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The DevriX Team at WordCamp Europe 2018

DevriX at WCEU 2018

Attention, everyone! The largest WordCamp in Europe and one of the largest in the world is fast approaching and DevriX will be there!

This year we’ll be joining the Sixth Edition of WordCamp Europe – WCEU 2018, in Belgrade, Serbia on June 14-16.

During the massive event both developers and marketers, experts and beginners, and practically everyone, who lives and breathes WordPress, will come together to meet new collaborators and old friends, to share their recent experiences and discuss the future of WordPress-related technology.

The Serbian WordPress Community itself numbers a staggering 4700 members, which makes the event even more promising, keeping in mind that attendees from almost every continent will be participating as well.

WordCamp Europe 2018


Speakers, Lectures and Workshops

The organizers have officially announced the event schedule and the speakers who will be participating. All lecturers have been divided into 9 groups based on their areas of interest and expertise.

The first group includes Paolo Belcastro, David Needham, Hajj Flemings, Miriam Schwab and Heather Burns who will cover the topic Open Source & the web.

John Maeda, Morten Rand-Hendricksen, Simon Cooke, Alberto Medina and Thierry Muller and Joshua World are part of the second group which is focused on the Design topic.

It’s not a surprise that organizers have decided to bring in a whole group to talk about Gutenberg as it is one of the most discussed WordPress topics as of date. The shortlisted speakers within this category are Tammie Lister, Matias Venture, the Gutenberg Team, Zac Gordon and Lara Schneck.

Speakers from the fourth group will be talking about SEO and A11Y. These include Rian Rietveld and Sami Keijonen, Maja Benke, Joost de Valk and Adrian Roselli.

Group five consists of Aaron Campbell, Christina Varro, Sherry Walling, Laura Nelson and Nathan Kuik. They will be sharing their insights and useful tips about Personal Growth.

There will be two groups talking about development.

Maura Teal, Cate Hutson, K Adam White, Lucas Prigge and Francesco Canovi, and Thorsten Frommen, Carl Alexander, and Giuseppe Mazzapica will give lectures about the general development.

As a continuation, the sixth group’s talks will focus on the advanced development. Professionals  include Daniel Olson, Alain Schlesser and David Mosterd, Robert Rowley, Libby Barker and Michael Selander, Adam Silverstein, Felix Arntz and Sean Blakeley.

Krešimir Končić, Davide Casali, Christie Chirinos, Noel Tock, Karim Marucchi, Mauricio Gelves are part of the seventh group. They will be covering Business and Freelancing topics.

The ninth and last group unites Nela Dunato, Marieke van de Rakt, Andrea Volpini, Raffaella Isidori, Florian Gottschall, Yvette Sonneveld and Sven Lehnert who will be giving lectures on branding and content.

The brightest star of the event – Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, will be giving a keynote on everything WordPress related.

There will be so many useful lectures and amazing speakers that we can’t wait for it to begin. There will be simultaneous tracks, so check out the speakers to find out when the talks you’d like to attend will take place.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

WordCamp Europe 2018 After Party Announcement


As usual, there will be an outstanding after party on the last day of the event. And as everyone, who’s ever attended a WordCamp knows, WordCamp After Parties are simply amazing.

The party is on 16th June in the Belexpo Centar, Španskih boraca 74, Belgrade, which is the same venue where the Contributor Day will be held. The theme for this year’s party is retro-futurism. There is not much time left to decide on your party outfit if you haven’t done so already, so you’d better hurry up.

DevriX at the WordPress Europe, 2018

We had a lot of fun helping with WordCamp Europe’s organisation, when it was held in Sofia, Bulgaria back in 2014. And we know the amazing amount of manpower and effort that goes into such a huge event. Organisers, sponsors, partners and volunteers will all surely give their best to ensure the event is remarkable and everything goes smoothly. Our content writer Maria will also be a part of the volunteering squad.

Most of us here will be a part of Contributor Day as well as a big part of the WCEU workshops. We’ll be spending a lot of our time in meetings scheduled with contributors and stakeholders. There is a lot to discuss regarding the future of the WordPress, and we are ready for it.