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Eight Inspiring Startups Expecting Beta Testers

Eight Inspiring Startups Expecting Beta Testers

Beta Testers Hub (BTH) is an open platform, developed by DevriX, with the main goal to connect startups with over 1,200 beta testers. It is a completely FREE service conceived, published and supported by DevriX as a contribution to the inspiring startup community.*

Startups submitted to the BTH platform are featured in the newsletters to the subscribed beta testers. In March, we decided to begin sharing some of these projects on DevriX blog as well. And here is another round of eight startups, in an April edition. Feel free to test, share and give your precious feedback.

What Should I Do?

What should I do startup networking Q&A platform

NOTE: This business is no longer operational. is a Q&A social networking platform that aids decision-making with real-time polls and allows users to ask, “What Should I Do?” Its purpose is to support individuals and help them solve problems by using a social networking site.

Questions are asked in the form of polls and all registered users may reply. After replying to a question, the votes are calculated and displayed instantly in a real-time polling chart.

After a double opt-in registration, everyone may submit questions and describe their problems, and ask how to deal with them. Every user has a profile with followers, polls started and answers provided, plus there are trending questions and a search function.

Instructions for testers: The website is in its beta version now so it is open for everyone to test. Sign up to start your own polls and submitting answers to the ones published.

Feedback: Feel free to contact the startup owners at


Fambam Family startup private social network

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Fambam.Family is owned and developed by Honeycommb Inc. It is intended to be a social network just for families – safe, restricted online space they own and control. It addresses the major failures of popular social networks such as lack of privacy for user behavior, ownership of posted content and control over personal and sensitive data.

Fambam promises a restricted network focused on connecting you with those that you care about most, with no ads, no brands, and no spam. The project’s goal is to connect families in a new, meaningful and impactful way by giving them a dedicated space to communicate with one another without the fear or worry of data misuse and intrusion. That sounds pretty nice, right?

However, there is no beta website nor app published right now for testing. But on you are offered to sign-up to become part of the launch list. You will be emailed as soon as the platform is live (spring/summer 2019).


Big Profile startup personal bot

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

When you work, you need to know how you’re spending your time. Also, you may be asked to report your progress on projects, highlight personal skills and achievements, and describe the effort you have put into your tasks.

BigProfile is the private work profile that builds itself. It is an automated way of keeping track of all your hard work. It helps you prepare for meetings with your manager, writing timesheets and reports, analyzing the skills you’ve developed, and preparing for a new job with an updated resume.

How does it work? Your dedicated bot will proactively ping you on email about your current projects and experience. Simply reply and the bot will automatically update your personal profile.

Instructions for beta testers: The project needs private beta testers. Get Beta Access to BigProfile on the site – there is a contact form at the bottom of the page.


NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

NANOS is an online platform that makes placing paid advertisements (PPC) an easy process accessible to any business. It helps you create effective paid ads in a very short time across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

NANOS is marketing technology powered by machine learning. It automatically generates, monitors and optimizes your campaign throughout its lifetime. You have to answer a few simple questions about your business and let Artificial Intelligence take care of the rest.

Their commission is 20% of your total budget. There is no transaction fee and you can start advertising with only $5 which makes it a perfect solution for small businesses and individuals.

Choose NANOS if you want to create optimized and targeted online campaigns in minutes, without much effort. It’s simple and clear.

Instructions for testers: Access beta on the site or apply for the NANOS beta testers program.

Screen Tag

Screen Tag startup digital business cards

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

ScreenTag is a mobile and desktop app for exchanging contacts in the form of digital business cards, created to order by professional designers. Several years ago the ScreenTag team conducted research which showed that a lot of people disliked paper business cards, but there was no viable alternative to them. So they started a mobile app for cards. Since then, they have developed the app’s main functions, added and removed features, and received their first users and even first awards.

The main purpose of the app is to share your contacts depending on circumstances and purpose. You may choose among personal, professional and business editions. Your contacts are designed as business cards and shared by QR codes and links. ScreenTag works not just on smartphones, but also on PCs and tablets – pretty much everywhere. Most importantly, by the end of April, ScreenTag will be available both on Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, as a native app.

Instructions for testers: Beta testers may register by the ScreenTag Google Form to receive early access. Feedback and instructions are provided through e-mail to each registered tester. As compensation for your time (10 minutes) and testing effort, you will receive a Personal edition with a free lifetime subscription.

You may also support “ScreenTag 4.0: The paperless business card campaign” on Indiegogo.

Staking Wallet

Staking Wallet startup cryptocurrency proof-of-stake pool

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, here is a startup that lets you try how they work and get paid. Staking Wallet is a user-friendly Proof of Stake Pool staking cryptocurrency coins for you.

The website works in four simple steps: join the platform, deposit BTC into your account’s wallet, transfer deposits to masternodes, and get paid daily staking rewards. If you need to learn more about what cryptocurrency staking is and how proof-of-stake works, there is a simple explanation on the site.

Instructions for testers: The project needs cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are willing to test the staking website. You will get 0.0001 BTC for free to test the website and write a review. To start testing, register for a free account and contact the admins on skype to receive all the details. Your staking profits will be paid daily and straight to your wallet.


Tdingo challenge the best platform

NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Tdingo is an online platform that promotes active engagement through fun, adventurous and crazy challenges. On Tdingo, people are encouraged to share their creative ideas, passions, and uniqueness by creating and performing challenges. Its slogan is “Challenge the best and explore new interests” and it enables users – referred to as “challengers” – to showcase their talents and hidden skills, interact, inspire and engage with like-minded people.

How does Tdingo work? To create a new challenge, you have to submit a performance video with a description of it. To take one that you like, you also need to submit a video that shows how you do it. In both cases, the videos will be uploaded to YouTube and you will receive an e-mail once the video is available.

Instructions for testers: You have to sign up and test the website, and when you are ready, fill in the user survey here:

Reward: All testers receive a one-year free subscription to Tdingo Premium once the project is live. For this, testers only have to submit their e-mail addresses.

Portal Touch

Portal Touch startup logical physics puzzle

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

If you like science and games, give Portal Touch a try. It is a puzzle that uses logic and physics to create portals. You can use different mechanics to get the star cube to the finish. The game is supposed to employ realistic physics principles and mechanics to change the behavior of objects and the environment. It has 20 levels of difficulty and is timed. You will need logical thinking skills to complete all the levels and earn all the stars.

Instructions for testers: Go to and click the “Open BETA Available” button which links to Google Play Store. Download the game from there and enjoy. Your feedback is welcome on the developer’s social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do You Own or Manage a Startup? Use Beta Testers Hub – It’s Still FREE!

If you are the proud owner of a startup, you are welcome to register and submit your project. The best products to suggest are pre-launch startup versions, but it is also applicable for early apps and beta websites of all kinds.

And if you share our interest in fresh and exciting startups, join the beta testers team by simply registering on the site. This way, you can keep track of new services during their beta testing period and navigate a product’s future.

*DevriX Disclaimer
The projects included in this publication feature third party products and services. They were submitted to the DevriX-owned platform Beta Testers Hub to be distributed amongst beta testers. DevriX does not own or operate any of the associated websites, applications, brands, or domains. DevriX does not monitor, review or update, and does not have any control over these projects, nor provide any warranty or guarantee as to their accuracy, completeness, timeliness or reliability.
Product information and the instructions to testers are based solely on material received from startup owners and/or available on the above-quoted websites. The beta testing stage of these projects may be terminated at any time, or the instructions and benefits for testers modified.

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