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Common WordPress-related tutorials re: security, performance, some technical terms and such

21 Tips for Building an Accessible WordPress Website

21 Tips for Building an Accessible WordPress Website

Working as a web developer is incredibly rewarding. There is no greater satisfaction than taking your client’s vision and turning it into a beautiful, functional website that fulfills their needs and generates more business. Making sure the website is responsive, loads fast, and follows SEO practices on top of an attractive design is important, but Read More

Why Should Your E-commerce Site be Optimized

[Infographic] Why Should Your E-commerce Site be Optimized?

Is your e-commerce site optimized? Your first thought is probably, yes. You follow Google’s webmaster guidelines carefully. And you do your best to provide comprehensive and secure payment methods, ensuring that your customers can make their purchases anyway they want. However, an e-commerce site is never a done deal. Even if the site is doing Read More

5 Reasons E-Commerce Store Isn't Performing

5 Reasons Your E-commerce Store Isn’t Performing

Clearly, we are living in an age where people prefer online shopping to conventional methods. According to research, an estimated 1.61 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2016. Another staggering report by the Wall Street Journal reported that about 190 million U.S. consumers—more than half the population—will shop online this year. This can be Read More

seo conversion

Master Your SEO Conversion in Simple Steps

Search Engine Optimization is a staple when it comes to digital campaigns. Through SEO, you can accurately provide what your customers need as they search the web. The options online are endless. People can find anything from the most practical DIY home renovation projects to the top ethical business solutions. As a marketer or business Read More