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How to Write a Stunning About Us Page

How to Write a Stunning About Us Page

More often than not, many businesses don’t give their About Us page the attention it deserves. However, it’s one of the first pages you should create and design, no matter what industry you’re in.

While you may see this page named differently on different websites – About Us, Our Story, Who We Are etc, it generally has one key role – to be a place for your brand’s manifesto. It’s the section dedicated to where visitors can learn more about you and what you do.

A good About Us page is simple, straightforward and effectively communicates your unique story, mission, vision and values. It can help you certify your brand and position it accordingly. What is more, it gives your business credibility, helps you define your organization’s role in the marketplace and builds trust within your audience.

Because creating a stunning About Us page is easier said than done, in this article we have outlined the key things you should keep in mind when creating yours.

Why the About Us Page Is a Big Deal?

Your About Us page should be goal-oriented with a focus on telling your brand’s story. It should outline your biggest successes and selling points, leaving a lasting impression on your potential customers.

According to Hubspot, the About Us page is one the most frequently visited pages. This makes it really important when driving in organic traffic and since users are naturally curious, it’s especially popular with new visitors. It allows them to not only learn about your products and services, but also about the brand itself and the people behind it.

It’s the perfect place to show how you want to be perceived as a brand and a company. It lets you showcase your uniqueness, thus helping set yourself apart from competition and solidifying your brand’s image.

Now that you know all the positives an About Us page brings, read on to find out what exactly you should include in yours to make it impressive.

1. Show Your Brand’s Character

In order to draw people to your brand, it’s important that you tell your story and clearly state your company’s core goals.

Your About Us page should most definitely be longer than a single sentence that sums up your company’s mission. It should provide meaningful answers to questions like: What does your company do? Why should visitors care about it? How does it impact the socio-economic environment positively?

Customers appreciate being able to get to know your brand’s personality, mission and values. Here you can share what principles drive your company forward, and what is important to you. Showing authenticity and transparency related to your mission can go a long way towards strengthening your brand.

2. Show How Your Company Has Evolved

Your About Us page is the perfect place to showcase the history of your company. Even if the timeline of your progress isn’t that long yet, it’s nice to talk about where you started, what you have experienced and how far you’ve come along.

You can outline the milestones prior to your business’s founding and during its lifetime. This way you are able to provide a backstory and celebrate your successes along the way.

  • Let viewers know how your business strategy has evolved since you started.
  • Share the ‘A-HA!’ moments and how your company has matured.
  • Tell a story, add a personal touch, and design a timeline.
  • Add press mentions, testimonials, awards and statistics related to your company.

Just make sure you don’t do it to show off, but to build credibility.

By showing your audience the transformations you have had, you add a further dimension to your company. What is more, you’re demonstrating that you’re always ready and willing to change and adapt to your industry’s evolving needs.

3. State Your Value Offer

Another goal of the About Us page is to make your unique value proposition (UVP) stand out. It provides a good opportunity for you to show transparency, summarize how your business works and relate it to the mission and values that drive your organization. What is more, it is a meaningful selling point that can help generate interest and keep visitors on your site for longer.

So, define what makes you unique and clearly state what you’re offering. Don’t generalize your product or service as it might make it difficult for prospects to understand what they’ll be paying for. Instead, use a sentence or two to directly tell them what they would receive.

For some companies, their UVP can be linked to their business model, like Uber whose value offer states “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

For others, it can be linked to their products and services, like Apple, whose “hardware, software, and services work together to deliver a seamless experience that just works.”

4. Reveal the Humans Behind Your Brand

People feel more confident to trust a brand that is not afraid to show the people behind it. So shine a light on the individuals who power your business by including their faces.

You can show your leadership team and have a group photo of all the team members. You can also have each employee provide a short bio of who they are. This would give a behind the scenes look of your organization’s culture, thus showcasing what makes your company a great fit for your target audience.

5. Add a Beautiful Design to Your Success Story

When designing your About Us page, have in mind the industry you’re in. For example, if you’re providing web design or web development solutions, you should make your page attractive and showcase some of your competencies. If, however, you are a freelance writer, you might not want to take the focus away from your words.

Consider the psychology of colors and relate it to the market niche you’re serving. Your colors shouldn’t be distracting. They should match your brand’s core shades and with the design of your whole website.

Content layout and formatting has a huge influence on visitors. It’s essential that visitors can find your About Us page easily and navigate through it seamlessly.

Your headings and any subheadings attract the most attention. So, save these for the strongest statements you want to make, like highlighting the core benefits of your products/services.

If it seems appropriate, use a mix of media resources to jazz up your page. You can include photos of the inner workings of your company, a video that tells your brand story, snippets of magazines that feature your brand, etc.

6. Provide More Contact Points

Your About Us page is an important part of your marketing funnel. It allows you to nurture your audience and gradually convert prospects into buyers. Additionally, it can act as a point of contact that can foster future customer relationships.

By incorporating call-to-action links you can direct visitors to other important pages of your website, thus helping them continue their journey. You can also motivate them to follow you on social media accounts, check out your product, read interviews or case studies, opt in for your email list, apply for a job role at your company or read your blog.

7. Optimize for SEO

Your About Us page will likely get indexed by Google, so users can find it when doing a search and the search engine itself can associate your business with it. Optimizing your content would send a strong signal to Google thus helping you improve the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) of your page, ranking it better.

There are different ways in which your About Us content can be leveraged for SEO. You can use your domain, your name or target keywords.

If, for example, your unique value proposition is closely linked to a keyword group you can use specific keywords to reflect it. For instance, if you provide SEO consulting services, you can target that keyword to have your page appear in local search results for that.

Keep in mind, however, that this strategy works best only if you are providing a very specific service. If, let’s say, you’re offering digital marketing services, you might not want to target a keyword group to avoid a negative impact on your About page rankings.


We hope that our tips have helped motivate you to design and write a stunning About Us page or to spice up your current one.

Remember to be honest, share your story, mission and values, introduce your team, and give a behind the scenes sneak peek at your company culture. Also, use clear and coherent language, quality visuals and thoughtful design to ensure a great user-experience. And lastly, stay humble, be creative, connect with your audience and show them what makes you, YOU.