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DX localhost is Out!

WordCamp Manila

If you have to deal with migrations and debugging, then you have probably struggled with the absolute WordPress links across every website. Replacing all link instances back and forth when working locally is troublesome at times.

For some of our projects we tend to work on their original domain name by pointing our local DNS entries to localhost. This way we run a cloned copy of the folder and the database, but accessing all domain entries points to our local servers instead of the original one. This solves all of the absolute link issues (and saves time), but sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s the original, or the copy site we are working on.

That’s why we brought DX localhost to life. Activating DX localhost would display a tiny yellow line notifying you whenever you’re working on your local copy. Filters are available for adding more server names or addresses should you be working on another domain or IP address.

DX localhost sample