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How To Deliver Your Message Quickly Through Visualization


Are your messages cutting across to the right audience? This might cause you a lot of challenges.

Communication can only be considered well and good if the message is properly relayed to a targeted group of people. It is more than just an exchange of information. You may have launched the latest addition to your brand of cosmetics or offer the best weekend getaway, but then your target clientele just does not know about it. What seems to be the problem?

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Studies have shown that most people are visual. When it comes to the senses and perception, people tend to remember 10% of things that they hear and 20% of what they read. However, a remarkable 80% will be remembered by what is seen with the eyes. This is where visualization – the quickest way to deliver and get your message across.

Visual effects play a great role in creating a mark in someone’s mind. Images  evoke a highly emotional reaction from a person. If you wish to communicate effectively to your audience, here are some of the ideas to consider about the visual form of communication.

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Major Pointers About Visualization

What can one do to make sure that the message is delivered quickly and effectively? Here are major pointers that should not be missed.

Valid Source

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A good message comes from a source that guarantees truthfulness. With a myriad of information nowadays, both offline and online, the possibility of getting fake information is high. That is why it is important to validate what you hear, read and see. Do not come to an immediate generalization without evaluating the source of information first. To do this, here are a couple of things to consider.

Validity — Is there a good evidence that the source of information is reliable? A valid source should have a sound and strong rationalization.

Author — Is the author of the article or story you found a recognized expert in the field? A good author must have the right credentials. It does help if he or she is part of a known company or part of an organization. Not sure about it still? Then, Google is your friend. Check your author’s identity, belief, and affiliation. Nothing is wrong for doing so.

Publisher — Aside from checking on the author, also check on the one who published the source. Be choosy and have an eye on large reputable publishers, because it’s more likely, their credibility is high. Moreover, they have a name to protect.

References — Someone has to attest to your source’s dependability. A reference is someone whom you can trust implicitly and who can vouch for the information presented.

Interesting Subject and Content

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If only there was a way to gauge, attention may be one of the most highly sought after services in the whole world. Everyone needs someone else’s attention. However, if this does not happen, there is no point of interest in the subject. In order to deliver a message quickly, there must be that “something” in your subject. So, what makes a certain subject interesting? The following will help guide you.

Kick it Off with a Question — To create a spark and grab someone’s attention to your content, you may ask a striking question that will make the audience stop and ponder it. A subject is successful if it will make readers stop what they are currently engaged in and make them rethink possibilities.

Create a Relatable Story Everyone loves to know stories. These stories bring color to life and make things exciting. Goes without a doubt why little kids are drawn into stories because it cultivates their emotion. With little visual effects, things can be magical.

Stay Current — A great way to capture your audience and get that message across is by connecting your message to something current and on topic. Keep updated to the current trends and hot topics which you can use to automatically grab someone’s interest.

Have Fun — Everything goes well with a smile. Humor your audience even if you are presenting the dullest of all things or the most boring of all topics. This humor can be in the form of metaphors, similes, funny scenarios, jokes or even sarcasm. When you have fun, your audience will experience have a good time, too!

Artistic Storyline Through Infographics


There is no better way to deliver a visual presentation than using images. A number of relevant images can save someone from talking too much or describing things one is not entirely familiar about. This is where infographics come into play.

A visual chart or presentation is worth a thousand stories, Infographics is a simple yet effective form of content marketing which simplifies a trivial subject matter and creates a story that can easily be understood.

Include well-designed infographics in your website. Here are some of the ways you can use them in effectively presenting information through Infographics:

Follow a Timeline — You may present your information following a timeline – historical and/or futuristic. This is called data visualization. This can be an option when showing details about the origin of a subject, or the evolution of any specific matter. The success story of a rags-to-riches staffer or the history of handheld devices can be shown using online digital platforms.

Alphabetical Arrangement — Information can easily be arranged and presented in an alphabetical manner. This has been tested and proven effective. If you have a wide range of data and do not know where to start, the alphabet can actually save you. This set-up is also doable especially if the topic is too general. Re-writing something can be done creatively as well through the alphabetical arrangement.

Comparison and Contrast — It is best to visualize the pros and cons of a matter through infographics. The opposing ideas of a certain concept can be presented and compared apples to oranges using infographics without having too much to talk about. An infographic image is also a good way of highlighting similarities and differences.

Present the Statistics — Most advertisers or researchers seamlessly present their collected data through an infographic image in a statistical manner. Infographics allow one to present an information in a less cluttered manner. This way of presenting your data can be very engaging. We all know how statistics and data can capture the attention of audiences and persuade them toward a specific goal.

App Compatibility Feature

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The effects of visualization can further be maximized when your message goes a long way. Your target clientele could be using a laptop, mobile phone, smartphones, and other handheld devices. These gadgets have the versatile interface which allows users to navigate around – left to right, top to bottom, zoom in and out. Your images and infographics must have that compatibility feature. You have to make sure your images are readable in various interfaces and device configurations.


Delivering the right message to your audience does not solely depend on the message itself. It goes through a remarkable process. As a matter of fact, a message cannot be enticing if not properly sourced, analyzed, presented and  made readily available.

The information provided above could actually help you effectively send out a message through visualization. There is no time to waste, go on and identify what you need.

If you need further assistance when it comes to visualization, feel free to contact DevriX. Our visualization experts are available to help you with any questions you may have.

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