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Offer Calc 1.2 – Make It Simple

Today we have announced Offer Calc 1.2

What’s New in 1.2 ?

Over the last three months we received a lot of feedback from our users about the first version of Offer Calc and the features that they would like to have in 1.2.

One of our users wants to know what clients think about his services so we’ve included an email feature to Offer Calc 1.2

now with the e-mail form in your website, your clients can share their experience and suggestions on how to make your services better then ever.

But what about spam ?

Well we think about that and we’ve decided to implement the “Smart code” solution which don’t allows the spamming bots and scripts to send you annoying messages that will only fill your e-mail.

What is the “Smart code” ?

It looks like a regular Captcha but it’s not just a Captcha. Some bots (scripts) can “hack” and copy the generated captcha code and still send you an annoying spam messages; so we’ve decided to create something new, something better. That’s how the idea for Smart code was born.

We’ve created our own encrypting algorithm which shows the code only to humans and making it impossible for “bots” to steal it and send you spam messages.

Of course that’s not all the updates that we’ve added to Offer Calc 1.2. Now you can choose the input method that perfectly fits your website.

We’ve added the feature to replace the default Dropdown input with Radio button, Checkbox, Input field, Textarea, Select box, Multi select box or Number field.

And that’s not all.

Because we love to make our users happy, we have decided to integrate Offer Calc Pro into Offer Calc 1.2 and release it for free to all of our users.

Stop doing the easiest things in the hardest way anymore, download your Offer Calc and make it simple.