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RLM Public Relations

We were hired to rebuild the RLM Public Relations web solution with usability and brand awareness in mind. Our team worked closely with the management staff and we built several iterations of the website.


RLM PR is a reputable New York based Public Relations company established in 1991. Our team reported regularly to Richard and Zachary and we presented the progress of our website regularly in order to receive an iteration of feedback and ideas to continue work on.

We approached the RLM redesign as an agile process in order to combine our technical and creative expertise with the business know-how by the client, continuously reiterate and launch minor versions of our web platform until the final approval by the RLM PR management.



DevriX provided above-and-beyond service in their reimagining of the RLM PR site (which had grown staler than I admitted). Mario and his group of tech geniuses did an outrageously good site for us, soup to nuts, and were always there to explain, without assuming we knew, the steps that were taken on our behalf. The final product: above expectations. And the best part? It was, and remains, a pain-free, drama-free and fun working relationship. And what more do you need?

Richard Laermer
CEO @ RLM PR / Author, Punk Marketing
New York



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