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7 Techniques to Boost Brand Authority Through Content Marketing

7 Techniques to Boost Brand Authority Through Content Marketing

Every entrepreneur dreams of dominating the industry that he or she is doing business in. If you’re one of them, keep in mind that you have to put in a sensible amount of work to achieve your goals. You’d have to come up with the right marketing approach and devise a strategy for your brand and understand how to reach your target market.

Of course, you will have to work for your brand authority in order to build credibility and attract loyal customers.

Why Brand Authority Is Important

Brand authority generally relates to the rank that a company has based on the trust that their customers put upon them. Trust is always earned and thus, businesses have to put their best foot forward to gain their clients’ loyalty.

A high level of brand authority lets your audience know that your brand is legitimate. It also helps them perceive you as a leader in the industry. However, an authority is not something that you can just claim, as you’d have to earn it through the right strategy and means.

Benefits of Boosting Your Brand Authority

How Does Content Improve the Authority of a Brand?

Content marketing refers to the plan of action regarding the distribution, creation, planning, publishing, and sharing of relevant content to reach your target market. Proper content marketing strategizing can help with the following:

  1. Boost brand authority.
  2. Help companies gain better conversions.
  3. Educate your audience about your products and services.
  4. Build strong relationships between you and your patrons.
  5. Helps create a sense of community.

Content marketing not only refers to creating articles and such. It also pertains to making different types of resources such as podcasts, infographics, newsletters, videos, charts, and so much more. According to G2, companies can expect 67% more leads each month if their website has a blog page.

Brand authority can be boosted through content marketing in many different ways and in this post, we will discuss what those strategies are.

How to Gauge Your Current Brand Authority

You’d have to gauge your brand authority level first so you’d know which strategies to apply. Here are a couple of ways to do so:

  • Know how your leads are finding out about you. Conduct a survey asking how they heard about your brand. Include different choices such as advertisements, word of mouth or recommendations, newsletters, or through reading your content online.
  • See what search terms people are using to find out about your business. Ask your SEO experts and marketing associates if your brand searches have increased or decreased in the past couple of days or weeks.
  • Take a look at your place in the media. Are bloggers, reporters, and other content creators mentioning your brand in their content? Are they linking your website and content to theirs, and are they citing you as a legitimate source? If yes, then you can be sure that you are on the right path to boosting brand authority.

Base Your Content on Noteworthy Studies and Reports

Creating content based on important and relevant studies will show your readers that you value giving helpful information to them.

Give your readers fresh and original information about your industry. Conduct your own surveys, reports, and studies to provide value to your audience. This will help you create content that you can pitch to the media to get ample coverage. This way, your brand authority will be automatically boosted and more people will get to know about your business.

How to Increase Your Domain Authority

Pay Attention to the Community

Get your target market’s data and use their demographics and interests to know where you should post your content. Join relevant Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, and even Reddit threads. Make it a point to interact with your audience so you can build a strong relationship with them.

See where most of your readers come from and make it a point to interact with them. You can hold events such as seminars, conferences, or even webinars (which is a great type of content) to closely interact with your clients. You can also be active in your community by being a sponsor in schools and other establishments. After these events are done, you can write about them in a blog post or turn them into videos that viewers can watch whenever they wish to.

Being involved in such events will not only help your audience realize that your brand is a leader in the industry, but it will also help them see your brand in a friendly manner.

Create Captivating Visuals

Your content should not only be filled with quality text – it should also contain useful graphics. Images can grab your readers’ attention and prevent them from exiting the page. Additionally, visuals can be repurposed in many different ways, including infographics.

Always remember to include your company logo on the visuals for better brand awareness. Incorporate visuals relating to your brand so people can easily remember your company and what you offer. Think of a specific image that you can always include in your content so you can use this as your trademark.

Work on a Content Strategy

Coming up with a steady approach will help you define your target market and create content that you know they will pay attention to.

Creating informational content will help you grab your customer’s attention. They’d want to read articles that will help enrich their knowledge and make their everyday lives easy, so you should dedicate some of your time to knowing what they need and what they usually read.

Here are some of the most used types of content that you should consider including in your strategy:

  • Blog posts and articles are one of the most common types of content, and almost every single brand uses this to help people become aware of what they do and offer. However, since the internet is highly saturated with blog posts, you should think of a unique strategy that will help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Infographics combine useful text with powerful images. It helps businesses create content that contains vital information without having to say too much. It keeps the readers engaged because of how short, yet, informative it is.
  • Video has been one of the most popular types of content for quite some time now. Viewers love interacting with videos since they are usually full of important insights. It is also stimulating and easy to digest compared to other types of content.
  • Podcasts are on the rise in 2021. More and more people are tuning in to podcasts because it’s easier to comprehend compared to articles and blog posts. People can usually listen to it while driving, working out, or even doing house chores.
  • E-books are a great way to break down long-form content. Readers can easily jump to the chapters that they are interested in without having to read the whole thing. It’s also a great way to repurpose your content.

Partner Up with Other Brands or Influencers

Influencers and other authoritative brands usually have a huge following. They also post on a regular basis, and they most likely have a whole plan laid out to attract a lot of people. Partnering with well-known bloggers, influencers, and companies will help you improve your brand authority.

Additionally, you can also partner up with authoritative figures in your industry to create a podcast. Answer some of your audience’s most-asked questions. This way, you can show them that you are a leader in your industry because you know what you are talking about. It also helps that your claims are backed up by other leaders, making your brand a lot more trustworthy.

Pick a Niche for Your Blog

It might be tempting to cover a wide range of topics on your blog, but this should not be the case if you want to be authoritative in your industry. You want your website and brand to be the number one choice for your audience when looking for relevant and trustworthy content, and you can only do that by choosing a specialized niche for your blog.

Additionally, you can improve your Google rankings if you focus on just one or two specific topics. Your brand will likely be on the first few pages of Google or other search engines when people search for keywords that are related to your brand. Being on the top pages will help the audience remember your company, which will help them think that your brand is a leader in the industry.

Consider Putting Out Long-Form Content

Long-form content can help you be thorough with your content. You want to put out content that’s rich with information so you can get your customer’s trust and eventually increase your brand authority. Informational and long-tail keywords will also help you earn an advantage when it comes to Google rankings.

Long-form content can also give you an opportunity to let your patrons know that you are an expert in your industry. You can use this type of content to choose the topic and really delve into it.


Investing in content marketing can definitely help you boost your brand authority. You just have to do your research, try different approaches, and stick to the ones that work. Put yourself into your audience’s shoes and see how they perceive your brand. Create tactics that you know they’d love and you are on your way to building a brand that everyone will rave about.