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Nine Exciting Startups Looking for Beta Testers

Nine Exciting Startups Looking for Beta Testers 2

Beta Testers Hub (BTH) is an open platform, developed by DevriX, with the main goal to connect startups with over 1,200 beta testers. It is a completely FREE service that was conceived, published and supported by DevriX as a contribution to the inspiring startup community.*

Startup projects submitted to the BTH platform are featured in the newsletter that beta testers are subscribed to. You can read our previous publications on the DevriX blog about some of these startups as well.

Here is another round of nine exciting startups looking for beta testers in the Beta Testers Hub Report for May. All efforts to test, share and give feedback to their creators will be highly appreciated. Take part – this is a good way to influence their future.

QuoraPro (Now QuestionsPro)

QuoraPro software for automation marketing activity startup

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

We really loved this one! QuestionsPro is software for marketing automation activity at Quora to bring free traffic to your site from the popular network.

The app helps get sales leads for your business and assists you on Quora by:

  • New topics suggestion – finds the topics where you can post your expert opinion to attract the attention of your potential audience.
  • Position tracking – automatically tracks the position of all your topic responses and suggests how to be the #1 response in each thread.
  • Profile tracking – follows the author profiles of your competitors and shows you when they are active in some topics.
  • Keywords suggestion – helps you build the most comprehensive list of trackable keywords so that you are always following what you need.

Instructions to testers: Check out their website, they have a free trial: For contact and feedback use their contact form on the website.


FigLeaf online privacy app startup.

NOTE: This business was acquired by the company Aura.

FigLeaf promises to regain privacy online so that we decide who sees what. The app targets people who want to control all the information about them on the internet.

How does the FigLeaf app work? It starts by showing you what personal information has been exposed online. Then it equips you with the tools necessary to regain control of your private data. In one click you can:

  • Mask your email
  • Create more secure passwords
  • Make your connection private
  • Block trackers
  • Enjoy safer online browsing and shopping, and more

To perform the checks and give advice, the app needs only your email address. Your data is encrypted on their servers and on your device with your password and a security key.

FigLeaf is said to work on all your devices. It has received some very positive testimonials from media like USA Today, CBS news and Cnet.

Instructions for beta testers: Request beta access on the site.

Cats & Dogs | The Weather App!

Cats & Dogs The Weather APP startup

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Cats & Dogs | The Weather APP blends together real weather and virtual pets in the most entertaining way. You start by choosing your favorite furry companion, a playful pup or a cute kitty. Then you select your local weather, powered by Dark Sky, and then the real fun begins.

Your daily job is to take care of your pet by dressing them properly. Cats and Dogs rewards you for choosing the right clothes depending on the weather in your neighborhood. The more correct items worn, the happier your pet becomes and the more rewards you’ll get. The limitation is that you can’t dress them in any old clothes so you have to collect, mix and match over 1,000s of outfits

Created by the amazing UK agency FishFinger, the app is great entertainment for both adults and children with an educational twist added along with the cutest animations you will probably see today.

Instructions: Sign up to access the Beta Test on the app website: and you’ll receive an email with the Beta Test Link.
BONUS: Exclusive pet outfits will be unlocked only for Beta Testers – these outfits will never be available on the Cats & Dogs Shop for any other user.


Keyhub platform for SSL\TLS certificate management startup

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Keyhub is a one-stop platform for SSL\TLS certificate lifecycle management. It is designed to help everyone who directly manages SSL\TLS certificates, discover, organize, and track them with ease. The app allows you to:

  • Track certificates’ expiration dates
  • Check for potential vulnerabilities
  • Detect policy violations

The service starts with scanning your external and internal environment to collect data on all certificates, known and unknown, including public available endpoints and subdomains. It helps with organizing the information to get enhanced visibility in one place – your Keyhub inventory.

There you can filter, group and sort all your certificates to get the list exactly the way you want it. Also, you may use the inventory to schedule regular scans, reports, and much more. It doesn’t matter how many certificates you manage, be it 5 or 5,000, Keyhub will be handy for everyone wanting to manage certificates properly.

Instructions for beta testers: Enter and join the BETA available for free.

