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A Day in the Life of an Office Assistant [Stefi]

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Greetings and salutations, dear DevriX blog readers!

In today’s installment of “A Day in the Life of…”, we’ll be talking to our lovely office assistant – Stefani Petrova.

We’ll be talking about charity, how leaving the comfort zone leads to growth, what are her favorite outdoor places to go, and much more.

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A Day in the Life of an Office Assistant

Hello, Stefi, first, I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation. Next, I would like to ask you to share a bit about yourself?
I would like to thank you, as well, and I’m happy that you will be interviewing me. About myself, I’ve been in the company for more than 5 months now. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I’ve also finished a software testing foundation level course, but I’m yet to delve deeper into that territory. I haven’t completely given up on it, though.

As for hobbies, I like being around nature, I like travelling, mainly around Bulgaria. In my free time, I like to read, watch movies, and listen to good music. I like to surround myself with pleasant people.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert, or is it 50:50?
50:50. There are moments when I enjoy being alone, and others when I need to have people around me.

Okay. I know that from your previous jobs, you have a lot of experience working with law firms, and the court system, in general. I’m interested to know: how would you compare those jobs with working in a company like DevriX, where it’s totally different?
I was in that industry for more than 10 years, so I really needed to completely change my surroundings. I left my comfort zone, so to speak, by coming here. At DevriX, I really enjoy being able to work with younger people, it’s more lively here, more fun, more relaxing at times.

I like the different types of people here, and that you can learn something new, and interesting from each of them. In short, there’s nothing in common between DevriX and my previous jobs, definitely.

I hope that leaving your comfort zone leads to growth, as expected usually.
Me too.

And let’s leave the judicial reform to someone else.
For the 10 years I was in that field, I realized it’s not the place for me. Our court system is not what it should be, and I’ve seen a lot of things that are not okay.

I’m sure you have a lot of intriguing stories to share, but maybe that’s better left for another conversation. Now, as you’re a person who enjoys hiking, and being outdoors, could you share some of your favorite places that you like revisiting?
My two favorite places are Vitosha and Rhodope. They are both mountainous regions in the Balkans. I really enjoy eco-trails. For example, I love the Struilitsa eco-trail near Devin as well as the Uhlovitsa cave, and I also really enjoy waterfalls, canyons, and lakes, like the Dospat Reservoir, for instance.

Eco-trail in Struilitsa, near Devin

Above all, one of the best things about traveling is when you’re at a beautiful location, and you get to greet the magnificent sunset, that is something truly amazing.

Sunset view from Kopitoto

Magical places, indeed. How does a day in the life of an office assistant look like? What happens during your days typically?
I’m usually one of the first people that come to the office. The first thing I do is to check on the cleaning company, and make sure the highest sanitary standards have been followed. I’m responsible for the cleanliness of the office, so in the case that there are any issues, I contact the cleaning company. Next, I load up the utensils – napkins, coffee, etc. I organize the kitchen, I keep track of the fresh fruit. Then I’m in charge of ordering food for my office colleagues.

Meanwhile, all sorts of things pop-up, and situations where I can be of help. I’m also in charge of setting up appointments for the employee’s annual health checkups, and other administrative tasks. I always try to help our community manager too – Hrisi – whenever possible. Of course, I assist with the organization of events when necessary as well as any other office-related tasks.

Cool. You’re a very helpful person, overall, and since one of our core values is to be a community citizen, I would like to ask you this: what would you add or change in our DevriXian community, if you could?
So, I would like to have more events to gather together our colleagues – regardless if it’s in the office or outside.  I personally strive to do that myself.  For instance, I like to try to get to know the colleagues that take smoke breaks out on the balcony. I think it’s a positive experience for everyone here, and it encourages us to bond with each other. I also believe we should intermingle and get to know each other more often.

Nice, on the other hand, can you share some of your best experiences in the company so far – what moments did you enjoy the most?
The first time I came here, and met most of the colleagues, was memorable. It was an interesting experience for me. The next event I can recall is our Christmas party. First, because I was actively involved in the organization of it, but I also had an excellent time. More or less, all the gatherings we’ve had in the office were really enjoyable moments.

Yes, and as we established, you would like to have more such moments here, so we can have fun together.

Our office assistant Stefi with our mascot Dixy

Last question: I know you’re a keen supporter of many charity and nonprofit organizations – what would be the top 3 causes you would like to support, if you had $1 million in the bank?
The last one I participated in was a charity kitchen here in Sofia. It’s held every Saturday, it’s for elderly people, organized in the temple “Saint Iliya the Prophet”, and I helped make 300 portions along with other volunteers. In reality, nobody is sponsoring them, everything they use comes from charity. So, that’s the first idea that comes to mind – I could create a social kitchen for the elderly and homeless people.

It’s no secret that I love animals, so the second would be in that direction. Donating to an animal shelter or starting a new one. And for my third choice, I would donate money towards the care of children.

Of course, I’m not numbering these causes by their importance, I am just naming them as they come to my mind.

Noble causes. I hope that people reading this, that actually have that money, will think about it.

Plus, hopefully, someday you’ll be that person. We already know where the first million will go. For now, thank you once again for this interview. Any last words?
I’m glad to be a part of the DevriX team. I’ve met some amazing people here, and some I would even call good friends. I think that joining DevriX was a step in the right direction, and one I should have probably taken a long time ago.

Like Stefi, do you feel it’s high time to take a step in the right direction? It’s not too late, DevriX specializes in long-term partnerships and business development.

What Is It Like to Work with Stefi?

“Stefi is a really charming and nice person. She is always very helpful on both a personal and professional level, and I can say, without a doubt, that I’m happy to work with her and to be able to rely on her for whatever happens.”

“It’s cool having Stefi around – she’s kind, helpful, trustworthy, and last but not least, you can count on her.”

“She has a very good sense of humor and the time flies by easily when you are around her. She’s always responsive, and sometimes we can even understand each other with saying a single thing. The professionalism she possesses creates a sense of calmness and reliability where you don’t need to worry about whether she will do her job as expected. Working with Stefi is a pleasure, I am glad that she is part of our team.”