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How to Develop a Quora Marketing Strategy

Quora Marketing Strategy

The Internet is filled with educational hubs and became an integral element of people’s ambitions to learn. Its growth provided many opportunities to discover new knowledge and develop more skills, to contribute to the educational cause, and without a doubt, it became a more enjoyable place to teach and study than the classroom.

With the endless number of educational places available online, Quora stands out among the rest as a Q&A site that is constantly fueled by its growing community. You can ask questions, categorize them, and even answer the ones that users request on the platform. It is also one of the best platforms to expand your expertise and raise brand awareness, and it totally works!

Using Quora, within one year, our CEO Mario Peshev managed to earn the Top Writer status and currently has over 2 million views on his answers! The quality and popularity of his answers led to top-notch websites such as Forbes wanting to publish his answers as entire articles.

This resulted in worldwide awareness of Mario’s expertise in WordPress, Software, Marketing, and Business Development, and not to mention the brand awareness that he brings for DevriX in the process.

Quora has a lot to offer when it comes to building a content marketing strategy, and in this article, we’ll show you the steps that you need to take to make the platform work for your brand.

What Is Quora?

Quora was founded in 2009 as a social network where the main goal was, and still is, to foster knowledge with the community. It’s a platform where you can ask questions and connect with people who offer unique insight and opinions

Anyone can ask or answer a question on the platform. The community, aka Quorans can then judge whether the answer is good with an upvote, or a downvote.

You can target your questions and answers towards specific users, you can publish content via Quora blog, you can search for topics, follow them, subscribe to users’ questions and topic answers, and receive the latest questions and answers for that topic.

Why Is Quora Beneficial to Your Marketing Strategy?

It is estimated that Quora has around 300 million monthly visitors. This is a number of people eager to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

Without a doubt, the number of users means that Quora is an opportunity that needs to be exploited. There are several good reasons why you must use Quora for your marketing strategy:

  • Getting Unlimited Exposure – With the rising number of users, the community became the user base to provide value and showcase your expertise. The quality answers get in a viral loop, and as they get more upvotes, they’ll be shown to users that search that answer or follow the particular category.
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise – Everyone is an expert at something. And there’s something for everyone on Quora, from cooking to parenting, DIY, marketing, software development, and so on. This makes the platform an excellent place for people wanting their questions addressed by subject experts in the matter.
  • Getting Industry Insights – Quora is an excellent method to do marketing research and find out what are the real problems of your target users. The questions that people submit are free and hard to beat when it comes to industry insights. On the flipside, if you’re still not established in your niche, Quora is an excellent place to get direct business insights from experts. A win-win place for both parties.
  • Answering Product/Company questions – People might be asking around about your product or service. Make sure that you get notified and answer in a helpful manner and with credibility, as soon as possible.
  • Lead Generation – When you constantly provide value with your answers, people will become interested in you and your company, and go to your website, your blog, sign up to your email list, follow you on social media, and become the loyal base that you can always outreach to in the process.

First, Optimize Your Quora Profile

No matter what social platform you target with your marketing strategy, having an optimized profile is the first vital step. When you answer a question on Quora, your profile bio is visible at the top of the answer. This is an excellent chance to brand yourself or your company and use the space that you’re given in a clever manner.

Basically, your profile tells the readers who you are, what your core expertise is, and your social media handles where people can follow you. Quora even lets you modify your profile bio according to the answers that you provide. When you submit an answer, in the “…” button on the right there’s the “Edit Credential” option.

Select it, add your credentials, and once you do that, you’ll be redirected to another box where you can edit your bio.

In your profile description, Quora also allows you to include links. This is a perfect occasion to drive traffic to your website. Use this linking opportunity strategically and don’t overdo it, otherwise, you’ll be considered as a spammer and readers won’t click or read your answers.

Your links need to be relevant and valuable to the reader, for example, you can add a link that leads to your blog, homepage, or your social media accounts.

Just like every other social media profile, you can also include keywords in your bio. You can insert your brand name, as well as industry related keywords. Again, just like with links, you have to be careful and not stuff your bio with keywords.

When you enter the topics that you “know about” in your bio, you can enter as much as you like, but it is advisable to stay in your lane and stick with the stuff that is actually your job and expertise, instead of writing about “dog grooming” especially if all you do is comb your dog every once in a while.

