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[Infographic] How Much Money Can You Make Freelancing?

freelancer earnings

In our eyes, freelancing is a trend that has taken everyone looking for an additional source of income by storm. Over the last five years, we’ve witnessed an increase of the frequency in which people made switches from full-time employment to freelancing for a living, and the latest data from knowledge sharing platform Zeqr tells us that an average freelancer earns almost twice as much as an average US citizen per month.

Regardless of the fact whether you’re a freelancer with almost a decade of experience in your field of expertise or someone with nothing but thoughts about joining the booming online world, it’s very straightforward to get started and attract clients over the Internet.

Zeqr’s infographic showcases data presented by other sources that handle much larger amounts of data, such as Payoneer, to back up the fact that an average freelancer works for no less than $21 per hour. That makes it well over the $100 per day mark, and ultimately, leads to an annual income amount of more than $39,000 (pre-tax).

As it depends on both experience and the field of interest, the earnings are not the same for all freelancers out there. Those who show themselves as proficient in handling their primary tasks end up handling multiple clients at the same time. That’s when freelancers can tweak their availability to maximize their free time, which does lead to the risk of losing one or more clients, but that generally does not lead to having an entire source of income gone down the drain. Once you’re in that spot, freelancing becomes as good of a career move as ever. And we couldn’t agree more!

We believe this infographic provides good insight as to how much money an average US-based freelancer might make, as well as motivation because without sticking to a freelancing career, you could lose the chance to earn more money than you could ever imagine!

freelancer earnings

Author Bio: Sanja Milinkovic is a junior growth hacker who lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. She is very passionate about the English language and technology, and believes that e-learning will define the future of education as we know it.

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