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Summer Jobs for Beta Testers: Check These Ten Startups

Summer Jobs for Beta Testers - Check These Ten Startups

Beta Testers Hub (BTH) is an open platform created with the main goal to connect startups with over 1,200 beta testers. It is a completely FREE service that was conceived, developed and supported by DevriX as a contribution to the exciting startup community. Selected startup projects, submitted to the BTH platform, are included in the DevriX blog (View previous publications here) as well as featured in the newsletter that beta testers are subscribed to.*

Here is another round of ten startups in the BTH Report for July. Your time and effort to test, share and give feedback to their creators will be greatly appreciated. This is a good way to influence the projects’ future.

Utopia Beta Program – a P2P Communication and Transactions Ecosystem

Utopia Beta Program - a P2P Communication and Transactions Ecosystem

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Utopia is a secure, decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem that includes: an instant messenger and mail, mineable cryptocurrency and a built-in browser. There is no central server involved, each user participates in the transmission of network data but only the recipient can decrypt the data. Advanced encryption ensures an interception-proof communication channel to all Utopia users.

While using Utopia, you can send personal messages or participate in a group chat, send internal uMail, voice messages, share files, make financial transactions denominated in its own cryptocurrency called Crypton. Even better, you will be earning Cryptons through a process called “mining”.

Instructions to testers: The platform is presently open for testers. Register here as a beta tester, contributor and/or a promoter. Only a limited number of testers will be accepted and every effort will be rewarded. As a tester, you may:

  • search for bugs and report them
  • suggest improvements and give feedback
  • promote the platform and provide assistance to other users

Rewards: The more quality reports you submit, the more rewards you will gain. You can withdraw earned rewards to Bitcoin.

Contact project owners via the website contact form:

Coupsh – an Alternative to Mass Emails and Social Media

Coupsh - an Alternative to Mass Emails and Social Media

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

Coupsh is a simple way to communicate with the people you choose. It is an alternative to emails and social media that provides a medium to share one-way updates to big groups of people in a more customizable way.

Coupsh lets you create a page and post content. You may choose between public and private pages according to your needs. It also allows you to become a member of other pages and receive updates from them, directly on the Coupsh app. You may also use custom push notifications to get more attention, including images and icons, reach people directly on their lock screen. and allow them to comment or send quick replies.

Instructions to testers: Testers can request an invite to the app or the website to create an account. Then they can create a page, invite people (with their email) and start posting updates.

Contact: For feedback and support contact help(@) or use the contact form on the site.

Mars – an AI-Based Tool for Promotional Marketing

Mars - an AI-Based Tool for Promotional Marketing

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

MARS is an AI-powered tool for mobile marketing, aiming to change the way promotional campaigns are done. It offers individually tailored and budget-optimized offers for each target customer. Its application also reduces your marketing budgets and boosts retention rates.

With MARS the process of studying customers’ buying histories to then create deals and offers is automated, using the power of AI. It is a marketing tool that learns from your customers’ behaviors and crafts an offer based on this behavior. The tool uniquely targets every user in a campaign and computes the best offer value for him/her.

Instructions to testers: Currently the app owners are looking for a limited number of beta testers as part of their FREE early adopters’ program.

Contact: If this product interests you contact the owners at saunak(@)

TinySnippt – a Social Coding Communities Platform

TinySnippt - a Social Coding Communities Platform

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

TinySnippt is a free social coding platform for private communities. It promotes an all-inclusive, supportive environment for sharing code and solving coding problems within its own private network.

TinySnippt is a platform for social coding community members to build connections with other developers who share similar coding language expertise or are within a relative geographical location. Within this private network, requesting support elicits a quicker response. Viewing of posts is restricted to your connections and can be directed in the form of a list or a general question.

With support for over 150 different development languages (sql, c#, html, bash, pyhon, xml and many more), the platform connects beginner-level developers looking for support with more experienced users. This way community members can expand on their skills and try their hand at something new.

Instructions to testers: This startup needs help building its community. If you do join, invite other developers and share, you will receive a “Thank you” note on its Instagram/twitter account.

Contact: Leave the owners a message at social(@)

AskHub – for All Your Local Service Needs

AskHub - for All Your Local Service Needs

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

AskHub is a single app for all your local service needs, from food delivery to childcare, home cleaning, beauty and even photography. Instead of toggling between multiple apps, try using this service to find what you need.

Here is what you get:

  • All-in-one app for various on-demand services. Explore and select the services you need in one app.
  • Trustworthy sources for peace of mind – AskHub brings you industry-trusted service providers for convenient, seamless transactions.
  • Reward points for ratings & reviews – earn points with each purchase on askhub’s loyalty program for all your future orders.

This startup is currently in a public beta stage and operating in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their plan is to continue expanding their service categories and welcome any feedback you may have to help them improve.

