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What We Loved About WordCamp Mumbai 2018

Recap WordCamp Mumbai 2018

One of the events that are the heart of the WordPress community took place in Mumbai last weekend (March 17-18, 2018). Here is what we loved about it.

The local WordPress community came together for a two-day long informal event at Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay, Mumbai.

Attendees had the chance to enjoy superb Indian food (we LOVE Indian food!), meet old friends, expand their WordPress networks, and attend over 25 lectures. The WordCamp brought together more than 30 speakers who passed on their knowledge and expertise through interesting lectures.

There was a great choice of talks, discussions, and workshops which the WordCampers could choose between.

WordCamp Mumbai 2018 Lectures

Proud Sponsors

DevriX was also a proud sponsor of the event.

WordCamp Mumbai 2018 Sponsors

Our representative, Naveen, attended and tweeted so actively that every one of his followers got an insight of the WordCamp and all the activities that took place there real time.

The first day of the WordCamp began with the registration of attendees, collection of ID cards and promotional materials, followed by breakfast. Then a start to the educational talks was given.

WordCamp Mumbai 2018 Registration

Although Naveen loved all the lectures, there were a few that impressed him a lot.

“Playing with Code in Large Community Projects” by Dennis Snel

“Playing with Code in Large Community Projects” by Dennis Snell was one of the talks that attracted his attention.

The speaker covered a few points, from learning from the previous code of the WordPress Core, through implementing new and effective code styles, to improving our coding skills.

“Managing WordPress from the Command Line” by Ulrich Pogson

After the delicious lunch, Naveen truly enjoyed the “Managing WordPress from the Command Line” lecture. The lecturer, Ulrich Pogson, explained more about the WordPress Command line – how it can be implemented for regular WordPress operations and how it can facilitate developer’s work.

“Retrofitting Large Scale WordPress Site for Accessibility” by Anoosha Reddy Terala and Satish

The third best on our representative’s list is “Retrofitting Large Scale WordPress Site for Accessibility” by Anoosha Reddy Terala and Satish. The lecture gave more insights on the importance of accessibility for an IT project and how we can communicate the message to disabled people or people who speak different languages.

Fairy Dharawat gave a quite useful talk on “How to Write Better To-do Lists”. She talked about the importance of to-do lists, especially for freelancers and remote workers.

Apart from the great lectures and speakers, another great thing about WordCamps is the chance to reunite with old friends and meet new ones. Especially when you all share the same passion – WordPress.

Naveen also met with other volunteers and event organizers from the WordPress Community.

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See you at future WordCamps!

Have you visited a WordCamp recently? Share your experience below or contact us for a nice talk!

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