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50 Revolutionary Females in Marketing You Should Follow on Twitter

50 Revolutionary Females in Marketing You Should Follow on Twitter

These extraordinary women have accomplished what hundreds of thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs can only dream about.

  • Some of them created million-dollar businesses out of nothing.
  • Many of them helped businesses grow their revenues exponentially.
  • Others created content masterpieces.
  • And some introduced new methods and became legends.

They all have one thing in common – they figured out ways to succeed, with determination and consistency. We’ve shared some information here about their achievements so that you get inspired and follow them on Twitter.

1. Mari Smith (@MariSmith)

Mari Smith's Twitter profile

  • Mari Smith is Facebook’s Marketing Expert.
  • She has been featured on Buffer as one of the most influential females with 500K followers.
  • Smith transformed her marketing experience into a guide titled “How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web”.

2. Sonia Simone (@soniasimone)

Sonia Simone's Twitter profile

  • Sonja Simone co-founded Copyblogger Media.
  • She is currently the CCO of Rainmaker Digital.
  • She runs two podcasts; Copyblogger.FM and Confessions of a Pink-Haired marketer.
  • Her post, “How to Quit Being So Damned Boring”, is still one of the top-shared contents on Copyblogger.

3. Bri Clark (@Bri_Clark)

Bri Clark's Twitter account

  • Bri Clark is the founder of a marketing consultancy firm, Belle Consult.
  • She has helped more than 2000 entrepreneurs in their social media campaigns.
  • She is the prime example of “leading by example” for all the business owners.

4. Brittany Berger (@thatbberg)

Brittany Berger's Twitter profile

  • Brittany Berger is the founder of
  • She also works as the head of PR & Content at Mention.
  • Her website helps entrepreneurs get the work done effeciently by automating their businesses.

5. Tracy Hermans (@tracysurfs)

Tracy Hermans' Twitter profile

  • Tracy Hermans takes care of E-commerce affairs of Urban Decay Cosmetics. She is the Director of Global E-commerce.
  • She has also served WetSeal as Web Analyst and went onto becoming Digital Marketing Manager of the company.

6. Avery Swartz (@AverySwartz)

Avery Swartz's Twitter profile

  • Avery Swartz is known for providing training services to renowned companies like Kobo, CPA Canada, and Canadian Living Magazine.
  • She runs a workshop called Camp Tech. The aim of the company is to help non-tech people learn fundamentals of the tech-world so that they can excel in their respective fields.

7. Olga Andrienko (@Olgandrienko)

Olga Andrienko's Twitter profile

  • Olga Anderienko is a genius when it comes to relationship marketing and conversion.
  • She’s the head of Social Media at SEMrush and has helped the company grow its engagement by 400% in just one year.

8. Ashley Chapokas (@AChapokas)

Ashley Chapokas' Twitter profile

  • Ashley Chapokas is leading front-end development at WebLinc Commerce.
  • Ashley likes to volunteer her expertise to nonprofit organizations.
  • She’s been teaching front-end development at Coded by Kids where kids are trained in web design and coding.

9. Maile Ohye (@maileohye)

Maile Ohye's Twitter profile

  • Maile Ohye is better known for her association with Google where she was Developer Program Tech Lead.
  • As a tech expert who spent 12 years with Google, she has loads of experience which she openly shares on her Twitter profile.

10. Purna Virji (@purnavirji)

Purna Virji's Twitter profile

  • Purna Virji is Bing’s #1 PPC Expert. She’s PPC Training Manager for Bing Ads at Microsoft.
  • Purna also worked at PetPlan Pet Insurance as Director of Communication. She has appeared in a number of podcasts and spoke at SEJ summits.
  • As a writer, she worked with premier marketing blogs, such as Search Engine Watch.

11. Pam Neely (@PamellaNeely)

Pamella Neely's Twitter profile

  • Pam Neely is a Certified Master Content Marketer and has been one of the top 20 influential marketers in 2016.
  • Neely also received Hermes Award for Blogging in 2016.
  • Her articles feature in top magazines such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.
  • She is the author of 50 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List.

12. Henneke Duistermaat (@HennekeD)

Henneke Duistermaat's Twitter profile

  • Henneke Duistermaat runs Enchanting Marketing blog that’s incredibly creative in style.
  • She also contributes on Copyblogger.
  • You can learn a few great tips if you follow her on Twitter.

13. Tara M. Clapper (@irishtara)

Tara M Clapper's Twitter profile

  • Tara Clapper is the founder of The Geek Initiative.
  • She was the Content Development Expert at Express Writer. Before, she served SEMrush as Blog Editor.
  • Tara has spent 2 decades in content writing, editing, and marketing.

14. Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar)

Madalyn Sklar's Twitter profile

  • Madalyn Sklar is the heart and soul of where she offers real insight of Twitter.
  • As a Twitter Marketing Expert, she hosts #TwitterSmarter chat and podcast, and #SocialROI chat.
  • Madalyn is the #1 influencer in Houston.

15. Ann Smarty (@seosmarty)

Ann Smarty's Twitter profile

  • Ann Smarty founded and
  • She serves Ninjas Marketing as their Brand Manager.
  • Ann enjoys a celebrity-like status. She is featured on popular platforms like Mashable, NYTimes, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur, and others.
  • She regularly contributes to and Small Biz Trends.

16. Clare McDermott (@soloportfolio)

  • Clare McDermott is the owner of SoloPortfolio – a content firm based in Boston.
  • She also works for Content Marketing Institute as their Editor-in-Chief Content Officer Magazine.

17. Keesa Schreane (@KeesaCamille)

  • Keesa Schreane is a multi-talented person, working at Thomas Reuters as Director Marketing, Analytics, and API.
  • She hosts the podcast titled, “You’ve Been Served”, that is focused on customer service.
  • Keesa has spoken on a number of SEJ Summits.

18. Margaret Magnarelli (@mmagnarelli)

  • Margaret Magnarelli is the Managing Editor at
  • She has led her team to win the award for Best Content Program 2016 given by Content Marketing Institute.
  • She also worked with Money as Executive Editor.

19. Stephanie Schwab (@stephanies)

  • Stephanie Schwab is the founder of a popular Chicago-based agency called CrackerJack Marketing.
  • Stephanie is the veteran in online marketing with over 20 years experience in the field.

20. Sarah Hofstetter (@Pezmeister1)

  • Sarah Hofstetter owns 360i. It’s the agency behind Oreo’s tweet that earned 10,000 retweets per hour back in 2013.
  • Sarah is a creative genius and can help you boost your online marketing campaigns if you follow her on Twitter.

21. Nisha Chittal (@NishaChittal)

  • As the Director of Audience Development, Nisha Chittal is the face of Tasting Table.
  • She has won #30Under30 award given away by Forbes.
  • Nisha has spoken on different platforms including George Washington University, Social Media Week DC and SMWNY.

22. Pamela Vaughn (@pamelump)

  • Pamela Vaughn is known for historical optimization – the concept she introduced to increase HubSpot’s leads by 200% within 2 years.
  • At HubSpot, Pamela works as their Marketing Manager of Web Strategy.

23. Stephanie Diamond (@diamondsf)

  • Stephanie Diamond is another veteran content marketer who began her career with AOL in 1994.
  • Stephanie is the author of 8 books on content marketing and social media marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing for Dummies is her best-selling book.

24. Pam Kozelka (@pamkozelka)

  • They call her the “Customer Service Wizard” at Content Marketing Institute.
  • Pam Kozelka is the proud COO of Content Marketing Institute.

25. Ashley Zeckman (@azeckman)

  • Ashley Zeckman is the Director of Agency Marketing at TopRank.
  • She’s one of the premier writers of where she has published over 200 articles that have accumulated over 200k page views.

26. Kate Lee (@katelaurielee)

  • Kate Lee was named one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, in 2013.
  • She has worked for Medium (as Content Director), US Weekly (as Assistant Editor) and ICM Partners (as Literary Agent).

27. Pam Didner (@PamDidner)

  • Pam Dinder is the Adjunct Professor at West Virginia University. She holds positions as their Marketing Strategist and Speaker.
  • Pam is also the author of Global Content Marketing.

28. Deana Goldasich (@goldasich)

  • Deana Goldasich is the CEO of B2B firm, Well Planned, that helps business owners increase their leads.
  • She says she’s a “content marketing monster” and you’ll believe her when you check out her Twitter profile.

29. Stephanie Tilton (@StephanieTilton)

  • Stephanie Tilton is another multi-tasking woman who offers content marketing and writing consultancy to B2B and TenTon Marketing.
  • She runs her own blog where she shares what she’s learned from content marketing industry in 20 years.

30. Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs)

  • Ann Handley is the author of a best-selling book on content marketing, Everybody Writes.
  • At Marketing Profs, she is the Head of Content Marketing.
  • She is one of the Top 20 female bloggers and social media influencers.
  • Ann is a keynote speaker and LinkedIn influencer as well.

31. Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut)

  • Pam Moore is among Forbes’ top 10 social media influencers and sought-after speakers.
  • She also hosts Social Zoom podcast.
  • She’s also worked for Adobe, Sony, and IBM.

32. Kathleen Burns (@katbu)

  • Kathleen Burns is Managing Editor and Community Manager of SEMrush.
  • Before, she was Voice Over Professional and Marketing Coordinator.

33. Joanna Wiebe (@copyhackers)

  • Joanna Wiebe is the creator of Copy Hackers.
  • In content marketing, she is known as the “original conversion copywriter”.
  • Joanna is also the founder of Airstory.

34. Sue B. Zimmerman (@SueBZimmerman)

  • Sue B. Zimmerman is known for her association with Instagram.
  • She’s the founder of Insta-Results which is a multi-million dollar business today.

35. Jade Phillips (@lifeofaworkgirl)

  • Jade Phillips is a social media marketer and a renowned blogger.
  • She’s quite active on Twitter, better known for her Twitter chat #BizGalz that supports female entrepreneurs countrywide.

36. Becky Shindell (@BeckyShindell)

  • Becky Shindell hosts #semrushchat. It supports the leading SEO and Software company SEMrush.
  • Becky has made quite a career in helping brands go viral through active social media campaigns.

37. Erika Heald (@SFerika)

  • Erika Heald is the CCO at industry-leading PR company, Spin Sucks.
  • She has also worked for SmartRecruiters, Highwire PR, and Charles Schwab.
  • Erika hosts #ContentChat on Twitter every Monday.
  • She also runs a gluten-free food blog quite successfully.

38. Kelsey Jones (@wonderwall7)

  • Kelsey Jones is the founder of MoxieDot and StoryShout, both provide content marketing services.
  • She is the Executive Editor and active writer at Search Engine Journal.
  • Kelsey is a speaker and marketing consultant.

39. Wendy Stengel (@wendywoowho)

  • Wendy Stengel specializes in user-centric web design at National Association of Realtors.
  • She also works as a content strategist at NAR.
  • Wendy also speaks in conferences, seminars, and forums.

40. Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich)

  • Gini Dietrich is the founder of Arment Dietrich that offers integrated marketing communication to businesses.
  • She is the author of the book, “Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age”.
  • She writes for Spin Sucks and co-hosts a podcast titled Inside PR.

41. Ann Rockley (@arockley)

  • Ann Rockley is the founder or Intelligent Content Conference. She is an active speaker as well.
  • She is the CEO of Rockley Group.
  • Ann is an author and her book, “Managing Enterprise Content”, has reached bestselling status.

42. Morgan Eisler (@mogasaur)

  • Morgan Eisler is known for UX research and strategy.
  • She’s leading the User Experience Center at Okta.
  • Morgan also participates in Intelligent Content Conference where she shares her research work.

43. Heather Lutze (@HeatherLutze)

  • Heather Lutze is the Master Trainer and Owner of Findability University – an institute that offers training in SEO and findability.
  • She is Search Engine Marketing Speaker.

44. Danielle Tate (@Elegant_Entre)

  • Danielle Tate is the Founder and CEO of that helps women change their names when they get married.
  • Danielle is the author of The Elegant Entrepreneur – that features female entrepreneurs from around the world.

45. Carro Ford (@Carroford)

  • Carro Ford used to run a content and PR agency.
  • She is also the author of The Smartass Marketer’s Handbook.

46. Andrea Ames (@aames)

  • Andrea Ames is Enterprise Content Experience Strategist at IBM.
  • She’s designed a Certificate Program for Technical Writing and Communication for the University of California
  • Andrea is a popular speaker as well.

47. Rita Cidre (@ritacidre)

  • Rita Cidre looks after Marketing affairs at Zillow Group.
  • She comes across as a vibrant and funny content marketer who has tons of information to share.

48. Courtney Seiter (@courtneyseiter)

  • Courtney Seiter co-founded an online community called “Girls to the Moon”. It helps females to get the best form in what they do.
  • Presently, Courtney works for Buffer as Inclusivity Catalyst.

49. Julia McCoy (@JuliaEMcCoy)

  • Julia McCoy is the founder of Express Writers – a content creation agency.
  • She launched, “The Write Podcast” and was the author of bestselling book, “So You Think You Can Write?”
  • Julia is one of the top 50 content marketers in 2016.

50. Yael Kochman (@yaelkochman)

  • Yael Kochman is the founder of Fash&Tech – aimed to support fashion and technology industry in Israel.
  • She is Mapp’s Head of Content and Inbound.
  • She also writes for SEMrush and Fast Company.

Do you feel like adding to the list? Feel free to comment below.

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