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DevriX Is Going to WordCamp Belgrade, 2016

This weekend WordCamp Belgrade 2016 is happening, and a few people from DevriX will drive to Serbia in order to spend some quality time with our good friends from the amazing Serbian community!

After last year’s amazing event, I really believe that this one will be even better than the last. The organizing team is expecting around 300 people, who we are looking forward to meeting up with again.


In 2015, we sponsored the event where Mario gave a great talk on Building SaaS With WordPress; sharing our experience building high-end WordPress-based SaaS applications. This year we are more than happy to support the event once again.

In fact, we are thrilled to announce that DevriX will also be sponsoring this year’s WordCamp Belgrade.


But there is even more!

In addition to that, our partners at Tyche Softwares are sponsoring the WordCamp too! They won’t have a team member participating, but feel free to reach out to us and ask anything you’d like to know about the amazing WooCommerce plugins that they are building. We’ve been actively working with Tyche Softwares since September and wholeheartedly support their initiatives. If you want to know more about their incredible WooCommerce extensions for Booking and Appointments, Order Delivery Date and Abandoned Cart Pro, give us a shout.

Also, here you can learn more about the symbiosis between DevriX and Tyche Softwares.

Of course, a Contributors’ Day is the standard addition to a WordCamp weekend. After all, what is a WordCamp without a day for giving back to the WordPress community and ecosystem in every way possible?

Workshops for public speaking, translations, and contributing to the Core will be featured on Sunday, and Mario will lead Contributors’ Day. So come and join us as we give back to WordPress. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your skills and knowledge in the WordPress field. There are only a few things you need to bring – a laptop, a good mood and an eagerness to learn more and help grow a platform that is running over 26% of the Internet.

Tomorrow Stanko, Mario and Alex will drive to Belgrade and stay there for several days. The three of us are WordPress Core contributors highly involved in the WordPress community. We’ll be more than happy to grab a drink and discuss everything that’s going on in WordPress. Shoot us a tweet or write a comment below, and we hope to see you there!