Instructions and PROMO for testers: Download this service app and get $25 off your first order with the promo code: BETAHUB

Contact: Send your feedback to support(@)

XPID – Global Citizenship to a New Loyalty Economy

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

XPID provides global citizenship through a Loyalty ID blockchain economy. It incentivizes, with digital currency, your reviews of local businesses that you enjoy. .

XPID creates a white-label, enterprise survey and loyalty smart contract platform, sourcing user reviews on a watch and mobile app, incentivizing businesses and consumers with the XPID token, and floating an efficient, experiential loyalty economy.

Here is a short video presentation of how it works:

Instructions to testers: There are many ways to test the app, here are several that have been suggested by its developers:

  1. Download app (from the TestFlight link) or from the APP Store and register to begin receiving XPID tokens.
  2. Go to the Home screen. Search for a location, take an XPID survey and submit. Check My History to see if XPID has been logged. Check My XPID to see your accrued points.
  3. Post another XPID from a different location to validate Places API is working correctly.
  4. Register your Apple Watch (if you have one) and post another XPID survey from it. Use the Voice entry to see if it works and if it gets posted on the mobile app.

Available on Apple Store:

Contact and feedback forms: Send feedback to info(@)

Squire Systems – a Suite of Software Applications for Healthcare Professionals

Squire Systems - a Suite of Software Applications for Healthcare Professionals

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

Squire systems is a one-stop platform for Home Healthcare providers. It is built upon organized data and automation and aims to increase productivity, patient onboarding, improving patient care, error reduction and administrative costs.

The apps capabilities cover: patient registration, various user types (LPN, RN, PT), assigning users to patients, medical records for patients (OASIS, medication profile, 485, orders), messages to other users, agency’s data library management, basic automation (and more to come), search tool.

Instructions to testers: Email alexander(@) and type “beta test” in the subject to receive login credentials for various user roles.

a-Qube – a P2P Marketplace for Business Ideas

a-Qube – a P2P Marketplace for Business Ideas

a-Qube is a peer-to-peer mobile incubator, which is building a decentralized marketplace of rough business ideas and turning them into valuable assets.

Based on its proprietary Consensus model and using Game Theory, Storytelling tools and Blockchain technology, a-Qube proposes a system which breaks the prototyping process into simple tasks. The prototype allows innovators to take part and contribute to the challenges proposed by the pilot companies.

In real-time, from any location , a-Qube is turning a simple challenge into an innovative business solution. Through this beta testing and first release, a-Qube will have two core features ready to use: a Challenge Track and an Implementation Process.

Instructions to testers: Sign up here: to gain beta access. Being a beta tester, you will receive 100 QUBs (equal to $50) to enter the Innovation process and start contributing to real-world projects from day one!

Contact: Use the form on the site

CROOW- a Smart Platform That Streamlines Creator-Client Collaboration

CROOW- a Smart Platform That Streamlines Creator-Client Collaboration

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

CROOW (pronounced like “crew”) is a creative workflow management platform that helps marketing and creative teams move an idea from conception to execution more efficiently. CROOW’s intuitive interface employs smart digital tools to help streamline project collaboration, simplify processes and ensure clear lines of communication among stakeholders.

CROOW elevates the collective performance of an agency or in-house team by helping them avoid the “scope creep” caused by process inefficiencies. Clients, account managers, marketing managers and brand managers may use its transparent, centralized tools to access key files and assets, communicate feedback, suggest revisions and give project approval.

Instructions to testers: Signup here to join the beta waitlist. Beta testers have 30 days to test the software which will be free through to October, 2019.

Contact: All feedback is good feedback so don’t hesitate to reach out with your comments to david(@)

ProspectIn – a Chrome-Based Extension to Automate Your LinkedIn Journey

ProspectIn - a Chrome-Based Extension to Automate Your LinkedIn Journey

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

ProspectIn is a Chrome-based extension that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn prospection tasks while staying under the daily limits fixed by Linkedin. ProspectIn is safe and easy to use, all you need to do is select your desired action, launch the extension, and watch your leads grow.

You may use ProspectIn both for personal use and for a client. It works with every kind of LinkedIn account: Sales Navigator, Premium, Recruiter Lite.

Instructions to testers: To test the app, users only have to download via this link: and use the extension. All early adopters will get a 20% discount when the product is released.

Contact: To contact startup owners and give feedback, use the “Contact” section in the app.

*DevriX Disclaimer
The projects included in this publication feature third party products and services. They were submitted to the DevriX-owned platform Beta Testers Hub to be distributed amongst beta testers. DevriX does not own or operate any of the associated websites, applications, brands, or domains. DevriX does not monitor, review or update, and does not have any control over these projects, nor provide any warranty or guarantee as to their accuracy, completeness, timeliness or reliability.
Product information and the instructions to testers are based solely on material received from startup owners and/or available on the above-quoted websites. The beta testing stage of these projects may be terminated at any time, or the instructions and benefits for testers modified.