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9 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Site’s Branded Search

There are many ways to rank a WordPress site, but not every strategy will work well to your advantage. However, if you’re having a hard time, it might be worth it to use branded search to make your WordPress website visible. A lot of SEO experts swear by this marketing tactic.

To put it simply, brand searches are defined as people directly typing your brand name into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This action sends a signal to the search engine that the site is popular because customers are directly typing it into their search bars.

Higher branded searches not only means a better position in searches, as it also means that you have a trustworthy website.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Branded Search Campaigns?

As mentioned above, branded search campaigns can do a lot for your brand. Think with Google reports that searches for businesses such as branded restaurants have grown by about 120% year over year. The advantages include the following:

  1. Better CTR and positioning in SERPs. Customers directly searching for your brand name are most likely acquainted with your company already, which means they will most likely click on your site if it appears in the results. Furthermore, Google ranks higher WordPress sites that have a high branded search rating.
  2. Improved conversion rates. People searching for your brand name have probably seen your ads before or have been loyal patrons of your brand for some time. This means that they are more likely to purchase from you, which increases your conversion rates.
  3. Increased rates on the direct traffic. Direct traffic refers to people directly typing your website’s URL into the search bar which signals to Google that your site is credible. Direct traffic is the second most important source of traffic right after organic search results.
  4. Better organic backlinks. If your audience is satisfied with your products or services, then chances are they will refer it to their friends and family. This means sharing your URL or posts on social media, direct messages, and the like.
  5. Improved engagement rates. The more page views your WordPress site has, the better you will rank on Google and other search engines. A trustworthy site encourages people to engage, become leads, and even eventually turn into paying customers.

It is essential to get your brand name out there since there are hundreds of brands taking over online and offline. Listed below are some foolproof ways to optimize your WordPress site’s branded search.

Benefits of Doing a Branded Search Campaign

Work on Establishing Your Brand Name

Establishing your brand name should be your first move towards optimizing your website’s branded search. People won’t search for your brand if they haven’t heard about it in the first place. Having a trustworthy URL and a brand name that’s easy to remember is the key to success. It is a well-known fact that word-of-mouth is one of the most robust marketing strategies, and this helps tremendously with leveraging branded search campaigns.

Here are some ways you can establish your company name and outrun your competition:

  1. Tell your story and let your voice be heard. People who can relate to your messaging will be compelled to check out what you offer.
  2. Make sure that your brand name is easy to remember. It should also mirror what you are offering and the values that you portray as a company.
  3. Create a slogan that will capture your audience’s interests.
  4. Design a logo that will complement your business name.
  5. Be consistent with the colors and font that you use on your website.

Tips to Outrun Your Competition

Add Your Business Name in Meta Titles

Adding your brand name in meta titles further strengthens the WordPress site’s relevance to your brand identity. Moreover, web visitors will be assured that the website is exactly what they are looking for.

Not only this but including your company name in meta titles increases brand awareness. People tend to trust that you are not misleading them, which is why trustworthiness is so important.

Check Out Google’s Suggestions

You can check out Google’s suggestions to know what people see when searching for your brand name. Simply input your business name into Google’s search bar and check out the results. These are called “Google Suggest”, and they give you a clear insight of what your audience is searching for when they directly look your name up. It will also help you understand the buyer’s journey and what you need to focus on to improve your overall marketing strategy. However, you must remember that these results can change over time, as trends and searches can change.

You can also list these Google suggestions and use them as keywords to make it easier for people to find your business online. Group your keywords based on your buyer persona’s intent. Moz’s keyword grouping tool is a great way to keep your keyphrases organized.

Implement Digital Display Ads

Display advertising is defined as attracting potential customers through the use of different mediums to raise brand awareness. These channels might include social media platforms, paid advertisements, etc. These ads also come in the form of images, videos, and texts that encourage consumers to take action.

Marketers should closely monitor their branded search traffic while running paid display ads. It is possible to track these statistics by using Google Search Console, which is efficient and free to use.

Here’s how to create an ad to raise your WordPress site’s branded search:

  1. Keep your images and brand logo optimized.
  2. Create a landing page where you can direct your audience to.
  3. Make use of responsive ads.
  4. Come up with powerful text and headlines.
  5. Be clear with the details: include the promotions you offer, complete with the prices and discounts.
  6. Make about three to four advertisements per group.

Creating Ads for Your WordPress Site’s Branded Search

Use Related Branded Keywords

Branded keywords help companies increase brand recognition, which is extremely important for improving your WordPress site’s branded search. Other companies take it up a notch by bidding on their preferred branded keywords. Doing this can help their brand appear on the first page of search engines. This is typically done through pay-per-click advertisements, and you would benefit by conducting keyword research beforehand to identify relevant search terms.

Tools such as the Google Keyword Planner can help find related key phrases which can be used as branded queries and made into a list of keywords to be included in your future content.

Answer Branded Questions

Google has this dedicated section called “People Also Ask”. Here, online users can see related searches based on whatever they’ve typed into the search bar. These questions usually generate featured snippets, which can be helpful for additional brand awareness.

Marketers should take a look at these questions, as these can be used for subheadings and can pique your readers’ interests.

Optimize the WordPress Site for Search

It also pays to check your WordPress site’s technical performance from time to time. You have to make sure that your website is formatted correctly and can be crawled by search engines.

Google and other search engines regularly crawl your site to see if your content is accessible, provides a good UI/UX experience, and is correctly formatted.

Partner Up with High-Traffic Sites

One way to earn your audience’s trust is by partnering with trustworthy and well-known content creators. Make it a point to contribute to high-traffic sites by sharing high-quality content and adding a link to your website. You can also demonstrate your brand’s expertise by giving out high-quality information and advice so people will be compelled to click on the links that you have provided.

Another idea is to work with bloggers and influencers in the same industry as you so you can reach more people with the same interests.

Leverage Local SEO

Implementing local SEO is a good move, especially for businesses who are looking to increase brand awareness within their community. Focusing on this tactic will help you target customers that are in your vicinity. However, keep in mind that leveraging local SEO requires a lot of optimization and testing.

Consider doing an overall SEO website audit to get a good idea of your current numbers. Doing so will help increase your leads and conversions, which will eventually lead to a drive in revenue. Dig deep into what your audience are looking for both online and offline.

Benefits of Google News for Registered Publishers

The main takeaway here is that you’d want the search engines and your audience to see that your WordPress site is trustworthy for them to consider visiting your site. These people can become loyal consumers and even brand advocates in the long run, which will massively help your branded search efforts. Branded search is often underestimated, but with the right implementation, your company can highly benefit from it.