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Influencer Marketing Statistics Every Business Should Know [Infographic]

Influencer Marketing Statistics Every Business Should Know [Infographic]

In the past few decades, business marketing has undergone a series of transformations that have changed the game forever.

Businesses that once got their message across by promoting their products or services through traditional media, today have gone fully digital. Advertising via television, radio, and newspaper no longer holds the same value.

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As new tools and technologies emerge, fresh strategies are required in order to keep up with the competition. Every business needs to establish a strong digital presence and boost audience engagement, which can then lead to an increase in sales and a higher revenue.

To do so, you need more than just a functioning website. You also need to implement your marketing strategy across all of your digital channels, from emails to social media and beyond. And most of all, building a solid relationship with your customers should be a top priority.

One of the ways you can ensure this is through incorporating influencer marketing in your overall marketing strategy. This marketing tactic requires the help of influencers, also known as content creators, who’s online following rivals that of traditional celebrities.

Influencers have built their name and reputation through valuable and relatable online content within a specific niche. Their words hold authority, with consumers often relying on their recommendations when it comes to purchase decisions.

An influencer can be your best choice for brand ambassador. In fact, 34.7% of marketers feel that influencer marketing is the most effective strategy in building brand credibility. Since influencers are already trusted by their followers, you’ll be able to leverage that trust into your brand if you work with them.

A mention of your brand on their platform, whether it’s on a blog post or a social media post, can expand your audience reach. Their followers will learn about your brand and will more willingly give their trust, improving and cementing your reputation.

If you want to learn more about the value of influencer marketing, check out the infographic below!

Influencer Marketing Statistics Every Business Should Know Infographic