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Fresh From the Beta Testers Hub: 10 Startups Looking for Testers

Fresh From the Beta Testers Hub - 10 Startups Looking for Testers

Beta Testers Hub (BTH) is an open platform, developed by DevriX, with the main goal to connect startups with over 1,200 beta testers. It is a completely FREE service conceived, published and supported by DevriX as a contribution to the impressive startup community.*

The startup submissions that DevriX receive via the BTH platform are featured in the newsletters to testers. But they turned out to be so original and exciting that we decided to begin sharing some of them on DevriX blog as well, on a regular monthly basis.

Here are the first ten startups in the March edition – fresh, appealing and awaiting early adopters. Since these products and services depend on their users and customers, you may also suggest improvements. Enjoy, test and share!


NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

A digital health insurance advisor, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to provide customers with clear and actionable information on health insurance, healthcare providers and medical billing, in order to reduce their healthcare costs.

Explain.Care is dedicated to taking out the uncertainty and knowledge gap Americans face when selecting their health plan, understanding their plan and their medical plans, and how to find the best value-for-money healthcare provider. The platform is gradually launching use cases: for now, they’ve launched one use case fully, and a second one for California residents only.

At the moment, their chatbot Ellie is training to become the most useful resource to helping users understand medical insurance terms, detect errors in their medical bills and help them select the best medical insurance for themselves. Ellie is a digital assistant that is powered by Artificial Intelligence to answer your questions on health insurance and health care.

Instructions to testers:

  • You can find the Explain.Care app on Slack
  • You can test Ellie here:
  • You can leave your beta test feedback in their survey:

BONUS: If you leave your email ID on their homepage, you’ll be added to the list of users that will get a free yearly subscription (worth $ 299 annually) once the platform is fully live! You can’t go wrong with that.


NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

BetMarkets is a platform that allows you to invest in sports betting by automatically copying sports betting experts. It has been selected by the Web Summit as one of the three best startups exhibiting on the last day of the conference and is now preparing to launch!

Instructions to testers: The application is in its beta version now and is open to testers. By joining you automatically get a beta initial bonus of 10.00€ (equal to 11.20$) to invest in the platform. Plus, you earn 7.5€ (or 8.40$) for each referred friend that registers.

You just need to sign up, select which experts to copy and how much to invest in them. Afterward, everything is automated for you!

Feedback: there is a contact form in the application.


NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Homads is a medium-term rental site. It has a beta version up in order to change their business model. The biggest difference between Homads and other rental sites is that it specializes in 30-day rentals or more.

Originally Homads let homeowners list their place and renters could book through the site. Now what they want to do with the beta is allow renters to bid on their lease. Homads filters through long-term vacancies on MLS (multiple listing service) and allows renters to easily negotiate their lease duration and price.

Presently this marketplace reflects a more realistic pricing for a month to month or longer stay. By limiting the listings to at least 30 days or more, we provide a more competitive market. No more overpaying when life’s emergencies hit.

Instructions to testers: The website is available only in its beta version at

Feedback: You may contact the Homads by the on-site chat.

Chat Journal

Chat Journal is a diary app. Keeping a personal journal gives you an in-depth analysis of your life and helps you shorten the gap between who you are and who you intend to be. Make Chat journal your personal companion in your journey towards self-improvement.

Chat Journal is a simple, one of a kind, chat-based journal application designed with simplicity at its core. Apart from being an excellent Journal, it helps you take quick notes and also visualize your thought streams as single-sided conversations.

The app is actively under development and updates will be rolled out every week so stay tuned for more feature updates and don’t forget to leave your suggestions and feature requests.

Instructions to testers: download Chat-Journal from the Google play store:

Feedback form:


NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

STOWARE is a mobile application that allows you to snap, organize and store photos of just about anything. You can sort your pictures into packs and collections which you can then share with other users by using the inbuilt QR-P code scanner software.

STOWARE helps you manage and certify your business. Take group photos and add a description of your stuff together in a snap and retrieve any content from the same screen. You may also create and share your packs and organize your collections with friends confidentially. Print or scan pre-printed labels to automatically associate any physical box with your digital storage. The QR-P Quick Response Pack inside assigns any object a unique and tamper-proof code that compels you indisputably.

