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5 Most Valuable Types of Social Media Content

So, you want more engagement, retweets, virality, followers and loads of other unbelievable stuff that comes with social media? The question is what’s the most valuable content for social media? This might look like an easy thing to ask, but it is important to first define “value” here.

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Value in terms of social media maybe defined as the level of engagement, which means how many people are being interactive with your posts. ROI (return on investment) is another indicator that helps in defining the value of your social media strategy. Rather than sharing what you had for breakfast, it’s better to share stuff that is relevant and has the ability to go viral.

Here are 5 of the most valuable types of social media content. Let’s quickly go down our list.

1. Infographic

This is the reason why it is the most shared form of content today.

There is this extensive research, carried out by Noah Kagan of SumoMe, in which he and his team have analyzed more than 100 million articles. They came to a conclusion that posts with infographic receive the most shares. The same is shown in the figure below.

We know that looking is easy and reading is hard. Infographics, therefore, are able to attract amazing engagement.

To Blog =

2. More Interactive Content

Interactive content is trendy and there is a reason.

This is how Investopedia defines Interactive Content,

A method of communication in which the program’s outputs depend on the user’s inputs, and the user’s inputs in turn affect the program’s outputs. Interactive media engage the user and interact with him or her in a way that non-interactive media do not. Websites and video games are two common types of interactive media. Movies and most TV shows are generally not considered interactive media; however, shows that require audience participation could be considered interactive media.

Content marketing is more about the user experience being created rather than what words you put on it. Are you seeing more questions as blog titles these days? Well, this is the perfect example of content going interactive.

content is now interactive

3. Content With Strong & Positive Emotion

If content on your social media pages is dull and doesn’t spark interest, then is probably a wasted effort. Content that sparks interest is usually the one with the strongest emotions.

Now, what kind of emotion should it be? Of course, people don’t like to share sad or angry stuff. They might read it, yes, but for your content to go viral it is best to use the inspiring emotions, which are more on the positive, funnier side. Think about creating content that has an element of Awe, Laughter, and Amusement.

To Blog = (1)

Emotion is a universal language, so no matter what industry you’re in. try to bring in as much positive emotion as you can to your content.

4. Content With Images

The theory behind this is similar to what we have discussed in the infographics above. People like pictures more than boring words. None of your content should be “text only”. According to a Buffer research, Tweets with pictures get 150% more retweets, 89% more likes and 18% more clicks.

The same goes for Facebook,


Similarly, posts with photos have way more engagement.

It’s like an established fact; Pictures are more shareable. Below is a survey conducted by Go-Gulf about what people tend to share the most on social media. And the result was a no surprise…

0b432234-b8c8-4e72-89f9-37ec2ac0bee1_image08Image Credit – Go-gulf

5. Listicles

The list posts are not only highly readable gets shared a lot too.

To Blog =

According to Kagan’s research, listicles are only behind infographics when it comes to the most shared type of content. Some experts believe that our brain is automatically attracted to lists and also finds them easy to remember (especially the top or bottom 3)


When we talk about marketing and what should go on our social media pages, it is important to understand that there is no one secret to success. We advise our readers to try and create a mix of all the above-mentioned content. Also, it is imperative to keep an eye on the result and know what’s working and what’s not for your audience.

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