When you enter the topics that you do “know about”, they can help you find questions that you want to answer, and you’ll see exactly how many users are subscribed to the specific topic.

You don’t have to be greedy and choose the topics with the most subscribers. There are topics with hundreds of thousand subscribers, and there are topics with less than ten thousand subscribers. Writing a quality answer that will become viral in a niche audience of 10 thousand can be as beneficial as writing one for a bigger audience.

Don’t forget to have an actual image of you, instead of your company logo. Remember that above all, Quora is a platform that is focused on personal branding, and you need to have the best professional photo of you, just as the one in your LinkedIn profile.

Find Topics and Get Notified

After optimizing your profile, it’s time to get things moving and start contributing with some answers. On Quora, there are literally thousands of topics and millions of answered and unanswered questions. To find a topic, use the search bar at the top. Write your topic, keywords, and Quora will provide you with prompted suggestions.

Click on the “Follow” button to follow the topic. With that, the latest highlights and activities about the topic will be displayed on your Quora home news page as soon as you open or log in the platform. Quora will also prepare the Daily Quora Digest for you according to your interests which will be also sent to your email box on daily basis.

Make sure that you follow industry-related topics and not get distracted by something else. If you really want to understand your target market, you need to dive deep into the questions that people ask. You can also follow experts in the industry and get notified when they answer a question for the topic that you want to follow.

To be certain that you get notified, don’t forget to visit your Quora Settings and check if your Email and Notifications are well customized.

Find the Questions That You Can Answer

The way to get involved in the Quora community is to answer questions about topics that you know. You don’t want to answer everything that you encounter on your feed because remember, people that requested the answer actually read it, and if your advice didn’t help them, their problems wouldn’t be solved at all, and you’ll lose your credibility.

After you’ve selected your industry topics, you need to narrow down the questions that you can and want to answer. Choose a question that fits, a question that you can provide a meaningful answer for. The more upvotes your answer has, the higher it will be displayed in the question feed for that topic.

When you enter a topic feed, select FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This will show you the top questions that people ask for the topic.

If a certain question that you really want to write about has been answered and if you can still answer it, go for it. If people read your answer and you really provided value, you’ll get the upvotes too and your answer will go to the top in the given category.

When you choose questions, always keep your target audience in mind. For example, if you’re an experienced graphic designer, it’s always fun to help junior designers that just started their careers. Those answers can definitely build your credibility in the industry, however, you must think about your target clients as well, if you want to use Quora for your marketing strategy.

Always think about your target clients’ problems and the questions that they ask themselves about their businesses. Find those questions on Quora, and help them with a useful answer. As a result, you’ll become their consultant, they’ll start to trust you, follow you, subscribe to your list, and ultimately, become your new clients.

As you start answering questions, Quora will take notice and deliver you suggestions of questions. Some of them will look really basic, but it’s never a bad idea to increase your views and upvotes by answering them. The users will take notice and they’ll directly request your answer to the question.

Answer with Value and Authority

There are all sorts of questions on Quora, some of them are really profound, and there are also questions such as “Can you design a website for me!?”

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t answer that type of question, however, it’s never a good thing to answer it with just “Here’s my website, you can learn there!” And don’t be too sarcastic either, because remember that you want to build a brand through the platform, and the people that asked the answer may soon become your customers if you treat their questions with respect and answer thoroughly.

As with every other marketing strategy, if you want to succeed, you must provide value first. A well-crafted Quora answer can bring you lots of subscribers, build your reputation, and continuously generate leads.

When you answer, don’t hold back on your knowledge. Don’t shy away from offering additional information either. One sentence, one extra bit of information is always better than none. Remember that you’re doing this for your marketing strategy, for your future clients, so you need to forget about your competitors and really invest in your answers.

Approach each question carefully, and passionately. If you know the answer, write it from your heart, and if you have something additional about it on your website, which might be useful to readers, don’t hesitate to link it. Just remember to not sound overly promotional. Always stay informative, helpful, and specific with your answers.

When it’s possible, storytell through your answers. The storytelling approach lets readers know that you’ve actually experienced the situation they are asking about, and you do know how to solve the problem thanks to your experience.

