link building automation tools that will help you move your SEO campaigns forward.

The Link Building Fundamentals

According to Moz, link building is:

“The process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. If you can master the art of building high-quality links, it can truly put you ahead of other SEOs and your competition.”

If you want to have content that exudes authority, high-quality link building is a must! More specifically, link building is:

  • A Google Ranking Factor: Links are a ranking factor that can help you dominate the search engines! Search engines consider quality links as an indication of content relevance, and each of those links can position you better in SERPs.
  • Traffic Magnet: When other websites with a higher Domain Authority link to your site, you’ll rank better for the keywords that you’ve optimized for. The result is a continual stream of potential customers to your webpage.
  • Authority Builder: When a site with a big Domain Authority links to yours, it’s a sign that you are doing things right.

The goals and activities of every link building campaign are:

  • Creating High-Quality Content: This remains the best way to create backlinks and redirect traffic to your website. If you don’t have high-quality content, your link building campaign won’t bring any results.
  • Effective Keyword Usage: A good link adds value to the content that’s inserted in. This involves the underscored keyword label or the alt text and links used in the image content.
  • Smart Link Placement: Where you choose to embed the link plays a key role in Google’s link evaluation of your pages. The ideal place for links would be in the upper section of your content’s main body or the editorial section of the page.
  • Competitive Analysis: A process centered around niche keywords. By analyzing your competitors and their link building campaigns, you can discover their strategies and implement similar practices.
  • Creating Email Lists: You can regularly embed links in your emails. It is quite easy to find someone’s email to build a list of domains and blog owners that you can outreach to for link building campaigns.

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The above applies to your link building efforts regardless of whether you do everything manually or you cut corners with tools.

Before we look at the tools that you can use for automated link building, you need to understand that automation is not an instant solution. It only provides you with a more efficient approach to your link building campaign.

As of 2024, these top automation tools have incorporated advanced features like AI-driven recommendations, better integration with analytics tools, and enhanced user interfaces.

2023 has seen a significant shift towards more intuitive, AI-powered platforms that can predict the most valuable link-building opportunities and automate personalized outreach. Tools are also focusing on better integration with social media platforms, recognizing the growing importance of social signals in link building.

Automated link building solutions have progressed, using machine learning to analyze link patterns and automate outreach. Workflows are streamlined thanks to the interface with CMS and CRM platforms, while performance tracking via automated reports sharpens SEO strategy. These solutions provide a competitive advantage by facilitating scalable, high-quality link acquisition.

Top Eleven Link Building Tools For Automation

1. HubSpot’s Link Builder

HubSpot’s link building tool can check the number of links and how they benefit your SEO efforts. You can track the domains that link back to your website, and see the sites that link to your rivals so you can include them in your inbound list.

Screenshot of HubSpot's Link Builder tool displaying a table with columns for Authority, Domain, Links, Visits, Contacts, Custom, First Link, and Last Activity, highlighting the importance of tracking backlinks and site visits for SEO.

HubSpot’s link building tool is part of the set of Marketing tools that HubSpot provides for your business.

It has also enhanced its link building tool by integrating AI-driven insights, offering suggestions for potential link-building opportunities based on content relevance and competitor analysis.

2. SEMRush Link Building Tool

The SEMRush Link Building Tool collects a list of link building opportunities.

SEMRush Link Building Tool interface showing 2,000 prospects, 10 predefined strategies, and 4 tracking parameters for effective backlink creation.

Having this tool in SEMrush makes competitive SEO analysis easier. It also facilitates better outreach campaigns at the same time, most specifically through:

  • Large lists of outreach prospects based on target keywords and competitors
  • Built-in workflow to manage the outreach process
  • Gmail and Google Search Console integration
  • Automatic contact information retrieval for target websites
  • “Monitor” report to follow your campaign’s progress over time

Also, SEMRush now features improved automation capabilities for outreach campaigns, leveraging AI to personalize email templates based on the recipient’s online behavior and interests.

3. Ahrefs

Besides a large and detailed database of live backlinks, you will get lots of insights with the full kit of Ahrefs tools that includes:

  • Site Explorer
  • Positions Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Position Tracker
  • Crawl Report
  • Ahrefs Alerts

Each tool is beneficial from a link building standpoint. For example, the Site Explorer presents you with a detailed backlink profile for any website.


