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Hiring a Web Development Agency vs In-House DIY

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Whether you are making a new website or redesigning an old one, you will be faced with the choice of hiring an agency or get your own technical team to do it, provided you have one.

Almost all organizations, big or small, have a designated technical department that definitely has web developers on board. Now you may think when you have developers in your own company why go choose a web development agency?

The truth is getting an agency to design and make your website has many benefits over going the in-house route. Here’s how:

Broader Prospects

Getting an agency dedicated to making websites on board gets you all areas of expertise. These people know what to do in any situation with any kind of website.

Your in-house web team may have experts in one or two areas but these agencies keep someone for almost everything. From backend to frontend development and from database to aesthetics, they will take care of everything.

All of these individuals will come together with their expertise to give you a website that is on point with design and optimized for search engines. Wouldn’t you just love having a perfect website? They would have a designer, a marketing manager, a UX guy and coders who can get anything done.

They will have answers to all your problems. Would you like to have a mobile-responsive website? They will know what should go in and what should stay behind. Is traffic low? They will know what to redesign.

Years of Experience

People working in a web development agency would definitely have a lot more experience than your in-house team. Working on so many web projects over the years, they have learned a lot of lessons and therefore know what works and what does not. Using this knowledge from experience, they will deliver the best possible solution for your website needs.

Latest Technologies

A web development agency would have the latest technologies and the freshest ideas for websites. Since their whole work revolves around websites, they have to have the latest software and tools and people who know and are experts of those tools.

Your in-house team may not have that advantage. Moreover, you have more people involved in the project because their team might be bigger than your in-house team.


Getting an agency brings a lot of flexibility for you as a client both in terms of work and time. If you are not sure about the amount of work you will need to be done, you can hire the agency for initial work and then continue as and when need be.

An in-house team would be in your pay role continuously whether you have work or not. In many cases, you can even use both the options. The web agency can develop the project whereas your in-house team can extend it or maintain it.

Requesting Changes

Many web agencies also are flexible for changes so if you want to make changes in mid-development phase, they will very much welcome it and make the process easy and fast. Your website goals may change during the project development. In fact, these agencies are poised to give advice about changes and how things should be done. You might want to add or delete pages or change the look, whatever the changes may be your requests will be entertained and put into effect immediately.

And the good thing is that they have all kinds of expertise on board. So if a change warrants a new sort of skill set they would have someone with those skills already on their team. On the other hand, you will have to hire someone new to your in-house team which will take time and resources.

Peace of Mind

With an in-house team, you have to constantly supervise and check for progress of the website or any redesign. However, an agency has a contract with you and once that contract is signed they are legally bound to deliver you the website on time and as agreed.

Your end of the job is to just establish requirements, everything else is their problem. You are at ease that when the time comes you will have the website up and running.

Moreover, with an in-house team, there is always an uncertainty. What if your best guy leaves mid-project? That would be a serious problem that will cause your project to slow down and ultimately waste your resources. You would not have to go through all the trouble of hiring a new person if you have contracted a web developing agency.

The Other Side of the Argument

Some might find an in-house team better for making a website, especially redesigning one because of economic benefits. Your in-house technical team may be on your payroll but would that warrant you to compromise on quality? For small changes, your own team may be able to succeed but what about any major redesigns or additions? A professional web design agency would definitely give the best solution for such a scenario.

One may want to go with their own team simply because it is easier to communicate with them and everything is being done under your nose which is great. But you do miss out on the chance to get expert opinion and make use of the latest tools available in the market. >

Conclusion: Choosing a Web Development Agency is the Way to Go

It really boils down to what your needs are and what resources you have. Is your in-house team of three people capable of doing the work often? Definitely no. In some cases, it would make sense to utilize your own team but where it does not an outside agency is the way to go.

Hiring an agency is a smart solution, especially for bigger projects, because they will dedicate 100% of their resources in getting the job done and you will have the flexibility to make changes on the go. Not only that, they carry years of experience and that experience can help create a beautiful website that works and gets things done (Hello high conversions!).

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