When you encounter a popular thread full of answers, notice how others have responded to the questions. If you really want to stand out with your answer, make sure that you add something new to the conversation, a fresh view on a given question or situation. That way, your answer can’t be ignored by readers.

Format Your Answers Appropriately

One of the most annoying things on Quora are answers that are poorly written and improperly formatted. When you respond to a question, you need to edit it as you would edit an article. For this purpose, you can use Quora’s editing tools:

If your response is long, you can break it down in numbered or bulleted lists for better readability. You can also emphasize certain words and sentences from your answer by bolding or italicizing them.

When adding links, edit them so that they feel natural while people read your answer.

Even though Quora is not exactly a visual platform, adding images to your answer where it’s appropriate can help you to support your claims. Images are always a wise choice if you want to attract the reader’s attention.

The image from the answer above will appear as a featured image when the link is shared on social media, and a good image is excellent click bait and incentive for users that want to learn more.

Use Quora as Your Content Source

The foundation of every marketing strategy is content. When it comes to developing content ideas, there’s nothing better than Quora. It’s the best place on the Internet where you can source industry questions for your next blog post.

When sourcing content ideas from Quora, ensure that you pick questions that you can expand on, not only with a Quora response, but also so you can write a longer article, or even record a video about the topic. These should be keyword-based questions that really need a better answer.

If you still don’t have an established blog or a website, Quora has you covered again by letting you start a Quora blog. The main reason why posting articles on your own Quora blog is beneficial for your marketing strategy is because your target audience is already there, so you don’t have to advertise articles or tweet links from your website to get readers.

Quora blogging is an excellent idea from an SEO standpoint too because Google trusts Quora and puts the platform higher on its credibility scale. This is easy to prove just by googling a question – you can see that Google gives an advantage to Quora answers instead of other web links.

Just like every blog, frequency, and content quality matters. You need to write, at least, one blog post per week in order to obtain a significant number of loyal readers and followers. If you’re serious about blogging on Quora, don’t treat it like a side thing that you can do only when you have time.

We’re talking about building a marketing strategy here, and if you want to succeed with it, you must make time for blogging.

Track Analytics

Every marketing strategy needs analytics that can point out if you’re making progress or not. On Quora, you won’t get any deep analytics, but you can examine the results of your answers, how many views they get collectively or individually as an answer, and sort them by various ranges.

You can use the “Stats” tab to see which responses do better in terms of views, upvotes, and shares. If a certain niche is doing better than the rest of your answers, it means that you need to go all in on that and become a trusted source for those questions. See what questions got the most views and upvotes, and optimize the rest to be as valuable as your most successful ones.

Bonus: Mario’s Quora Content Development Framework

As a Top Writer on Quora, Mario knows how to take full advantage of the platform and use it as his content generator. He actively invests in his presence by spending several hours per week answering questions and building a content strategy.

The exact Quora content development framework that Mario uses to build his brand presence is the following:

  • Spending at least a couple hours per week answering Quora questions. If you’re still struggling to build your presence, two hours are not enough. And don’t just answer for the sake of it, answer only relevant questions and topics.
  • If you have longer answers that are formatted properly, repurpose them into an article on your website or personal blog in one or two weeks later, which is pretty much a copy-paste thing.
  • Record videos for LinkedIn. It will take about 40 minutes per week, given that you already have the script in form of a Quora answer.
  • Schedule the videos for YouTube too, and use your Quora response outline for the video description to enhance your SEO.
  • Start a podcast and post one episode per week. If your responses on Quora are really niche and valuable, it would be excellent for your clients if they could listen to them on the go while working out, or shopping.
  • Repurpose your answers into a LinkedIn blog too. LinkedIn now allows you to start your own article series, and you can use your Quora responses as an inspiration for your long-form LinkedIn articles.

You can also experiment and post the content on more platforms, such as Twitter & Facebook videos, Instagram Live, and so on. Once you find your optimal content development workflow, you need to stay consistent and be on the lookout for possible channels where you can repurpose your answers.

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt that Quora can be a valuable arsenal for your marketing strategy, and you should definitely consider it as one of your chief content development hubs. It’s time to get involved and start answering some questions.

Remember that the key is to always provide maximum value and stay consistent within your niche if you want to become the thought leader within your customer base. Spend time carefully choosing your questions and crafting the best possible response, and with persistence, you’ll generate results that will bring more customers to your business.