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Cheers for WordCamp Belgrade 2016!

WP Community cool people

WP Community – the cool people out there

Those who follow our company blog already know that DevriX became a sponsor of the event and sent three key team members of our team to take part of WordCamp Belgrade 2016 – Mario, Stanko and Alex. This year’s camp was especially important for us for several reasons:

  • Mario Peshev, our well-spoken CEO was leading the Contributor Day. His module went really smoothly because of the great work the organizers did, and the community, once again, showed us why WordPress is such a successful enterprise. Almost everyone present took part in the conversation initiated by Mario, which continued to the very end of the day, and which was followed by a relaxing get together.
  • Another member of DevriX’s team – Stanko Metodiev, the nifty Technical WP Lead managed to submit a new version of one of his patches.
  • Last, but definitely not least, our Creative Lead – Alex Dimitrov found a bug and submitted a patch to the Core. That initiative made him the man of the hour, earned him a couple of great Serbian beers and some new local friends along the way.
Cheers Mario!

Cheers Mario!

As always we all had great time meeting with the WordPress community, discussing and brainstorming on the latest developments and sharing our new stories. But it was not all play, our team actively participated in the Community workshop, where we had discussed local upcoming events such as WP Meetups and the next WordCamps.

We wanted to give a big thanks to all our existing and new business partners/friends, we had a great time in Serbia. We will continue to remain committed to that special group of people – the WordPress community.

DevriX Team

DevriX Team

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