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ChatGPT SEO: How to Rank in ChatGPT

ChatGPT SEO_ How to Rank in ChatGPT

ChatGPT is changing the game on how we find answers online. It’s easy to use – you get instant responses without having to dig through Google results yourself. This shift sends substantial traffic towards ChatGPT instead of Google so businesses and content creators already know they need to optimize their content for ChatGPT to reach more people.

Though ChatGPT for SEO is a relatively new concept compared to Google’s well-established practices, how the model ranks websites for responses isn’t totally clear yet. Thankfully, there are some hints and AI B2B marketing strategies you can use to optimize your content if you want your website to be ranked by the bot.

How ChatGPT Decides Which Website to Mention?

We did a small test to see if DevriX would be mentioned by the chatbot and asked about the top 10 WordPress agencies globally. Not surprisingly, we appeared in third place. ChatGPT scanned the content of eight websites and articles discussing the top agencies in the industry. There was no backlink to direct users to DevriX’s website though.

How ChatGPT Decides Which Website to Mention

Then we changed the prompt to one asking for a list of the top 10 WordPress development agencies in the world in 2024. ChatGPT provided a very satisfying response, listing DevriX in 4th place and directing users straight to the company’s website.

How ChatGPT Decides Which Website to Mention2At this point, we wondered what factors ChatGPT took into consideration..

Coincidentally, so did a few others like Neil Patel. He analyzed over 80 different factors and found that the following six were strongly connected with how great b2b brands ranked:

  • Brand mentions. How frequently is the brand discussed on other websites?
  • Reviews. In how many third-party review platforms does the brand appear (e.g. Yelp, TrustPilot, etc.), and how many reviews does it boost?
  • Relevancy. Is the company ranked on Google for the keywords mentioned in the ChatGPT prompt (in our case “best WordPress agencies” and “top 10 WordPress development agencies”)
  • Age. It seems that older and more established companies appeared more frequently in ChatGPT.
  • Recommendations. How many other websites endorse the brand as a solution to the keyword in the ChatGPT prompt?
  • Authority. How many social media followers do the brand boast, and on how many platforms? Additionally, how many backlinks does the website have?

ChatGPT SEO Strategy

The most obvious conclusion from this research is to turn these six factors into an AI b2b marketing strategy. Let’s go through all six factors with tips on how to improve them.

Tips to Get Brand Mentions

The key to getting your brand talked about is to keep creating useful content, interact with your audience, and actively look for chances to show off your brand’s knowledge and expertise in your field. Here are some tips to help increase brand mentions and improve this factor.

  1. Find influencers in your industry who can showcase your brand. A good approach would be also to grow influencers inside the brand. For instance, a powerful voice for DevriX is our CEO, Mario Peshev, who built his solid LinkedIn network and reputation as a thought leader in the start-up and WordPress world.
  2. Another winning move is to create helpful content and provide free resources like infographics, guides, or industry reports that your target audience will find valuable. When people share these resources online, it can lead to more mentions and backlinks, so it works also for the authority factor.
  3. Keep an eye on industry news and trends, and create content that quickly connects to what’s happening. When done well, this “newsjacking” can keep your brand current and increase the chances of being talked about.
  4. Find brands that offer products or services that complement yours, and see if you can team up for joint marketing or promotions. DevriX, as a B2B account based marketing agency, has an extensive network of partners from Hubspot to Semrush. By partnering up, you can reach each other’s audiences, receive more mentions, and improve the authority factors as well.

Tips on Getting Reviews From Third-Party Review Platforms

Actively managing your brand on review platforms can boost your online presence, establish trust, and attract more customers.

  1. Look for popular review platforms in your industry like Yelp, Google Reviews, TrustPilot, and others that your target customers use.
  2. Check that your details are correct by claiming your business profiles and keeping them updated with accurate information and engaging content.
  3. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews. You could offer rewards or special deals to motivate them.
  4. Always respond to reviews, both good and bad, in a timely and professional manner. Thank customers for positive feedback and address any issues raised in negative reviews.
  5. Showcase your best reviews on your website and social media to build trust.
  6. Include review sections from popular sites directly on your website so visitors can easily see and leave reviews without leaving your site.

Tips for Relevancy

Let’s see how you can enhance your company’s visibility and Relevance factor for SEO Chat GPT:

  1. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to discover which keywords related to your services are popular.
  2. Once you have your keywords, incorporate them into your website content naturally and without overdoing it.
  3. Make dedicated landing pages focused on the keywords you want to target, such as “Best WordPress Agencies.” Fill these with relevant information and engaging content.
  4. Write blog posts, guides, or tutorials about topics that showcase your expertise.
  5. Include schema markup on your site to help search engines understand your content better and possibly appear in rich snippets.
  6. Seek backlinks from reputable sites to show search engines that your site is trustworthy – this will also improve the ChatGPT SEO authority factor.

Tips on How to Get More Recommendations

Check out these tips on how to get more recommendations to elevate your brand’s visibility and trustworthiness:

  1. Research relevant websites, blogs, and online communities in your industry for recommendations or endorsements.
  2. Offer to contribute guest posts or collaborate on content creation with influential websites to establish your brand’s expertise and gain recommendations.
  3. Motivate satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, testimonials, or recommendations on their blogs or social media, showcasing your brand’s solutions.

Tips on Improving the Authority Factor

  1. Be active on relevant social media platforms, share valuable content, engage with followers, and participate in discussions to boost visibility and authority.
  2. Urge customers, employees, and followers to share your content on their social media channels to expand your brand’s reach.
  3. Build Links and Guest Posts. Obtain high-quality backlinks through guest posting and partnerships with authoritative websites.
  4. Showcase Social Proof. Display social media follower counts, positive reviews, industry awards, and client logos on both your website and marketing materials to highlight your brand’s authority.

What About the Age Factor?

Considering the element of time, building a solid reputation is a gradual process. Our advice is to remain patient and consistently produce high-quality, relevant content for your intended audience. Over time, this dedication will lead to success in both ChatGPT and search engine rankings.

Wrap Up

ChatGPT continues to develop and we expect constant refining of the factors it considers for website rankings. Tracking the model advancements to remain informed about and following strategies to enhance your brand’s overall authority will ensure long-term effectiveness as ChatGPT SEO practices evolve.