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Common WordPress-related tutorials re: security, performance, some technical terms and such

How to Implement Google Site-Wide Tagging on Your Website

How to Implement Google Site-Wide Tagging on Your Website

Tracking conversion has always been an essential part of marketing. And modern technology makes this process comprehensible and accessible to large and small businesses alike. Times, however, are changing and so is the way we measure performance and track conversions. Now that the future of third-party cookies has been decided, tracking customer behaviors through first-party Read More

Ten Good Marketing Strategies for SaaS Products

It is undeniable that Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed the global business landscape. For companies, cloud computing proved to be a boon which has allowed them to experience the benefits of implementing SaaS to their businesses. 38% of companies state they are running almost completely on SaaS. This number will probably continue to Read More

Major Brands With WordPress

26 Major Brands with WordPress Websites

The development of WordPress as a content management system is nothing short of remarkable! Since its beginning as a blogging platform, it grew into the best multipurpose CMS used by millions of businesses and big brands worldwide. The reasons for this are its open-source nature, excellent security, scalability, flexibility and data management benefits. Additionally, the Read More

How to Create Videos that Convert@2x

How to Create Videos that Convert

The world is video-hungry. Did you know that a third of the internet flocks to YouTube each month? That’s a whopping 2 billion people searching for video content in almost any and every niche you can imagine. And did you know that Facebook and Twitter attract a combined 10 billion video views daily? It’s hard Read More


10 Reasons Why Most eCommerce Businesses Fail

Starting an eCommerce business at this point in time sounds like a dream. You will source the products from another country, place them on your website, set an urgency discount timer, and voila, you’re a millionaire overnight, right? Wrong! Here are some sobering statistics: 90% of eCommerce companies fail within 120 days of starting up. Read More