The Insurance Dictionary

The Insurance Dictionary educational tool startup

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

The Insurance Dictionary is an educational tool and app for the insurance industry to help explain terms, policy types, and other complex issues. The dictionary consists of articles in several main categories including: auto, health, home, and life.

The target market is the United States. Some of the insurance services and regulations differ based on location, so there is a search filter by state. The platform’s goal is to help Americans learn about local insurance terms and how they apply nationwide.

The APP is also at Google Store:

Feedback: Beta testers may use the contact form on the site.


Katch app to discover independent musicians startup

Katch: Music Discovery & Emergent Artists Finder is an app used to like music without knowing the artists who created it. It allows listeners to discover and support unknown artists and even become the forerunners of new musical trends. Inspired by the TV Show “The Voice”, it connects new independent musicians from different music genre with their first fanbase.

How does it work? You need to like a track to discover who the artist is. This way, the system is connecting each listener only to musicians liked and helping artists to get promoted. Musicians sign-up on the app where they can upload their music.

The APP at:

Feedback form for testers: To improve the discovery process, give your feedback about the app’s concept, user experience and how you feel about it at


Ibby messaging platform startup

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

Ibby is a new-generation messaging platform that combines live chat, email, SMS and powerful automation. With Sales & Support modules, Ibby promises to supercharge teams to generate more leads, close sales quicker and generally improve customer support.

Ibby messaging platform aims to engage, convert, support and retain happy customers. Its features include: Live Chat, Live Visitor Analytics, Conversations Inbox and Sales & Help Desk.

When you embed the elegant live chat on your website, you will also get an inbox to manage conversations from multiple channels (live chat, email, SMS), automation workflows to automate messaging and tasks management plus a support module with tickets.

Medicus AI

Medicus AI health platform and app startup

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Medicus AI is an AI-based platform and app that interprets medical reports and health data and translates it into easy-to-understand, personalized explanations and health insights, all in an interactive experience. The vision of its creators is a future where the focus on health is part of everyday life. Their goal is to empower millions of people around the world to get healthy and stay healthy.

Medicus AI currently covers biomarker data, all vitals, full health profile and family history, medications, and the most tested blood, urine and stool markers. The smart coaching service delivers health tips and actionable steps towards building sustainable healthy habits.

Instructions to testers: Take part in influencing the future of Medicus AI by joining its private beta club to help build and refine the product offering. Sign up here:


Elucidly presentation and collaboration app startup

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Elucidly is a presentation and collaboration app for desktop and mobile devices. It gives your audience the tools to take part in the presentation and immerse themselves into your thought process.

Elucidly allows you much more than just to present your topic in real time. Your selected audience has the opportunity to participate, collaborate and interact with your presentation content and the other participants.

The app includes activity templates to use in your presentation like Instant Feedback, Free Flow, Flash Cards, Whiteboards, Maps, Video and so on. These activities enhance the discussion as your audience interacts with the presented material in real time.

Instructions to beta testers: The app is in early beta and is currently free. The feedback form is in-app. Send your ideas on how a presentation and collaboration app can be most useful to you and what features you’d particularly like to see on it.

Start Testing Now

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of startups in our May report. Start testing them now, your feedback will be highly appreciated and this way you will become part of their future.

*DevriX Disclaimer
The projects included in this publication feature third party products and services. They were submitted to the DevriX-owned platform Beta Testers Hub to be distributed amongst beta testers. DevriX does not own or operate any of the associated websites, applications, brands, or domains. DevriX does not monitor, review or update, and does not have any control over these projects, nor provide any warranty or guarantee as to their accuracy, completeness, timeliness or reliability.
Product information and the instructions to testers are based solely on material received from startup owners and/or available on the above-quoted websites. The beta testing stage of these projects may be terminated at any time, or the instructions and benefits for testers modified.



  1. TimJohn says:

    Thanks a lot, very nice and useful article!

  2. NONE of these Start-ups is operational. Why is this article up yet? 😀 😀 😀

  3. Mariela Kashukeeva says:

    Hi Rossie,
    Thanks for your comment. We’ve recently updated the article. The main reason we still have it up is so we keep the examples in our archive.

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