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DevriX Supported the 6th PressNomics Conference, Sept 2019

DevriX Supported the 6th PressNomics Conference

Since it was founded in 2010, DevriX has been a supporter of numerous WordCamps around the world. Our team leads have been speakers at most of them. The whole DevriX team has over 3,000 hours of contribution work to the WordPress CMS (a very rough estimate). 

This year DevriX decided to sponsor a different type of event – the 6th PressNomic conference, held in Tucson, Arizona, between September 11th and 13th. The PressNomics conferences are special WordPress events for our company and in this article, we want to tell you why.

Unlike WordCamps — which are globally spread out, with camps held somewhere every week, open to anyone interested in WordPress — PressNomics is a private 3-day annual conference for successful and influential WordPress entrepreneurs.

Started in 2014. PressNomics gathers together business owners in the WordPress ecosystem and “those who power the WordPress economy”. That’s actually how the name was originally coined – WordPress plus Economics.

The topics discussed at PressNomics are strategic for the WordPress community and everything business related is on the agenda, with special attention to the specific issues of doing business on the WordPress CMS.

Organizers and hosts for this event are the amazing team at Pagely, the WordPress hosting company, with which DevriX partners with for most of our accounts. The event is supported by commercial entities in the WordPress community.

Key Facts About the PressNomics Conferences 

Here is a short list of what you need to know about these conferences: 

  • Periodicity – Once a year
  • Organizer – Pagely, the original managed WordPress hosting company
  • Topics – Everything business (with WordPress) related
  • Target Audience – WordPress entrepreneurs, professional developers and business owners
  • Speakers – Prominent WordPress influencers and professionals
  • Support and Sponsors – Commercial entities, related to WordPress
  • Charity & Donations – Initiatives, curated by Pagely, for education and health

The Speakers & Talks at PressNomics 2019

What happened at the 6th PressNomics conference? 

PressNomics is an independent business conference so, unlike WordCamps, it is not possible to have videos and presentations open to the general public. Sessions are not recorded and everything is a “have to be there” type of experience. Even more, the event’s private nature is one of its main advantages, according to its attendees.

Due to the nature of the event, we can only give you a general outline of all the speakers and the topics of their talks with some feedback from social media.

Furthermore, this will give you an idea of what was discussed plus it may encourage you to start following the speakers. Also, you may check out the feed on the PressNomics site, Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #PN6 and #PressNomics for more pictures and tweets.  

Follow Your Passions – Carl Alexander @twigpress

Bio: Carl Alexander is a PHP developer from Montréal, Canada who helps developers improve their skills. He has dedicated his website to sharing articles on a regular basis. You can also find him on Twitter and GitHub. 

His inspirational talk was focused on delving into the passions of a PHP developer.

Bootstrapping Guidebook – Mike Roberts @spyfu

Bio: Mike Roberts is the Founder and CEO of SpyFu, a service that lets you research your competitors’ Google Ads and SEO campaign history. He’s always developing ideas that help level the playing field for marketers of all sizes and budgets.

In his talk, Mike presented insights from deep-pocketed, successful brands that we can all put to use. He showed how, by pulling apart specific data, it is possible to conclude why some advertisers are more successful than others.  

Product, Project, and Engineering – Seth Carstens – @sethcarstens

Bio: Seth Carstens is Director Of Technology at Meredith Corporation and Senior Web Developer specializing in web development. He also defines himself as a WordPress evangelist and processes improvement expert, experienced with all developmental stages of dynamic web projects.

His presentation at the PressNomics conference could not be quoted but he has a couple of good video talks on his blog:  

The Ethics of Open Source – Morten Rand-Hendriksen –  @mor10

Bio: Morten is a senior staff instructor at LinkedIn Learning with 60+ courses published on WordPress, web standards, design and UX, and future technologies. His current focus is design- and tech-ethics and how emerging technologies will shape our collective futures. Morten occasionally teaches Interaction Design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, contributes to WordPress core and community projects. 

Quite a lot of people were impressed by Morten’s talk, some even called it “historic” and believed that it was one of the major reasons to attend PS6.

The whole WordPress community believes in open source software development – WordPress CMS being the most prominent one – so touching upon OS ethical aspects could be really enlightening. Morten managed to answer directly a few of the more difficult questions, leaving the audience less conflicted about their choices.

Morten also made an excellent recap video of the conference and summed up the purpose of niche events like it. According to him, PressNomics is a safe, closed place where you can discuss important issues about the future of WordPress and Open Source. And it is organized by people who truly care about the future of the WordPress ecosystem.

