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Chill Team Evening in Sofia

Our company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, even though 70% of our team is distributed across the world. Some of us who live in Sofia or close to the capital meet at our office every now and then, but we rarely have a chance to sit and just talk over a few drinks.

Earlier this month we managed to find a good time to celebrate the launch of a US-based event organizing media website, migrated off Zend Framework to WordPress, with numerous 3rd party services, a custom WordPress theme and a lot of extra add-ons with a fairly unrealistic timeline. What was impossible for some to do over the course of 2 years, we managed to work hard and deliver in two months, which was a good reason to meet and blow off some steam (in fact – literally!)

20150609_213158This was the first time we met Martin (black shirt on the left) who joined us as a Frontend Engineer on June 1st.

Hookah’s tend to be natural for our lifestyle, given our coffice culture and meeting together at the local Nargile bar, brainstorming and even shipping production code.

If you are flying to Sofia for a business meeting or simply leisure, let us know and we’ll schedule an afternoon together right there!