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The Most Challenging WordPress Project I’ve Worked on in 2019

WordCamp Sofia 2019 Speakers Round-Up

WordCamp Sofia 2019 Speakers Round-up

The month of November was memorable for DevriX because of WordCamp Sofia 2019 which happened the weekend of November 10th and 11th. As a WordPress development company, WordCamps, are possibly one of the most important events that we attend, where we can learn, contribute and connect with local community.

If you have missed this year’s WordCamp Sofia you can read out our recap article Everything About WordCamp Sofia 2019.

The WordCamp Sofia happened in the fourth quarter and this is the perfect time where we all start considering our 2019 recaps. We decided to ask the speakers about the most challenging, innovative and cutting edge WordPress project they had worked on in 2019.

Let’s dive into this quick round-up and get inspired by their projects.

What Was the Most Challenging WordPress Project You’ve Worked on in 2019?

Aleksandar Savkovic, Western Balkans Manager, Enartia

Project: Perfectfit – Great and Affordable Websites

One of the most innovative projects we worked on in 2019 is called Perfectfit. Our goal was to offer affordable one-stop-shop for startups and entrepreneurs, especially those that have websites that are outdated, slow and in general, don’t perform very well. The usual reason for this is the lack of financial resources.

Therefore we started developing well-performing and Google-friendly websites that everyone can afford. We want to give people an opportunity to kickstart their online presence without having to chase down different contractors they found online.

Diana Koshedzhyiska, Small Business Optimization and Marketing Automation Consultant, Buzz Fixer

Project: WordCamp Retreat Sinemorets

WordCamp Retreat Sinemorets was the second-ever retreat type of WordCamp in the world. Our small team gathered to create a unique experience for the community – a summer weekend by the beautiful seaside, filled with workshops and talks from local and international speakers, and some wonderful parties.

I’m happy to say that the feedback from the Retreat was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone enjoyed the setup, a lot of valuable information was shared. We feel like the time between WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Sofia begs for more interaction and events. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of these smaller retreat-style WordCamps in the future.

Daniel Ivanov, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Performance Ads

Project: Building a Management Plugin

We have built a management plugin for the needs of digital advertising agencies that we use internally. The plugin manages server provisioning, campaign creation, AB testing toolset, pixel tracking, visits tracking, domain provisioning, lead recording and order creation for in-house lead acquisition.

The content itself is served on a self-hosted content delivery network (CDN) with smart content distribution.

WordPress runs on top of Nginx w/ PHP-FPM and a Galera MariaDB cluster spread across multiple availability zones. This way we can run advertising campaigns on a global scale with as little latency penalty as possible. The overall loading time for a landing page is around 3 seconds and the time to first byte (TTFB) is usually less than 90ms.

Stanimir Stoyanov, Full Stack WordPress Developer, SiteGround 

Project: Headless WordPress in SiteGround’snew user area

One of the most interesting projects our company worked on in 2019 was our new user area, which completely replaces the standard cPanel hosting tool.

The part I was responsible for was to migrate and merge several existing WordPress sites into one multi-site. Later we used the multi-site as a database for our support section in our new user area.

We needed to plan well and choose the best option so that everything could work quickly and be easy to use. I presented the project in detail during my talk on WordCamp Sofia and here you can see the slides.

Bojidar Valchovski, Junior Tech Lead, DevriX

Project: Integrating Header Bidding with Google Ad Manager (GAM)

The most challenging, inspiring and interesting project that I have worked on in 2019 was the integration the industry-leading solution for header bidding alongside Google Ad Manager.

The connection between the platform and the ad revenue engine allows for maximized earnings by introducing additional demand to the ad server.

Introducing the project to high-scale publisher platforms is a challenge, but tackling it accordingly helps publishers and business owners across the globe to successfully increase revenue yield while maintaining a fast and responsive user experience.

The project application helped me expand my knowledge in the vast field of advertisement and as such, to come up with cutting-edge solutions for businesses that rely on monetization through digital advertisement by utilizing advanced techniques and implementation strategies to maximize earnings.

Diana Edreva, Administrator, Computer Systems, Zertios

Project: Dealing with Gutenberg

Although I cannot point to a particular project that was more exciting than another, there certainly were a lot of cases after the initial Gutenberg launch that caused multiple issues as well as interesting challenges with plugins, themes and the overall setup.

It was definitely chaotic, but fun to work around things, fix, bypass and design certain solutions for different cases. After all the lovely new editor had to make the whole creation process easier.

However when it launched it caused a lot more havoc by its incompatibility with other visual editors, themes and the complete lack of support for working with certain plugins.

I’d say the highlight of the year for me was solving any Gutenberg-caused problems.

Diana's Art Book


Stefan Sovrlić, Co-founder and CEO, W3 Lab

Project: [NDA] WordPress eCommerce Website Which Lets Customers/Designers Design Their Own Apparel Which They Can Sell Later

We were approached by a foreign client with a very specific problem – they wanted to create a webshop where people had the ability to create their own stores and within those stores have the ability to create their own apparel which could then be sold on the website.

This meant that not only did we have to create a fully functional e-commerce solution from scratch, but also build stores within a store that were easily creatable and fully-functional as well.

We also have to create easy to use module that allowed customers and designers to create their own apparel. The biggest issue with the module was how to create an interactive solution which is as user-friendly as possible.

As you can imagine, optimizing this website with this many moving parts wasn’t exactly a walk in the park and we have spent a good amount of time polishing the website to perform perfectly.

Looking back, I don’t believe this was technically the most demanding project we’ve encountered, it certainly was a project which forced most of our team to think outside of the box, which I believe sometimes we really need.

Wrapping up

DevriX team truly enjoyed the talks at WordCamp Sofia 2019 and had the privilege to meet speakers from this round-up to discuss the challenging projects they faced and completed in the past year.

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