WP Community – Rian Kinney –  @TheKinneyFirm

Bio: Rian is an attorney, legal consultant, and published author. Her company Kinney Firm represents and advises companies of all sizes across many industries, in the areas of intellectual property, e-commerce, privacy and corporate law, as well as business and marketing strategy. A core contributor, actively engaged in the WordPress community, Rian has spoken at WordCamps internationally on topics like: “The Future of Open Source”, “How to CYA Your Site”, “The Key Differences Between EU and US Privacy Law”.

Rian continued the emotional trend set by Morten and even escalated it. She addressed more sensitive issues, related to ethics and how the WP community works. For some people, her talk engaged the audience like a live court case.

According to Rian, PressNimics was “space where industry leaders could further engage in amazing and much-needed conversations”.

Security Blunders – Robert Rowley –  @iamlei

Bio: Robert Rowley is a Sr. InfoSec Engineer for Pagely and has been an active member of the Southern California hacking scene for over the last 10+ years. Co-Founder of Irvine underground, and recently presenting on security-related topics, today Robert spends his days improving Pagely’s threat mitigation protocols and methods.

In his talk Robert gave the audience some very practical lessons on user content, process serialization, paying attention to warnings, etc.

What we would add to all this is – choose wisely your hosting company, work closely with them and devise workflows together.

Tax/Retirement Planning – Jon Bickerton

Bio: Jon Bickerton is a Tax Shareholder at BeachFleischman PC. He has provided accounting and tax services for privately held companies and nonprofit organizations and has over a decade of public accounting experience. Jon’s focus is on tax incentives, perks, and value-add services.

Another insightful business talk with practical advice. Jon started with the reminder that taxes cannot t be avoided and delved into advice on how to build a whole new tax strategy, leveraging earnings and deferring money, especially when you have a lot of it to manage. 

Personal Journeys and Mental Health – Brooke Siem –  @BrookeSiem

Bio: Brooke Siem is a world-traveling writer, presenter and a chef whose primary focus is on helping those who are suffering from depression. Losing her father when she was only 15, she went through years of prescription antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs until she had the opportunity to start traveling.

For the past 2 years, Brooke has managed to heal herself and is thriving after years of chronic depression. She has now made it her mission to spread a message of hope to others.

Brooke’s enlightening talk was on how to change your life completely, stop thinking about death and get a sense of purpose. Unlike most speakers, she is not part of the WordPress community, however, her talk touched everyone and reminded them to be grateful for the miracles of life. 

Stories from the Inside. Maura Teal – Jeff Matson – @thejeffmatson

Bio: Jeff Matson is another Pagely team member; he calls himself the “Minister of Propaganda AKA The Docs Dude”. He is also, a WordPress developer, devoted to contributing.

Jeff presented some little known facts about the conference host, such as:

  • Pagely invented WordPress Managed Hosting.
  • It helps enterprise customers and DevOps in amazing ways, for example, with infrastructure.
  • It has a new serverless offering called NorthStack that simplifies low cost deploying and is metered like Netlify but in a simpler way.

Most importantly, Jeff shared why Pagely loves everything tech and how deeply and intelligently the company cares about serving clients and providing value to the WordPress community.

Scaling with Vision+Values – Rahul Bansal –  @rahul286

Bio: Rahul Bansall is the founder and CEO of rtCamp — an enterprise WordPress VIP agency based both in India and the USA. He started using WordPress in 2007 as a professional blogger. Over the decade, Rahul has contributed to the WordPress community in different ways. He has been a WordCamp speaker and organizer, translator, developer and has created side projects such as EasyEngine.

Last but not least – the closing talk from a WordPress agency CEO that focused on increasing WordPress use in large projects and within big enterprises.

This topic is what DevriX most closely relates to. Working on WordPress retainers and closely cooperating with Pagely for our enterprise projects. In fact, DevriX has managed to scale digital publisher platforms with millions of monthly impressions and complex multisite solutions

Charity at PressNomics

Throughout the years, PressNomics conferences have raised over $40k for various charities, primarily for childhood cancer research. This year,  2019’s event donated $10,000 to the Tucson Amphi Foundation in support of children’s education. A decision that DevriX is so proud to be part of!

Wrapping It up

DevriX has become part of history by supporting the PressNomics Conference 2019. We are glad that the event made such an impact on everyone at the event and on the WordPress industry as a whole. Next year we promise to be there too, attending “simply the best unofficial WordPress conference ever.”