There are many different photo apps that allow you to snap, store, organize or share stuff contents – but with Stoware, you can do all of this in the same place. It includes:

  • an inbuilt camera function and scanner for any code format
  • a quick response pack reader and generator to mark anything.
  • an automatic background synchronization to recover all your data, even if your phone is lost or blocked.

Whether you want to create and share photo albums with friends, digitize your wallet or scan QR codes – you can do all of this and more with Stoware.

Instructions to testers: the application is in its beta testing version.


NOTE: This business is no longer operational. is a place to share ideas on any topic and suggest features to websites and applications. It was created to foster a positive community of makers and developers in the pre-launch phase.

After a free registration, you may discuss new ideas with a community of experts across multiple fields who are happy to help. The submitted ideas are curated and tagged into lists to keep their quality high. You may also follow your favorite idea creators, contribute feedback through commenting and voting.


NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

When working remotely, you usually miss human interaction. So does your team. REMO promises to fix that. REMO is an online platform designed to eliminate the struggles of remote teams by simulating in-office dynamics through audio and video. REMO could help your team stay connected, productive, and strong. It includes a visual office map to show everyone status and an all-in-one communication hub.

The idea is to provide a virtual “second home” for your remote team to bring them together. And it states some impressive promises:

  • 3x reduction in miscommunication
  • 2x increase in employee engagement
  • 75% increase in team productivity

Get beta access on the site. All functions in the beta are for free, no limit, so it sounds like worth testing if you manage a remote team.


NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

Nat is an AI-powered personal relationship manager, or personal CRM, a tool to help busy people keep in touch with their network. It’s a mix between a personal assistant and a chatbot.

Instructions: The waiting list chatbot is really part of the onboarding experience already as it guides users through the app creating a process and asks them for feedback through the journey.

Feedback: The beta is not public yet. To gain access, join the waiting list via a Facebook message.


NOTE: The beta testing program is no longer active.

DocSumo is a book-keeping automation software. It captures data from invoices & receipts and feeds that data directly to accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero. It reduces the time spent on bookkeeping and increases the accuracy of the data.

Using AI, DocSumo eliminates the need for manual setup or templates. It is as simple as uploading or emailing your bills to Google Drive and sending the captured data to Quickbooks with the click of a button.

Docsumo uses self-driving car technology for document data extraction to achieve a very high level of accuracy. It also validates the extracted data, thus eliminating the necessity for human-in-the-loop for most documents. Unlike traditional OCR solutions that work only for fixed layouts (25-30% of total volume), DocSumo works with invoices in any layout with 95% plus accuracy. It solves both the data extraction and validation problems.

Presently, the project is testing and there are no prices announced on the site but as you begin using it some payment will apply after the first 50 documents. Use the chat to clarify how you will be charged.

Progress.Rocks For Apple Reminders

NOTE: This business is no longer operational.

If you use and rely on Apple Reminders this app will improve your experience. Progress.Rocks provides you with the visualization on top of the Apple Reminders so that you know how you’re doing. It helps you envision the journey towards your personal goals in easily understandable bar charts.

Progress.Rocks assists you in focusing on what matters to you. You may analyze your habits, keep track of your intentions or simply visualize your remaining to-dos of an important project. It is highly configurable and adapts to your needs.

Instructions: Use Apple Reminders to organize your to-do lists together with Progress.Rocks to help you visualize and achieve what you want. Join the public Beta on the site.

Feedback: Twitter @Progress4Apple and email support [at]

Use Beta Testers Hub – It’s still FREE

If you are the proud owner of a startup, you are welcome to register and submit your project. The best product to suggest is a pre-launch startup version, but it is also applicable for MVPs and early website versions of all kinds.

Also, anyone may join the testers team by simple registration on the site to keep track of new services during their beta testing period and navigate a product’s future.

*DevriX Disclaimer
The projects included in this publication feature third party products and services. They were submitted to the DevriX-owned platform Beta Testers Hub to be distributed amongst beta testers. DevriX does not own or operate any of the associated websites, applications, brands, or domains. DevriX does not monitor, review or update, and does not have any control over these projects, nor provide any warranty or guarantee as to their accuracy, completeness, timeliness or reliability.
Product information and the instructions to testers are based solely on material received from startup owners and/or available on the above-quoted websites. The beta testing stage of these projects may be terminated at any time, or the instructions and benefits for testers modified.