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8 Signs You Need Help With WordPress Website Development

WordPress is one of the online website development platforms with striking features supported by the large community of developers and users. It has made thousands of themes and plugins that build numerous functional and responsive websites on the Internet. The prevalent fact about is its customizable features being an open source program. There are few reasons why many people chose WordPress website development. One is its highly valuable CMS application that has an ease of use and flexibility. But in the overall context, WordPress proves to have helped various website development issues as quoted below.

  1. The common website problems such as crashes or downtime.
  2. The risks involved in website development such as the failure to identify items that are considered ‘low priority and high priority’.
  3. The mistake when setting up a website such as the imbalance of design and the message it is supposed to communicate with the target audience.
  4. The challenges facing website development such as choosing the right framework and platforms.

Did your site experience any of these website development issues? What steps have you taken so far?

Website Development Is No Ordinary Issue

There is a fancy feeling about having an online presence but when it goes with serious intention, you’ve got to make a second thought.  There are critical issues that are worthy of considerations in website development.  However, WordPress remarkably reduces this concern in various ways. In view of this fact, most of the renowned authority sites like The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, and eBay believe in WordPress. Their blogs are run by WordPress most popular Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress is without a doubt packed with versatility, functionality, and flexibility features. You can almost do anything you can think for your business because it does have a continuous supply of “add-ons”.  You have the complete control in its dashboard to savor its comprehensive interface in just clicks of the mouse.  If you want to activate or deactivate tools, use the drag and drop interface, fine-tune the user control, and so on… all are yours to play with satisfaction. Cite the problems that a website may encounter, WordPress has unique ways to fix everything. You can either do it by yourself or with a WordPress website development expert.

8 Alarming Website Problems

The following are few of the common website problems that require right solution through WordPress. Of course, we are not talking here about “absolutes”. There are available alternative ways to deal with these things when they become visible. But WordPress makes the hefty jobs achievable and efficient to fulfill.

Non-responsive website design 

Non-responsive website design definitely hurts your business online. It annoys your visitors and at the same time may cause Google to penalize your site.  A strong compatibility with any devices and browsers is of a paramount importance these days. Google has clearly understood that majority of Internet users are migrating from desktops and laptops to smartphones. This fact has largely influenced Google to strictly implement mobile-friendly websites. So, have your site undergone a full redesign to retain your search engine ranking and website’s credibility.

 Having Broken and Poorly Optimized Page

It is extremely distracting to land into the page that prompts you “Page Not Found” when you are eager to see what you are looking for. This situation is the easiest way to lose potential conversions. Having poorly optimized pages that result to an error page or poorly displayed page can compromise the whole value of your efforts, time, and money. WordPress can resolve this SEO problem as it has a very clean and simple set of codes that are friendly with search engines. It indexes your site and your contents efficiently, oftentimes by simply adding the tags and properly using the categories. 

Cybersecurity Risks

We can’t take lightly the issue of cybersecurity risk. We often divulge our personal and financial info on the Internet. This implies that fewer security features of your site can adversely affect your customers’ trust and confidence. Protecting their information is your gross obligation. They expect a commitment of emphatically handling their sensitive information. This is one way of maintaining a credible business image. WordPress takes good care of this security concern. Even bold claims associate it with security issues,  its huge pool of developers will settle your worries as they publish updates regularly that certainly enhance the security features of your WordPress site.

Web analytics

One of the crucial factors of your website’s success is site’s analytics. WordPress is adept at solving this issue for your website. Its website analytic plugins can dig down data and provide your website stats and information about your site traffic, conversion, and poorly optimized web pages through its easy-to-use dashboard.

Poorly displayed photo gallery

 Photos have higher engagement rate as compared to texts. As they say, ‘photos speak a thousand words’ and draw emotions.  Emotions influences buying decisions on a large scale. Affixing well-polished photo gallery in your site will boost your site’s engagement. With WordPress photo gallery plugins, you will also have the assurance of getting your site ranks as they are SEO friendly too.

Subscribers list is not growing

If money is in the list, you should be growing your subscribers’ list. Unfortunately, this task is easier said than done but you can lighten up loads of work with WordPress opt-in plugins. It allows you to make additional functionality by capturing emails, integrating payment collection, and more.

Low readership

Content marketing pulls a large dose of advantages but crafting your contents has a crucial stage. Your work has to measure up with the readership that fits your target audience. The readership that is in tune with their values, interest, and needs is of prime importance. Give your contents a great deal of time to keep your web visitors from going away.  A highly valuable contents that are digestible literally increases engagement rate.

Readership requires a clear, concise, and simpler manner of writing. It has to be understandable even by 7th-grade level. WordPress has a feature that shows the readership of your contents. It even makes them well-optimized for search engine ranking.

Slow loading speed

Imagine yourself visiting a website that takes minutes to open the page. It doesn’t give the pleasure of staying longer on that site. Page speed affects ranking in search engine like Google. Having a slow loading speed will compromise the bottom line of your site’s objective especially if it is designed for eCommerce business. It is estimated that if your site is generating $100,000 per day, a delay of 1 second of your page will cost you losses in sales accounting to $2.5 million every year. That’s quite a real money!

Finding The Right Website Developer

So, you’ve spotted the problematic parts of your websites and you have the belief that adopting WordPress development will resolve these issues in no time. What about hiring the specialist to redesign your website? Have you given thought the cost you are going to spend with?

Hiring a website developer can be a complex job if there’s a smaller pool of talents available at hand. Of course, you can source this need through freelance sites which are the main road of meeting talents at the different levels of expertise. But are you aware that the minimum talent fee could be measly $25 to $40 per hour on average? But for the specialist will gonna rake your savings at the rate of $175 to $400 per hour?  A wholesome budget allocation, as opposed to common thinking, is necessary for this endeavor. Moreover, you have to determine the quality of the website developer and his service features. 

The two areas to give careful thoughts are as follows:

  1. Smooth Communication. A good relationship at the beginning of the job is a commonplace. The question is the stability and consistency of the communication with a developer. Will it answer emails in 24 hours, and value open communication in different levels?
  2. Attachment With WordPress Community. It is important to have background knowledge about his involvement with what’s going on in the WordPress community. The level of awareness he has will tell you how updated is he as a developer with new things sprouting in the WordPress community.



Website development process requires serious commitment, wholesome budget allocation, and careful preparations and planning. It may start from website design that needs to be well-analyzed, the functionality to enhance users’ experience,  finding reliable website development company or specialist, and so forth. It’s no wonder why others ended with poor performing websites. They skipped the importance of studying all angles that can affect their sites actual rendering. Others resort to using WordPress free products which precisely come with limited features. It’s a good thing however that many remain to adhere with paid products and services.

Paid products and services do more favors for your website. Oftentimes, it only takes a right mindset to save your business.

Website development can be managed by less experienced and unskilled developer or by myself. But do you think it’s right to take website development lightly? The outlined serious problems above should serve enough insightful information to you.



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