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DevriX Is No.23 WordPress Development Company Globally, Clutch 2019 Report Says

WordPress Development Company

On May 28th, 2019, The Clutch Announced the 2019 Leading Development Companies across a variety of technology-focused areas. DevriX is amongst the Top 30 WordPress Developers in the world, a proud contender at No.23. And we are the only WordPress development company in the top 30 list from Bulgaria.

In this yearly report, Clutch selected a total of 483 development companies as 2019 technology leaders and distributed them in 21 technology categories. The WordPress leadership list is calculated by a complex algorithm that includes quotas for:

  • The ability to perform, based on customer reviews, client portfolio and experience, and overall market presence.
  • Service focus: web development and WordPress proficiency.

DevriX WordPress development company in Clutch 2019 Top Developers Report

Here is what Clutch Business Analyst Misty Lopez says with regard to the agencies mentioned in this report:

“Only the most versatile and knowledgeable developers can keep up with the abundance of new technologies created every year. These developers stand out based on their ability to adapt to these new technologies and techniques and apply them to a variety of development projects for their clients. We are excited to feature them on our platform.”

The yearly report is a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on Thursday, May 16. The platform data is dynamic, research is ongoing and rankings are constantly changing, and this is what makes it even more valuable.

There are many ways to produce reports on CLutch and WordPress developers is just one of them. Currently, there are 484 WordPress agencies on the platform so to be in the top 30 is really a great achievement. It is possible to filter companies by location and that is how we discovered that

DevriX is the only Bulgarian company in the top 30 global WordPress leaders list.

DevriX is the only Bulgarian company on the global top 30 WordPress leaders list

Why is a leading B2B market research and reputation platform focused on business services like web, software and mobile app development, IT solutions, marketing and advertising. Its major advantage is the combination of verified client reviews with comprehensive information provided by registered companies. All that data is confirmed and presented online for free, with convenient search, filter and ranking tools.

The platform currently receives over 600K visits on a monthly basis and its popularity is rising – only a year ago statistics showed that Clutch had around 400K monthly visits. Clutch’s database covers 7,000+ agencies from all over the world grouped in 500+ categories.

DevriX WordPress Agency on Clutch

Here is DevriX’s profile on Clutch: What counts for us the most is that there are customer reviews. They are completed similar to case studies with detailed information about each project’s goal(s), challenges and how DevriX performed. Customer reviews are collected by telephone interviews or emails.

DevriX’s profile at Clutch is Basic (free from any charges). Though the platform offers premium and sponsor plans that are geared towards better exposure, more reputation management services, and marketing opportunities. DevriX relies mainly on our customers’ evaluation.

Presently DevriX holds a 4.8-star rating with seven client reviews. In the WordPress Leaders report, there are 22 companies that are rated better than DevriX. But the differences are not that great and we intend to move up higher on the list. We believe that online reputation management is important and similar platforms measure well the ability to deliver services, brand reputation and visibility in our target market.

DevriX profile on

DevriX profile on

DevriX Is a Local leader in Web Development and B2B

DevriX is also part of the more generic list of web development companies. When that category is filtered by country, DevriX is No.5 out of 133 web development companies in Bulgaria.

This is just a sample of how to use the platform to find the right partner and service provider for your next project.

In 2018, DevriX Was Featured in Two Official Clutch Reports

Sustainability is also an important factor when looking for the best service provider. Staying on in the top positions for several years is one way to prove consistent growth and that the company has a sustainable business model.

We are happy that DevriX was featured in two official Clutch reports in 2018:

  • Top 150 business services companies in Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.
    In this report, no rankings were used but only the top 30 B2B companies in each of these four countries were listed. The selection was based on an evaluation of each company’s client feedback, market presence, services offered, and the quality of work provided.
  • Companies on the Exclusive 2018 Clutch 1000
    This is the global Clutch 1000 report for 2018 and probably the most important one. It features the top 1000 B2B companies around the world, ranked by reviews, clients, work portfolio, and brand reputation. DevriX was ranked No. 501, lucky number, right?
DevriX on the Exclusive 2018 Clutch 1000 List

DevriX on the Exclusive 2018 Clutch 1000 List

Choosing the right business partner is one of the most important decisions in business. Online ranking and reputation tools serve as the traditional word-of-mouth in marketing today. We highly value Clutch as it provides a data-driven field guide to business buying decisions based on interviews with real clients, operational data and competitor comparison, intended to help you find the right agency for your next big project.