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The Future of Content Marketing

Today’s businesses realize that content is the tool to attract and engage customers and takes them to the next level. It is no longer a side job; it has become a priority no matter what business it is and what size it is. And something that is of importance in the present, one can only wonder what it will be like in the future. If only there was a crystal ball to show us the future of content.

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Analyzing the future of content marketing and preparing oneself for it is important. There are many articles online with different predictions, but they all have one common theme, the undeniable importance keeping up with the trends of content marketing. The changes will be many and it all comes down to how fast you can adopt them. If we have learned anything from failing businesses is that those who are slow to adapt the changing trends eventually bite the dust. This makes it all the more necessary to prepare oneself for the future.

To Think about the Future, Let Us Look at the Past

Content marketing has come a long way, with mobile and social media, content becoming an enormous influence over the consumers. During the last decade, we saw the birth of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. It was a groundbreaking era that led to new ways content was created and distributed.

With every passing year, the number of users on networks has mushroomed. It’s became almost unavoidable for businesses not to have a presence on these platforms. The content consumption has increased by 57% on Facebook and 25% on Twitter, according to a survey by HubSpot. People realized the power of social media and diverted their resources towards it. Ever since Facebook started publishing sponsored content, everyone from home-run small businesses to billion dollar enterprises has began publishing ads on Facebook.

Mobile platforms were another big change in terms of content marketing as businesses realized that mobiles were spreading at the speed of light and in order to stay relevant and visible, they needed to reach mobile screens. The number of mobile users crossed the number of desktop owners back in 2014, and is continually growing. So all in all, online content became central thanks to the growing number of channels and their strong influence on the market. The past saw major shifts in content strategies for enterprises and the future is likely to see the same kinds of shake ups.  

How to Prepare for the Future?

If you are thinking about the future of your business and focusing on content marketing trends, pat yourself on the back and consider the following:


Mobile’s outreach is growing and for those businesses that are trying to cross borders, mobile remains the best way to do that. Smartphones are spreading exponentially across the developing world and that creates an opportunity for businesses to attract new customers. It becomes a crucial part of expansion as the middle class, in some of the developing countries, is growing at a surprisingly fast rate. People, who do not own a desktop or a laptop, have a smart phone in their hands.

It only makes sense that mobile will be part of the future of content marketing. Google suggests that if you only have one website, it should be mobile. In the future, the focus of content creators and marketers should be to further improve the mobile experience and create content that engages customers.


Millennial are all about product experience. To create an experience for the user, your content will require some serious personalization. Gone are the days when marketing was limited to providing information. Now you must provide information according to the audience, and that is how you really create an impact.

To create this user centric experience while developing content, you will need to  understand consumers. And we are not talking about basics like genders, age groups and interests; the key here is to learn what really makes them the tick. This is perhaps a complex procedure but it will be a rewarding one in the end.

Participation Marketing

The future will see democratization of content as part of participation marketing. The targeted crowdsourcing of content will increase. This approach of using internal and external sources for content creation is the best strategy for the future. It reinforces many PR goals and ropes in influencers that can prove helpful for your business. Certainly, there are going to be hurdles in the way but if done right, this eco-system of content creation can lead to success.

Video is the Future

In terms of what type of content is to dominate content marketing in the future, video is the winner. In fact, it has already started taking over the internet. Facebook gets more than a billion views daily of video content. And it has openly said that its main focus now is video. The reason is simple – video content has an increased engagement from users..

Here is why video is the future:

  • Increased ROI

Using videos on landing pages has been known to increase conversion by a whopping 80%. While making a video requires a large sum of money, the return is worth it. It is simple math, if your users grow by as much as 20%, you will see a considerable increase in your revenue.

  • Better Ranking

Not only do you make money, you come up on top on searches. Google prefers websites that have videos as part of their content. Even web pages with links to videos are likely to do better than pages with simple text or pictures.

  • Increased Click Through Rate

Emails with videos are likely to get clicked on more as their click through rate increases by a 200%. If you include the word video in the subject, the chances of the recipient opening it increases. Hence, video is a powerful tool in email marketing as well.

  • High Traffic

Users spend more time on videos than they do on other stuff. It can help increase traffic and not only raise numbers but increase the average time spent on your webpage or social media page.


Social media is definitely going to play a key role in how content marketing develops as it now serves as the primary distribution channel for big and small companies alike. Whatever the content may be, the gist behind it has to be about providing experience because that is what the users want. And when we speak about experience and engagement, videos are the future.

In fact, by the mid of the next decade, it is estimated that most of internet traffic will be driven by videos. If you want to prepare yourself for the future, it is better to streamline your strategy towards a video strategy.