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Build a Purpose-Driven Content Marketing Strategy


Brand purpose is the reason your business exists. It is related to bigger, more universal goals and motivations than profits.

If you truly want to connect with your target consumers and produce meaningful and useful content for them, you need to do it through Purpose-Driven Content Marketing:

“A way for a business or brand to bond with a target audience based on their shared needs and interests – including interest in supporting a worthy cause. Success in this arena is all about developing the right strategy and executing it in an authentic, organic way that brings mutual benefit to everyone involved.”

Step 1: Why Brand Purpose Matters

  • Increases Brand Recognition – when the number of people that agree with your brand purpose is growing, your content will be liked and shared and your brand better recognized.
  • Valuable Customer Interactions – when consumers are guided by the same purpose that you have as a company, they’ll empathize with your brand, open up for communication and engage in interactions.
  • Enhancing Brand Loyalty – when people are emotionally connected to your company’s purpose, they’ll feel good about buying from you and becoming long-term customers and brand promoters.

Step 2: How to Find Your Brand Purpose

Your brand purpose is closely related to your company’s vision, mission and values:

1. Your vision is the Where – Where do you want your company to be in the future?

2. Your mission is the What – What product/service development processes should you utilize to achieve your vision?

3. Your values are the How – How will your brand obtain your vision?

Your Purpose is Your Why:

4. Why do you do what you do?

  • Dig deeper into your story and the reasons why you founded your company.
  • Describe what your customers want and what you have to offer them.
  • It’s all about you’re good at and what inspires you as a team.

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Step 3: Create Purpose-Driven Content

Here are some ideas on how to put brand purpose in the center of your marketing:

  • Support a Cause – What is your audience interested in?
  • Create Partnerships – Team-up and work together with brands with similar values
  • Create Valuable Content – honor your customers and be useful and inspiring
  • Be Timely – connect to seasonal and milestone events that are meaningful for your brand as much as for your customers
  • Be Human – People want to buy from people: share photos of your team, let team members personally interact with your consumers
  • Amuse – Everyone loves to have a good laugh and humor can be really powerful to connect emotionally
  • Volunteer – Volunteering is a chance to make your employees feel good about themselves while also enriching your customer community
  • Be Consistent – do not jump from one purpose to another, it shows a lack of brand identity, customer care and phoniness.

Step 4: Measure the Success of Your Content Strategy

One way to measure the success of your content is to keep track of your website’s and social media statistics. Analyze the following:

  • Number of returning website visitors – to measure brand loyalty
  • Customers that came from a referral or recommendation – to track the brand reputation
  • Positive brand mentions on social media
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Customer retention rate

Last but not least, success is measured by how many site visitors and leads become your customers. More on the topic: 4 Steps to Build a Purpose-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

Purpose Over Profit: Some Numbers

  • A recent survey from Deloitte reveals that 46% of Millennials and 47% of GenZ make positive impacts on community/ society
  • More than 90 percent of millennials (born 1981 – 1994) would prefer to work with a brand that supports a relevant cause.
  • This is a rising worldwide trend, and consequently, 75% of Gen-Z (born 1995-2015) think that work should have a bigger motive than just taking home a paycheck.

Build a Purpose-Driven Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

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