You can use it for digging competitive insights that can help you improve your position in search rankings.

As of 2023, Ahrefs has expanded its database and offers deeper analytical insights, including predictive scoring on the potential value of backlinks, making it easier for users to prioritize their link-building efforts.

Ahrefs can also be used for creating alerts that will arrive in your email inbox when somebody mentions your brand or a specific keyword.

Ahrefs alert setup interface with options for tracking new backlinks and referring domains, including frequency of email notifications for SEO monitoring.

4. Scrapebox

Scrapebox is an extensive link building tool that collects links from search engines that match your keywords. This software is great for competitive link analysis and for insights on where you should focus your link building strategy.

Some of the latest updates in Scrapebox include enhanced scraping abilities, particularly in extracting links from new and emerging platforms, thus broadening the scope for link discovery.

5. Linkody

Linkody homepage with 'Check your Backlinks' feature highlighted, offering a free 30-day trial and up to 100 referring domains check for SEO backlink assessment.

Your link profile is constantly evolving. Every time you obtain or lose a link, Linkody will notify you. It also makes it easier for you to stop spammy links and analyze link profiles. Additionally, through the daily report option, you can regularly examine the condition of your link profile.

Linkody’s recent updates focus on providing more comprehensive reports on link health, with alerts for potential risks in a backlink profile, allowing for proactive management of link quality.

6. Mailshake

This is software that sends email link building requests. It allows you to choose a message template, personalize your emails, and send them. Mailshake enhances the performance of your email campaigns.


Besides being a time-saver, Mailshake monitors replies, clicks, and much more. All in all, it’s an affordable link building solution for marketers who want to use the cold email approach for link building opportunities.

Mailshake has introduced AI-driven personalization in its outreach, analyzing recipient engagement to fine-tune future campaigns for improved response rates.

7. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a popular SEO tool that allows you to track link building profiles through detailed reports. It enables you to understand your backlink profile as well as every other aspect that affects your search rankings. As a link building program, it also guarantees that all of your links are working properly.

The latest version of Screaming Frog offers improved integration with other SEO tools, providing a more holistic view of the link-building landscape and its impact on overall SEO strategies.

8. Followerwonk


Some of the best link building opportunities are on social media, especially Twitter. Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool for discovering, analyzing, and improving social growth.

Using the tool can help you find industry influencers. When you build a relationship with industry leaders, the chances for a high-quality backlink are much higher. Followerwonk provides you with the following data:

  • Tweets
  • Following
  • Followers
  • Social authority

Followerwonk’s recent update includes enhanced analytics for identifying influencers with high engagement rates, making it easier to target high-value link-building opportunities on social media.

9. SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is one of the best tools for monitoring competitive backlink profiles.


This tool provides services regarding the following key areas:

  • Locating backlinks to any website
  • Running a link audit to find and remove harmful links
  • Uncovering your competitors’ link building strategy
  • Analyzing each backlink according to 50 unique factors

The above are some of the biggest reasons why companies like Microsoft, GE, and HP use SEO SpyGlass. It’s easy to use and provides everything you need for successful link building in one place.

The tool now features advanced competitor analysis capabilities, using AI to predict competitors’ link-building moves and offering strategic insights to stay ahead.

10. Link Detox

To boost your search rankings, you need high-quality links. In contrast, low-quality links can only diminish your rankings.


Link Detox helps you with:

  • Discovering spammy links that lower your ranking
  • Tidy up your backlink profile
  • The usage of human signals and thousands of data points
  • Preventing human errors when using the disavow audit mode

The updated version of Link Detox now incorporates machine learning to identify subtle patterns in spammy links, offering more sophisticated tools for maintaining a healthy backlink profile.

You can use Link Detox to discover dangerous links, create disavow files, and earn back your lost search rankings.

11. Postifluence


Postifluence lets you identify valuable link-building opportunities. You can find potential sites to target for your inbound list, boosting your SEO efforts.

The link builder tool is part of a comprehensive set of marketing tools to enhance your business.

Postinfluence uses AI to provide insights and suggest link-building opportunities based on content relevance and competitor analysis.

Wrapping Up

Link building is important to the success of any business with an online presence. By following tried and tested best practices and investing in the right link building software, both high traffic and a good SEO are guaranteed!