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10 Beautiful Reasons Marketers Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Inbound Marketing Advantages

10 Beautiful Reasons

The rise of inbound marketing seems to be unavoidable in this digital world in which we live. Reality unfolds and people are becoming more information-driven and search engines are their immediate resources to satisfy this thirst for information.

Since vast amounts of information have become readily available on the Internet, this is beginning to control people’s buying decisions. Using diligent research, coupled with comparison and reviews, web users turn into meticulous customers. This is the main reason why outbound marketing has gradually lost its efficacy in business.

There has been a lingering issue — inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. However, marketers have proven the phenomenal performance of inbound marketing over the course of time. They found that when inbound marketing strategies are properly utilized, engagement rocks and conversion rates become higher in the most efficient manner.

Since engagement plays a vital role in every business, companies strive to find the best inbound marketing channels to use. Soon, all of their efforts pay off and they realize that inbound marketing has major advantages for all types of businesses.

Quick Overview: Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

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Let’s take a quick overview of outbound marketing to see why you should focus more on inbound marketing. To simplify, outbound marketing is just another name for traditional advertising. It involves the following:

  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Outdoor marketing

However, inbound marketing is characteristically a data-driven approach which is translated as content marketing. Content marketing in its essence aims at capturing the interest of the target audience with underlying objectives that cater to their needs and problems in unobtrusive ways. They have freedom of choice to find the best solution.

What are the best channels of inbound marketing that could automate processes?

In inbound marketing, the key roles are to identify and maximize all channels that can give the best outputs. The best inbound marketing channels are ones that can guarantee success for a business are blogs, social media, webinars, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are indispensable content marketing channels because of their higher engagement and conversion rates.

One cannot be lax about them because of extreme competition and rigid rules imposed by search engines such as Google. For this reason, it’s best to automate tasks using these channels so you can advance your campaign without fear of infractions or violations that could occur during the process.

The Deeper Essence of Inbound Marketing

Now, here is the heart of this article.

You’ll be introduced to inbound marketing advantages that marketers can’t help but fall in love with.

1. Delivers Specific and Real Results

Your business is designed to achieve real results and grow your income. Hence, you have to get things done that deliver superior results.

How’s that possible with inbound marketing? Through inbound marketing, you can attract the attention of your target buyers by personalizing your content which should be extremely focused on providing specific solutions to their problems. The main idea is, “deliver the right offer to the right customer”.

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Note: No entrepreneur or marketer will spend time, effort, and/or money on something that will only return results that are disappointing.

2. Helps to Build Credibility

Credibility is a big thing in all aspects of life, so much more in business. Your prospective customers won’t believe in your offers and products if they don’t trust you.

Thankfully, inbound marketing connects you directly with your target audience. Additionally, it inspires interaction with your target audience where you can showcase your expertise – often through webinars and live events. You can give upfront tutorials and discussions on issues that matter to them. Also, you can answer inquiries and solve problems, and this helps to strengthen the bond between you and your target audience.

3. No Heavy Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are two inseparable business entities. To make a sale, you must have a set of plausible and viable marketing strategies. Oftentimes, there are considerable expenditures involved in campaigns aimed at promoting brands and products.

However, in inbound marketing, your biggest challenge is to identify the needs of your target market to provide the best product offers and services. When you achieve this goal, your active target market will be chasing after you, and not you after them. Hence, making huge sales is very achievable.

4. Facilitates the Building of Loyal Customers

In every business, regardless of the size, customers are the most important asset you can have. While it is possible to get many sporadic shoppers, having a solid and loyal customer base creates a far better direction for your business. These are people who will wait for your offers, make repeat purchases, and even initiate a long list of referrals for your business through word of mouth.


When inbound marketing is done correctly, it helps you build customer loyalty. This is because the main principle behind it all is helping your customers get what they want, when they want it and without any fuss.

5. Attracts Customers in an Unobtrusive Way

In inbound marketing, every marketer can take full advantage of boosting engagement and targeted traffic through valuable content. It can start with attention-grabbing headlines followed by a great short pitch that conveys the overall intent of the content.

By starting from the headline down, viewers can easily be captured and encouraged to go through all the information that relates to their needs and interests. Once they are convinced by the authenticity of your information, and by offered services as well as products, they will purchase with a greater sense of confidence.

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6. Helps to Refine Your Relationship with Customers on a Deeper Level

Great customer service is one of the most valuable assets of every business. In inbound marketing, you can use multiple channels to cater to the needs and interests of your customers.

You can engage with them either through emails, social media, or webinars. They may subscribe to your free newsletter. You may invite them to attend webinars which address their current issues through tutorials and in-depth discussions. In addition, you can encourage them to follow you on social media.

7. It Is a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Budget allocation is very low compared to outbound marketing. Besides social media marketing, you can build your own blog site for your chosen niche. It only takes, more or less, $100 (as your capital investment) to spend on the domain name, reliable web hosting service, and site maintenance.


Your focus should now be on publishing rich, informative, and optimized contents that suit the taste of your target audience. Your well-optimized page contents will give you a higher search engine ranking. As a result, your potential customers won’t have a hard time finding your products and services.

8. Marketing Campaigns Are Quantifiable

In this age of technological advancement, tools abound for you to automate inbound marketing strategies and conduct close monitoring to determine superior results. You can use customer relation management (CRM) tools to easily analyze the gathered data and make calculations to evaluate your potential Return on Investment (ROI).

Although there are free tools available, it is still the best practice to use an upgraded plan to track all your tabulated data and generate corresponding reports.

9. Continuous Growth Opportunity for Your Lists of Followers, Subscribers, and Leads

The popular pitch that states “money is on the list” is the main driving force of all marketers. The lists are potential buyers because they have opted to join on their own accord. Therefore, maximizing social media marketing and having perseverance to generate quality and optimized contents on a regular basis will increase engagement and traffic rates.

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This challenge is achievable because of the continuous emergence of tools that can automate your work and activities. Through utilizing excellent content marketing channels and tools, you can grow your lists of followers, subscribers, and leads incessantly.

10. Maintains Two-Way Education

Inbound marketing makes customers come to you because of your quality content which makes their lives easier. While they enjoy the benefits of the knowledge you have imparted, you can also learn about your customers on a deeper level. Through a regular interaction with them on their preferred channels, you can openly ask for their feedback, suggestions, and comments regarding your business.

This will be your subtle way of gauging the intensity of their needs and interests. In such a way, you will improve your marketing strategies and therefore, achieve success in business.


Every business has to scale up its marketing strategies to sustain the needs and expectations of its customers. Although it is quite naive to think that customers will come to you, inbound marketing helps to realize this goal.

As discussed, this marketing strategy initially attracts attention by virtue of supportive and educational contents. Engagement arises and conversion takes place by employing call-to-action statements. Simply put, there is no reason why that you can’t grow your business in the midst of rigid competition. Yes, there’s still so much to learn but you can jump start your success by investing in inbound marketing.