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Build 10 Professional WP Sites When You’re Short on Budget

Website creation can be a complex task.

But there are times when this task becomes interesting. This is when you are a little techie, willing to learn and trying to build a website by yourself (or with a little help from a WordPress Agency).

Yes, it is possible to create a WP site all on your own.

The self-facilitated variant of WordPress, accessible at, is significantly more than a blogging platform. It is a web publishing and content management system that can offer you some assistance with creating a wide assortment of WordPress sites and features!

Following are ten sites that startups with a tight budget can try out themselves. Chances are, regardless of what you need to do with WordPress, there are plugins, themes, and tools accessible that will make it genuinely simple. Here we advise our readers that, if you get stuck at any point, asking for a professionals help isn’t a bad idea.

You can create 10 different sites with Let’s see what you can do without much of help from WordPress agency.

Number 1: E-commerce Website

In the event that you need to offer stock or make an online store, you can do it effectively with a theme intended for that very reason. You can find suitable themes on the Templatic site.

There are likewise numerous free and moderate WP themes that empower you to transform your web page into a complete e-business site or basically add a shopping basket to your website. The WP-Ecommerce module is a standout amongst the most famous choices.


Number 2: Forum Website

WordPress coordinates consistently with an assortment of online discussion tools. There is even a WP plugin, Simple Press, which makes it considerably easier to create a discussion on your site!


Number 3: Business Website

Do you that only with a mouse click in the Reading Settings area of your WP dashboard, you can transform the landing page of your site into a static page, similar to a business site’s landing page. You can then add more pages to the website, change the route, and even include a web journal.

business etheme

Numerous free and moderate WP business themes are accessible that make it extraordinarily simple to make an exceedingly proficient business site without the help of a WordPress Agency.

Number 4: Member Site

Making a member site with WordPress can be as straightforward as creating a personal site. You can essentially give members of your site rights through your WordPress dashboard, for example, contributor or subscriber, so they can see and submit content. The decision is yours. You can assign different roles to your members.


In case you don’t want every user to have access to your dashboard, you can use different types of WP plugins, for example, Formidable Pro or Gravity Forms plugin for the members to submit content.

There are also other plugins like WP-Members that give you more control of how individuals register on your site and get to the content.

Number 5: Aggregation Website

If you are a fanatic of websites such as PopURLs or Alltop and need to make your own particular site that can aggregate useful links from particular web journal and site RSS channels, you can do it with WordPress. Two of the popular themes for Aggregation website is OneNews and Accumulo.


Number 6: Job Board Site

It is easy to create a job board site with WordPress. You just have to install a perfect theme and a few WordPress plugins that empower you to add a work board to your WordPress website. This can be utilized to monetize your web journal so that you can profit from it.

Wordpress Job Board

Number 7: Portfolio Site

You are a photographer or planner with a portfolio that you need to highlight on your site. There are themes that you can install which will transform your pictures into a professional showcase. You can likewise utilize a picture exhibition plugin like the Easy Image Gallery to transform your web page into an online portfolio.

modern portofolio
Number 8: Magazine Site

Creating an online Magazine site is so much easier with WP. You can easily design one for yourself, especially when you are short on budget. Simply choose a WordPress magazine theme that you like most. For instance, the WooThemes Delicious Magazine theme and you can have your own online magazine!


Number 9: Curation Site

A huge number of curation tools are available that coordinate flawlessly with WordPress through WP plugins. For instance, RebelMouse empowers you to curate different types of content. And utilizing the RebelMouse plugin, you can distribute your curated content easily.


Number 10: Resume Site

WP online resumes are extremely mainstream. You can employ WP to make your site. You just have to use a resume WP theme like MyResume. This theme is from Elegant Themes.


In the End…

We advise all our readers, especially those looking to build a WordPress website but are short on cash to bring out their creativity. Start exploring and look for new options!

Alternatively, you can download this wonderful book WordPress 4.0 Site Blueprints – Second Edition. It’s a great resource for WordPress beginners and enthusiasts. Our CEO – Mario Peshev – is one of the editors of the book and testifies its usefulness for starting businesses that are yet to grow their online presence.


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