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The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Social Media is a small word but the world of social media is as deep as you are willing to dive in and discover. What might work for a car manufacturer in India might simply fail to serve its purpose in Brazil or a fast food chain in India. This maybe because of several reasons – the type and taste of your audience, geographical location, the industry you are operating in, etc. Therefore, choosing Facebook as your main social media platform only because it has the largest number of active users might not work for your business.

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When it comes to social media, business owners need to spread their nets and expand their reach – discover more platforms, which are probably not as famous as some of the others but may hold the key to reaching your target audience.

There is no denying the fact that there are so many social media platforms available out there and this can only make a business owner puzzled. However, this article and infographic below will serve as a guide to select the best platform for your business needs.

Drive Traffic


Nothing can beat LinkedIn when it comes to professionals interacting and sharing knowledge over the Internet. Recently, the platform has also started serving as a good resource for job seekers and talent hunters.


Google+ is a great platform if you’re looking to target specific audience. “Circles” and “Communities” features offered by this platform is ideal for searching and connecting with people of particular interest.


Twitter has a huge number of active users. The service is ideal for information sharing and targeting new audience. By using the appropriate “hashtags” (#) with your message, you can not only make yourself more visible but also amongst the thought leaders in your industry.


Facebook is THE most used social media platform. It is not only used by people of all ages but is also ideal for SMBs. The number of active monthly Facebook users are more 1.5 billion. Does that sound like an opportunity? Hell yes it is! If you are a business owner and not active on Facebook then you’re missing out on some good amount of potential customers.


Pinterest can be your platform if your business is about fashion, colors, etc. You can use Pinterest to direct traffic to your website or blog.


Instagram, like Pinterest is all about conveying your message through pictures. This platform is particularly famous amongst younger audience and if you have a business that target people form 18 – 25 you simply can’t afford to miss out on Instagram.

Bottom Line

What really works for most businesses is the mix of 2 – 3 social media platforms. You can create 1 main social media platform and then build the mix around it. For starters, it is always a good idea to start with only one platform and then increase the number as your audience begins to grow and you are able to create more engagement on your social media page.

To know more about other social media networks that could work for your business, check this great post from hootsuite here.

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