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How to Add a PDF Download for Posts in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to download a WordPress post in a PDF format? If you, then you know the importance of adding a PDF download button for posts. The demand of PDF download button is increasing day by day.

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PDF documents permit to share a post on various gadgets and operating systems.

It guarantees that the content of doc can be print in the indistinguishable technique on totally diverse stages. That is the reason PDF is the best decision for printing reports.

A PDF download option in your blog posts will enable the visitors to your blogs to save and print that post when they need.

Some sorts of blog content are printed incessantly like music sheets, recipes, equations and so on.

A simple PDF button can help you grow your email list.

Ways to Add PDF Download for Posts

There are several ways to add PDF download button for posts.

Method 1: Create Your PDF File and Upload

Create a PDF File: You can use Microsoft Word to make a PDF file, however, you can utilize various different programs to make your PDF files. In Microsoft word, go to the upper left corner and after that select “Save As”. Select “Adobe PDF” to save your blog post as PDF.

Name Your PDF: Do not overlook this step. It is important to name your PDF. Save the document name of your PDF precisely as you need the content of your download link to show up.

Transfer the PDF: Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress site and select the “Media Library” tab from the menu. Click “Add New”, then select your PDF file and transfer it to the library.

PDF Link Text: Open the page you are needing to edit and place the cursor in the position where you might want to make your link.


Include Media: Click “Add Media” in the upper left of the editor. It will open the media library. At the point when the media library opens, select the PDF document you have as of now transferred and click “insert into page”.

To finish the process, click “Upgrade” to save the page – And you are done! You can now visit the post to check the changes. Your PDF document will contain your current post.  This method is best for the beginners.

Method 2: Install PDF Plugin to Add PDF Button

If you want to try this method, you have to install WP Advance PDF Plugin. After activating the plugin, you have to go wp advance pdf page to change settings.


Display Area: You need to pick where you need to show the PDF button. Do you want to add this option at the front end or even back-end?

Download Option: You can choose download to be accessible for all visitors or simply the registered members under the accessibility area.

General Settings: In the general option, you can select the type of a post, file formats and file name.

Position: In this tab, you can pick the position and alignment. You can utilize default button or if you want, you can also design a custom button.
In Body, area you can add custom CSS to change writings, text styles, as well as the background.

PDF plugins additionally give you the privilege to add watermark on the PDF documents to shield them from the unauthorized dispersion.

On this PDF plugins, you can also set your own options, yet the default PDF plugin options will work for all sites. Presently you can go on each and every post, and you will see a PDF download symbol. If you want to download the blog post as a PDF document, simply click the button.

BONUS! Popular WordPress PDF Plugins

Kalin’s PDF Creation

An extensive PDF module that gives you a chance to make PDFs from any number of posts.

Full control over which posts ought to have the download link, this PDF plugin offers significantly setup of headers and footers and the expansion of pre as well as post HTML by means of markup as well as a suite of shortcodes.

This plugin was likewise the main module that offered not creating a PDF as the default, the capacity to switch it on for particular content, publishing of a PDF on post update and publish and a word count for producing a PDF.

Print Friendly and PDF

This PDF plugin accommodates both upgraded print and PDF renditions of your posts.

You can choose the template to utilize, the post sorts that ought to have a PDF, picture arrangement and whether to give links on document pages.

This plugin has a Pro version that will likewise give you a chance to pick the particular content that needs to have a PDF.

PDF and Print

This PDF plugin produces the most attractive yield, showing the highlighted picture, incorporating pictures complete with subtitles, permitting the button situating and selecting which pages to show the links on.

Bottom Line: So which one will you prefer? Automatic or manual PDF download option? Let us know in the comment below!


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