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Don’t Have Enough Money to Start a Business? Top 3 Low Cost Business Ideas

You want to start a business, but you do not have enough money… what to do?

Basically, starting a business does not require a lot of investment.

There are lots of low cost business ideas that are not only inexpensive, but also offers the chance to produce enough profit.  Want to know what are those businesses?

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Low Cost Business Ideas

Here’s a collection of top 3 low cost business ideas that can help you get on the road to success.

Number 1: Business Consulting

There are numerous zones of business where yearning entrepreneurs search for help, including strategy for success composing, promoting, interchanges and legitimate issues. If you have mastery in a zone identified with a percentage of the normal low cost business startup challenges, and a yearning to help your kindred entrepreneurs, a little business as a business consultant could be the ideal low cost business idea for you.

There is no particular level of education needed to start this business, however being a graduate, and that too a business graduate is surely going to help. For a business consulting business, the experience is more important than education. Usually a 5 – 10 years experience is enough to start your own business.


Positive Aspects

  • Startup expenses are moderately low.
  • You can utilize your business skill as the establishment for this low cost business.
  • The income potential for an effective counseling business is high.
  • You can counsel singular little entrepreneurs, or administrators at bigger organizations.
  • You can fill in as much as you need, from your home.
  • You have to keep learning in your general vicinity of aptitude and remain focused on changes in the business sector.
  • There are establishment opportunities available for this business.

Negative Aspects

  • It is important to have expert level capabilities in the area in which you are counseling.
  • You might need to be authorized or licensed, contingent upon the kind of counseling you give.
  • You should have the capacity to distinguish issues and concoct practical arrangements.
  • You might require extra training before giving business consulting services.

Why you should hire business consultant?

  • Field Expertise: The principal point of interest of employing a business specialist is having the capacity to profit by and utilize their mastery in your decision making process.
  • Objective: Business advisors are not upset by official legislative issues, diverted by individual interests, nor engaged by in-office individual quarrels. They are a crisp pair of eyes outside of your organization’s way of life – exploit it!
  • Fixed Price: You normally know precisely the amount it will cost you to use the ability of the business advisor you procure. With the right now flooding quantities of potential occupation candidates, you can uproot the danger of enlisting a lasting worker by rather working with a contracted business consultant.

Number 2: Handyman

Basically home ownership accompanies a perpetual rundown of things to settle, enhance and set up together, and finding an ideal opportunity to complete everything is a typical test for property holders. Besides, a percentage of the things on the list of a homeowner might require more than your general knowledge. If you have a balanced information of how to easily fix things, beginning a business as a handyman can furnish you with an incredible low cost business opportunity and an opportunity to help property holders at long last get their homes all together.


Positive Aspects

  • You have the potential for high benefits.
  • Your overhead costs are for the most part low.
  • Verbal exchange and referrals are incredible marketing tools in this low cost business .
  • There are establishment opportunities available.
  • There is a chance to practice, for example, working only with land specialists, or on home redesigns.
  • You can concentrate on business or even private administrations.

Negative Aspects

  • Good physical condition is important for this low cost business.
  • Some of your work might be occasional.
  • It can require some investment to manufacture a productive customer base.
  • Permitting prerequisites in a few ranges can be testing since you should meet certain criteria.
  • You require exhaustive information and involvement in all parts of home development, renovating, support and repair.
  • You might require a business permit, obligation protection, and in a few zones you should be fortified.
  • You require a far reaching set of strong work instruments.

Number 3: Project Management

If a project involves multiple people, then a project manager can be a good asset for that project, whether it is a home redesign project, a little business coordinated effort or an individual task.
An expert project manager is exceedingly organized and has an uncommon capacity to follow through. On the off chance that you are considering starting your low cost business as a project manager, here is a gander at the geniuses, cons and other important information.


Positive Aspects

  • Startup expenses are minimal in the event that you are knowledgeable about project administration.
  • You can set up yourself as a specialist in project management by gaining practical experience in specific fields.
  • On the off chance that you work with mortgage holders and home-based entrepreneurs, your business can be home-based also.
  • Project administration is a quickly developing business in the ranges of home rebuilding and building.
  • Your business can be extremely lucrative once you have established.
  • You have a wide assortment of business sectors to benefit, including building, real estate, strategic planning, budgetary, human services and that’s just the beginning.

Negative Aspects

  • You require experience, learning and aptitude in project administration.
  • You might require extra preparing and affirmation.
  • On the off chance that you work with corporate customers or substantial organizations, you might require a professional space to meet with customers.
  • It may take time to build up a notoriety and see benefits from your business.
  • Your business might include a considerable measure of remote customers.
  • Having certifications, proper degrees, and licensing is profoundly suggested.

Bottom Line

No matter what business you choose to start, there is one thing you can’t miss! Any guesses? It’s your online existence. We at Devrix can help take care of all your online requirements. You can discuss your project with us here.