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DevriX Is the Second Highest Rated B2B Company in Bulgaria

DevriX Clutch

On Thursday, the popular B2B research, ratings, and reviews company Clutch announced the most highly rated B2B companies in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia. DevriX ranked second in Bulgaria among 150 awesome companies offering IT services, web development, marketing and design.

Top B2B Companies in Bulgaria Clutch badge

As a professional WordPress development agency, we’re experienced in scaling WordPress platforms, handling all kind of different challenges on a daily basis. Still, fast-paced companies are faced with unique situations that small organizations do not need to consider, and there is a huge amount of business planning involved. The need for quality themes and plugins is high, there is a ton of hours in prototyping, development, code reviews, testing and debugging before an idea is transformed into a product.

The Services We Are Recognized For

The estimation and planning of a project accounts for many other services, including design, marketing, content strategy, 3rd party integrations. We are, in reality, providing business solutions, not purely technical solutions, focusing on usability, workflows management and monetization.

WordPress Retainer Models

We have been talking and writing a lot about our WordPress Retainers, especially since we’ve coined the term back in 2015. This business model works for our company and most importantly for our clients. We can’t stress enough how important a long-term relationship with a client is, where we are able to truly comprehend the nature of their operations, business and marketing goals. Being a trusted technical partner, we facilitate their growth. The recognition, given by our clients, using, stands to verify that.

A WordPress Retainer combines maintenance and continuous development in one monthly service package. With retainers, we follow the agile methodology of development and plan out our work ahead of time, building solutions in phases, still easily customizable, based on a business changing priorities.

Agile Software Development

The agile development approach empowers an organization to A/B test their ideas in real life with real users in a real environment. It helps our clients cost-effectively validate a market need and then invest in scaling a platform or building additional functionality. Moreover, having a working internet platform as soon as possible, allows for the development of new and better ideas for its future growth. We spend a huge amount of time and effort making sure we allocate enough resources to each client and are a trusted partner, tackling all sorts of business and technical challenges a company could face.

How We Start Our Partnerships

Most of our customers contact us about one-off projects and then understand the advantages of having a reliable long-term partner. Some of them want to work with us exclusively because we are committed to supporting them. We have worked and collaborated with the best clients ever and can’t thank them enough for the trust and respect they have for our team.

team DevriX

A small part of team DevriX at WordCamp Europe 2018


Huge props to the entire DevriX team for their outstanding work and dedication! We are thrilled that the exciting projects we are working on are growing exponentially and are currently expanding the DevriX team. If you think you are up to the challenge and want to be part of the DevriX team, apply here.