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WordCamp Nis 2019: Team DevriX Event Recap

WordCamp Nis 2019

May was blossoming with WordCamps and as active members of the WordPress Community, we do our best to give our support. On May 18th and 19th, we were sponsoring and speaking at the first WordCamp in the beautiful Serbian city of Nis.

The vibe from hosting WordCamp Europe 2018 was still noticeable within the Serbian WordPress Community. The Community in Nis has grown a lot over the past couple of years and certainly, it was the perfect time for a local WordCamp. As sponsors, speakers and visitors, we could only say that they have done a great job, delivering a fantastic event.

The conference took place at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering – University of Nis. This gave the atmosphere of the event a much more academic feeling, and it was a great way to get students involved in WordPress.

In fact, WordCamp Nis was so awesome, that we want to share what happened and tell everyone how we spent our time at the event.

When it comes to Serbia one of the first things that come to mind is a Pljeskavica. Of course, we couldn’t resist, and it was really wonderful that we could enjoy it along with other delicious Serbian food right after we arrived in Nis on Friday night. This happened thanks to the Speakers & Sponsors dinner on the night before the event, which was also perfectly organized.

Early Saturday morning, we went to the Conference, excited about the day ahead of us. We had some coffee and effectively converted them into code 😀

and got the day started at our booth…

The conference was officially opened at 9:30 sharp and the talks started immediately afterward. The selection of speakers and topics was excellent and there was something for everyone that attended the camp.

From more technical topics:

“Building Websites Using React.js and WordPress API” by Mitko Kochkovski

Mitko drew us into the world of React and told us how to implement it with a WordPress API. He also outlined the challenges and provided the audience with optimization tips. At the end of his presentation, he showed how the implementation of his talk affected a website’s performance.

“WordPress and CSP – Content Security Policy” by Milan Petrović

Milan talked about CSP, how to set it up, how it helps to reduce the risk of XSS (Cross Site Scripting) types of attacks and how it can be combined with other secure HTTP headers.

To Business Management and Marketing :

“Storytelling: The Art of Communication” by Aleksandar Pasku

Aleksandar’s story was about how to communicate a message effectively with clients and earn their sympathy.

“Increase the Revenue of WordPress Sites by Optimizing the Conversion Rate” by Stefan Sovrlić

Stefan gave the audience some tips on how to be more profitable using the same traffic and marketing budget for your campaigns.

And there were also some personal stories related to WordPress Growth and Contributing.

“How to Quickly Enter the IT Industry – Using WordPress” by Slobodan Mirić.

Slobodan gave some advice from his experience on how to become a better WordPress professionalist.

“Inspiring Success Stories” by Predrag Grbatinić.

Predrag told us the story of his own WordPress professional growth.

“A WordPress Power User – Contribution and Growth” by Dian Tankov from DevriX

Dido gave an interesting talk on his WordPress path as a Power User and how he gradually got more involved in the Community. Dido is always there to contribute and loves the Community, which is why he also gave the audience useful tips on Contributing and Growth, as well as listing some of the challenges that Power Users face and how to overcome them.

During the entire Conference day, we were split between listening to talks and meeting people at our booth. Besides the swag, we entertained visitors by organizing a lottery.

And at the end of the day, the lucky winner left with an awesome Smartbag.

It was quite an exciting conference day! And during the closing remarks organizers paid their respects to everyone involved in making WordCamp Nis happen. It was really awesome that they awarded all of the speakers with gifts which resulted in an epic group photo with the organizers.

And after an exhilarating day, we felt that an exciting night in Nis awaited us…as it happened 😀

The event continued full speed ahead on Sunday. More than 70 people attended Contributor Day and worked towards making WordPress even better. The local community is heavily involved in Community events and contributions, and it was truly inspiring to see so many people, gathering together and brainstorming ideas on the future of how we should meet, cooperate and market the platform worldwide.

After the event, we left filled with a lot of positive emotions and enthusiasm. We are eagerly looking forward to the next WordCamp Nis. Hvala WCNIS for the fantastic experience!

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