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WordPress Security White Paper

Sara Rosso announced the WordPress Security White Paper release defining the WordPress core software development and security analysis process by the Core Leadership Team and everyone involved in the security monitoring and maintenance.

The white paper is available on and provides a detailed and professional explanation about the security processes in the WordPress core software, as well as the development cycles and version numbering pattern.

The white paper is a great resource for decision makers interested in implementing WordPress in a business environment, and their technical team to review the state of Security of the core software.

The Security White Paper includes:

  • Executive Summary for decision makers
  • Overview of WordPress – release cycles, version numbering, core ideology
  • Security team overview and planning
  • OWASP Top 10 security issues and how WordPress handles each one of them
  • WordPress Plugins and Themes and the official directories
  • The plugin and theme reviewer groups
  • Essential WordPress APIs

We believe that WordPress is a great fit for large corporations and numerous influential brands prove that every day. Share the WordPress Security White Paper with your team – it’s a scientific proof of the level of security of WordPress.

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