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How to Create Interactive Videos That Generate Leads

How to Create Interactive Videos That Generate Leads

If you are looking to engage your audience and attract more people, you need to get creative. Online viewers are constantly bombarded with vast amounts of media content. For them to choose yours, it needs to be enticing.

The fast pace of technological innovations means that customer preferences keep changing. Traditional methods of relating with customers and attracting new ones are increasingly being swept to the wayside.

Now more than ever before, there’s a need to connect with your audiences on an emotional level. Provide your content in an easy- to- consume format that engages them and makes them feel part of the conversation.

It’s important to note that:

  • Interactive video content has been proved to be more successful at fueling conversions – both online and offline.
  • Personalized video, on the other hand, combines visual appeal with the rising demand for one-to-one conversations between brands and their audiences. It’s a win-win!

Why Is Interactive Video Content Important?

Why Is Interactive Video Content Important

Interactive video is a type of digital content that allows the viewer to interact with it. A viewer can click on-screen, answer questions, or buy products within the video.

Interactive video content is useful in stimulating engagement. It helps to elicit a reaction from the end user which leads to two-way communication with your brand. Besides, it helps you to create highly engaging interactive tools for lead capture and help to increase ROI.

Interactive video encourages visitors to share engaging content with their friends on social media. This helps to increase traffic to your site and encourages word of mouth advertising. The video prompts potential customers to go through the buyer journey and helps generate better results.

Additionally, it helps cut through the media clutter and offers you a competitive advantage. Besides, it provides valuable data on your visitors that you can use to optimize your sales funnel.

Interactive video is important due to these reasons:

  • Mobile friendly-videos are easy to view and share on the phone.
  • Easy to personalize name, content, and location.
  • Data collection is much easier and more convenient.
  • Viewers pay more attention – and for longer.

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What Can You Use Interactive Videos For?

Interactive video grabs one’s attention because it is very appealing. It thus increases click rates, enhances brand retention, top of mind awareness, and leads to repeat visitors. This enhances your potential for lead generation.

You can also use interactive videos to educate your audience on your services. This experience helps make the sessions more interactive, attractive and encourages your visitors to come back for more. It then becomes easier for your sales team to convert them to customers.

When you create personalized experiences, your clients and potential customers become much more responsive. You are then able to find out their challenges, preferences, and how best to meet their needs.

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Use interactive videos to craft customer experiences and help bring your campaigns to life. Ultimately, the main use of Interactive video is to help you increase conversions and generate sales.

Finally, you can also use interactive media for the following purposes:

  • Growing your email list
  • Event registration or sign-up
  • Contact forms for lead capture and sale prequalification
  • In hot spots that allow for the linking to specific websites
  • Online polls tied into marketing campaigns generate leads
  • Webinar content with menus to increase engagement
  • In-video purchases via interactive buttons or links to pricing and product downloads
    ……and much much more

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How to Make Interactive Videos?

Creating interactive videos will help to enrich your product videos and help you provide a richer customer experience. Viewers can also navigate through the video content and choose what they are most interested in.

You can create high-quality interactive videos since they do not require a lot of technical know-how or high-tech video skills. Furthermore, you can access interactive video tools from many video platforms that you can tailor to suit your business needs.

Below are the steps to follow when making interactive videos:

1. Set Measurable KPIs

set measurable KPIs for videos

You need to set measurable goals for your video. Your goals could focus on increasing awareness on social media platforms, improving website traffic, or generating quality leads.

Conduct research on your current status. This will help you set relevant KPIs that will provide your business with the right impact. It will also help determine video content. For example, if you are looking to increase engagement on your LinkedIn page, you can target to increase this by 50% through increased shares and comments.

2. Reengineer Competitions Interactive Videos

You can ignite more interactions with your videos using competitions. You can also create video quizzes, surveys and games to further increase engagement. Gaming is a very popular online activity that you can tap into to attract new audiences as well.

Gaming elements help to place your viewers inside your stories. They help them to define their achievements and also create their own challenges. By using these tools, you can also encourage participation and completion of your quizzes and surveys.

You can also help your visitors to navigate your platform by creating interactive learning experiences through short and fun quizzes or questionnaires. These help to increase viewer attention levels and are great for creating awareness or disseminating information.

One main advantage of using competitions, quizzes, and games is that they enable you to offer your visitors something valuable before you ask anything from them. This helps you to build stronger relationships with them. It also makes it easier to ask for something in return such as contact information.

3. Know Your Audience

know your audience

It’s important to know your audience as it helps you create videos that they resonate with. It helps you address their preferences, fears, hopes, and dreams. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to choose the right graphics, style and setting for successful videos.

Interactive video is particularly useful in breaking up complex information into simpler components that are more relatable. Viewers are then able to understand the content. It, therefore, helps to know who your audience is as you are then able to tailor your video content.

Enjoyable experiences are more memorable. Help your audience to connect to your brand by providing fun videos. You can use animation, games, music, or tell fascinating personal stories using 360-degrees virtual reality. This helps viewers immerse themselves into the experience.

Also, the use of SFX and sound effects can transform a simple video into a stunning one and make it seem real. You can thus mix up different styles to suit different audiences. Just ensure that you serve up the right mix to the right audience.

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4. Choose the Right Tools

Video creation tools offer different capabilities. Do you want your viewers to access your videos on all platforms? Decide from the get-go what your needs are to enable you to get the right software solution.

Go for easy to use tools. You don’t need fancy equipment to create high-quality interactive videos. Your tools should allow you to add feedback and share buttons, clickable areas, custom forms, and many more functions without much hassle.

Choose a solution that is scalable and easily accommodates new changes. This will allow you to update or add new video content with ease.

The most ideal tool is one that offers analytics and reporting tools. This way, you are able to see visitor interactions with your site. Your marketing team can also generate relevant reports that show campaign progress and outcomes.

choose the right tools

5. Add Pre Made Interactions

Some interactive video software comes with animation features already incorporated. This makes it very easy for you to create your animated interactive videos-no code needed! Animation demands the attention of your viewers. It encourages them to act or get involved.

You can also use your existing videos to increase engagement by repurposing or expanding the content without altering it. For example, you can make marketing content more customized to specific client accounts. The original video remains the same but interactive experience does.

You could add chapter headings into product demos too. Such demo videos enable potential leads to grasp the intended message without necessarily going through the entire video. This will help to make your videos more captivating and assist in meeting your desired outcomes.

A Word on Conversions

Once you generate quality leads, the next step is to convert them to customers – and retain them for a long time. Your interactive content thus needs to be quite engaging. This will help to keep their attention long enough to help sway them in your favour.

For a deeper understanding and connection with your customers, consider integrating your video platform with your marketing automation and CRM softwares.

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Wrapping Up

Interactive video allows you to create conversations with your video viewers and facilitates information exchange that can help generate leads.

Unlike passive video, interactive video encourages active viewer engagement which leads to high social sharing. Given its effectiveness, many marketing firms have invested highly in this form of media and leverage it to profile build and for quality lead generation.

Is increased engagement with your prospects and customers one of your marketing goals this year? Have you leveraged interactive video marketing in your marketing campaigns? If not, use these videos to enhance your marketing efforts and adda powerful addition to your digital marketing strategy.

Don’t forget to be creative and entertaining. You want your viewers to have a reason to come back again and again.



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