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Why Style Guides are Important for SEO Vendors

Why Style Guides are Important for SEO Vendorsv

Whether you’re a brand or an agency, you’ve likely felt the pressure of bandwidth at one time or another. This rings true for many areas of digital marketing, but especially web development.

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Web development projects are most successful when worked on by a dedicated team. Because many companies cannot afford to hire a full-time web development team, outsourcing is often the best alternative. However, outsourcing comes with difficulties. One of the most important being, quality control.

Moreover, website-quality is more important than ever before. It’s crucial that you and your development team are on the same page. To create this cohesiveness, you and your vendor should create a project style guide.

Style guides are a great way for clients to maintain control over the quality of their development project. Not only can the style guide cover important elements like brand colors, typeface, and language, it can eliminate subjectivity by creating clear expectations and providing relevant examples and guidelines. Most outsourced developers will work remotely, therefore a style guide can help define communication requirements as well as general style points for a project.

Style guides are not just important for the client, they are also a way for development vendors to avoid subjective feedback. There are hundreds of variables that go into web development and clients may not always have the same interpretation of what is important. Vendors should use the style guide to outline project parameters and create tangible boundaries for the campaign. Whatever parameters you choose, make sure they are outlined and approved in a document prior to starting production.

Style guides are a critical tool for clients and vendors to create a cohesive and healthy relationship. If you’re interested in learning how to create your own style guide, check out the infographic below created by CopyPress.


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