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6 Most Effective Channels for Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing comes with a glaring opportunity for all brands. It scales the power of word-of-mouth marketing through public figures that shoppers appreciate. But since emerging back in 2015, it has experienced ups and downs, and even several public scandals. So, in 2020, does influencer marketing work yet?

The Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report from 2019 by Influencer Marketing Hub shows that 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing. And the interest in it does not seem to fade: 320 new influencer marketing platforms and agencies emerged in 2018, compared to 190 back in 2015. Their total number in 2019 was 740.

Google Trends (March, 2020), show that the interest for influencer marketing still continues to grow:

According to recent research for the past few years, marketers also continue typing for “influencer marketing” in Google in order to find the right influencers that can engage properly with their audience.

Why? Simply because “Genuine impact drives activity, not simply awareness.”, as Jay Baer, founder of the advisory firm “Convince & Convert”, says.

Somebody with countless web-based social networking supporters absolutely could open your brand to their adherents. On the off chance that they are not a cozy logical fit, their post or tweet would be disputable to the extent driving leads and clients.

Organizations are making a solid come back from influencer marketing. They are creating $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, as indicated by the most recent survey by Influencer Marketing Hub.

The survey likewise found that influencer advertising is the quickest developing internet marketing channel, pounding different systems like subsidiary promoting, paid inquiry, and display.

Do you know which are the most popular social media channels for influencer marketing today? According to Statista, the most important channel is Instagram followed by Youtube and Facebook.

social media channels for influencer marketing

Source: Mediakix (2019)

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How Does an Influencer Help Your Brand?

An influencer contrasts for each brand since, as a matter of first importance, they are a relevant fit. This is the most vital trademark while focusing on the correct influencers for your image.

For instance, Richard Branson, a business magnate, investor, and author is one of the most influential people in the world having 4.3 million supporters. However, would his tweet about your product truly acquire deals? Presumably not, because he wouldn’t fit your brand.

Find influencers who represent your industry, even if they don’t have millions of followers. Having a smaller audience, but consisting of real fans who trust the influencer is the most important. This way your brand and your values will be represented in the best possible way.

  • Reach: Obviously, after we build up somebody similar to a logical fit for our brand, we do need them to achieve. So they can share their amazing content or positive proposal in a way that really will be listened to.
  • Noteworthiness: This is the influencer’s capacity to bring about activity by their gathering of people. This trademark easily falls into place when you target people that are in the relevant arrangement of your brand and have a sufficiently far reach.

Influencers do not constrain themselves upon a group of people. They are a “pick in” system. Their audience takes after their blog or Twitter handle. In this way, their group of onlookers is locked in. They are there to find out about the theme being talked about. Consequently, the need for a relevant fit.

Concentrate on Employee Advocacy

31% of high-development firms now have a formal representative backing program set up, as indicated by Social Media Today (2019). The data shows that 29% of brands are planning to implement an employee advocacy strategy in the future.

Workers will be urged to share possessed substance, advance brand messages and target key records. These representatives will get to be brand ministers and will likewise connect to persuasive topic specialists, conveying and increasing your messages to the opportune individuals. These messages ought to be conveyed in a remarkable and opportune way and be particular about the esteem you are adding to their lives.


Six Popular Channels for Influencer Marketing

But the increased supply of influencers on the market also makes the choice more complicated. Did you know that 61% of marketers are facing difficulties with finding the right influencers for their campaigns and business needs?

That’s why we’ve prepared a short list of 6 effective platforms for influencer marketing where you can find the relevant person that can interact and engage properly with your audience.

Let’s get started.

1. TapInfluence

It associates brands with persuasive distributors to make substance and measure enhancement. Brands can make special crusades for anything from composed local publicizing blog entries to visual marketing efforts like infographics or video arrangements.

Distributors acknowledged into the TapInfluence program can pick mark engagement openings. They can gain income in return for administrations rendered.

2. Upfluence

Upfluence is a software that helps brands to find the best influencers for their needs. It gives access to over 3 million influencer profiles.

Businesses can search influencers by various criteria like geolocation, keywords, engagement rate, countries, languages, social media platforms, etc.

The platform provides an easy way to reach out to the influencers, as well as tracking and following-up their campaigns once you agree you will work together. A useful feature is also analysis which gives the opportunity to calculate ROI.

3. AspireIQ

Similar to the Upfluence platform where you can search for influencers by different keywords, hashtags and mentions.

The platform gives business opportunities to find influencers which fit their business. Also users can produce branded content, analyze performance of the campaigns, and access content libraries.

There are different types of industries that can be found there such as sports, healthy lifestyle, food, fashion, etc.

4. Tagger

Tagger is an influencer marketing platform and social listening tool. It is translated in 9 different languages. It’s easy to use and there you can plan, connect with influencers and analyze the results of the campaigns. The platform focuses on data and it can track a big amount of conversions which makes it a better choice for big companies.

One of the big advantages of Tagger is that it provides the possibility to use influencer psychographics. This way you can analyze topics that are interesting for people.

5. NeoReach

Like TapInfluence, NeoReach associates people with organizations looking for brand enhancement openings. Distributors/influencers can apply for incorporation in NeoReach’s stage by associating their Facebook account.

In the event that endorsed for the program, clients are then ready to survey marked battle offerings and pick undertakings they wish to finish. Brands can track the investigation of every crusade and can conceivably accomplish a much higher change rate than customary promoting endeavors like PPC publicizing.

6. VidRocket

Like SplashScore, VidRocket associates influencers with organizations. The distinction with VidRocket is that potential clients must have a YouTube taking after. Effectively finished brand crusades can produce pay for people utilizing the stage.

VidRocket is an authority YouTube accomplice that helps video fans make marked recordings as per pre-orchestrated marketing effort.

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How to Choose an Influencer for Influencer Marketing?

It is always important to choose the right influencer for your business. Consider the following points to give your influencer an image.

  • Identity Type: Decide in the event that you require an extremist, a source, a power, and so forth to best advance your battle or item.
  • Classification: Pick maybe a couple. Cases incorporate innovation, design, travel, advertising, and so on.
  • Specialty: This can be a few. With a specific end goal to promote your particular item. For example, you can target promoting and PR influencers, if your classification and specialties are firms expounding on blogger outreach as well as influencer targeting.
  • Subjects: Pick a theme that an influencer now and again discusses via web-based networking media or their blog. You will reference this point when you connect and clarify why you two are such a solid match.
  • Kind of reach: Is it site movement you are after or web-based social networking devotees? Is the influencer a dynamic blogger? Do you have an outwardly determined crusade and need an influencer to be on Pinterest and Instagram? Is it tweets you are after? Whatever contact you believe is best for your image, limit down the channels and the quantity of supporters on those channels.

How to Communicate with Influencers?

Email is best for correspondence amongst influencers and brands. When contacting an influencer via email keep in mind the following rules suggested by CrazyEgg:

  • Always use their name.
  • Be exact and straight to the point. Don’t be too pitchy.
  • Show you’ve done your research and you have an exact idea why you are contacting this person.
  • Usually influencers receive a ton of spam emails, so make sure your email is personalized, so you can spark interest. You can mention the last campaign you’ve seen or a blog post you liked.
  • Explain clearly what is the benefit the influencer will get working with your brand.

Bottom Line

Bow your concept of influencers isn’t so tricky and also you know where to begin searching for them. So don’t give your effort a chance to crusade sneak past neglecting to utilize tact. Improve your brand with influencer marketing.

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